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    I'm just a lovable guy who wakes up every day with a perfect 5 o' clock shadow, and drinks a case of Vodka with my eggs. I smoke a cigar for lunch and I wrestle mountain cougars when the mood strikes. I'm for lack of a better word, a man! Try and prove me wrong.

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  1. Abcsam

    People hitting in smoke

    Thats ok they found the hack and its fixed your all welcome cheers
  2. So i play DDi know its a dead class gg but when was it cool for people to just hit you over and over again in your own smoke with nothing spotting you??? Is there a new hack again????
  3. This is [edited] why is not fixed I find my self getting shot at in smoke all the time WOW gameing clean it please.
  4. Abcsam

    T5 vs T7

    I was wrong about the post T5 is well rounded out class and when you play with 5s and 4's its really op thank you all for the input. Thank you all so much for the clear headed thinking.
  5. Abcsam

    T5 vs T7

    So is T7 the way to play? Like i said before i warm up in 5's then move up to 8/9 dipping into my 10s now and then. So is 7 the epic spot?
  6. Abcsam

    T5 vs T7

    Good info thank you all :)
  7. Abcsam

    T5 vs T7

    I just think at T7 you start moving into top tear stuff i mean T7 are meant to compete with T8's and T9's I always thought the 2 tear gap was for back when the game first came out and only 3k - 4k people played and the wait times where so long the community is healthy now i think we could close the gap for lower tears.
  8. Abcsam

    T5 vs T7

    I think this is one of the most unbalanced lay outs. So I like to warm up with T5's and it seems like every game I play at T5 is crowded with T7 boats I think at the lower tears this is kind of silly. Just like to hear what people think about extending the 1 tear above rule to 5's? I know i am not the best player far from it but if new people coming up get put into grinder matches i can see why no one makes it to T9 and T10 anymore they are all stuck at 5.
  9. Ok two kids wanted help i joined there clan now i am stuck with it how do i delete the clan I just want be a solo...
  10. This is so dumb we need to stop crapin the the windows ctr alt +delt to make the game work your software is crap deleting in off my system
  11. becoming a better player