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  1. chuck_winner

    How Can I Improve On My Playing?

    Do you think it's worth it to also join a more competitive clan? I have been considering switching to a clan with players better than me to improve.
  2. Hi, I'm a relatively new player to this game, and I'm looking to get better as a player. I'm around the 51% win-rate mark, and I feel like I'm approaching a dead-end to my improvement as a player. I play well one game, and the next, I do very poorly. Any way to improve on my consistency? Any suggestions for me to improve? I have posted the best and worst games I have played today. The first one is the best and the second is the bad game. 20230204_171123_PASC610-Puerto-Rico_40_Okinawa.wowsreplay 20230204_164233_PJSC520-Yoshino_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay