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  1. Barazzuolio

    Cannot find recruit post for WOLF

    I've had to do that before when my kid needed me and in the kids vs video game contest kids win every time. Sucks for the team but family comes first.
  2. Barazzuolio

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    Best timing! I Gufawed.
  3. Barazzuolio

    Done complaining......just done

    Looks like to rushed up the line too fast without learning game mechanics or figuring out gunnery. Go back to tier 5 and watch how to play videos. Things will get better.
  4. USS Kidd. Got her in a super container two years ago but wasn’t into American ships or up to t8 skill level yet. I brought her out of mothballs after 8.0 dropped and I found my IJN DDs untenable. She performed swimmingly in the CV heavy environment. Then I started playing US DDs tech line ships and developed a new appreciation for them.
  5. Barazzuolio

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    I've definatly taken to IJN destroyers and cruisers. Beautiful and deadly vessels all. Akatsuki has been my favorite for a while now as I close up to 100 games in her. She has brilliant characteristics of strong guns and torpedoes that work with a lovely synergy! Honorable mention to Atago as the best kiting ship in the game. Just a pleasure to play!
  6. Ranked seems like the best game mode to me. Playing on a single tier battlefield really seems to make this a lot easier. RNG is obviously a big factor but you have to live with it or play something else. I ranked out in 26 games. It was a good time.
  7. Barazzuolio

    Weekend Spree

    Truth. Who does have time for Rouge Wave with these awesome 200% first wins! I've been hoisting the draconic flags and averaging about 20k commander experience a win! It's been like snowflakes all over again.
  8. Barazzuolio

    Ranked Sprint / T7

    Been playing Haida and Akatsuki in Sprint. Tonight i'll play Shira, z39 and Sharnhorst as well. It's refreshing to have my favorite tier playing on a level battlefield. It's going swimmingly.
  9. Why the hubabaloo? Does this really apply to the average player? I for one will continue business as usual. Not interested in regrinding lines from scratch but for those with the time sure why not. You gotta keep the hard core players challenged right?
  10. Barazzuolio

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    This sounds like an April Fools prank to this man.
  11. Barazzuolio

    Tour of Duty Tuesday - Current Warship

    These days it's the IJN gunboat line. Gonna get Shira today for Sprint!
  12. Barazzuolio

    Playing with a strange set of rules...

    You must have a LOT of free time.
  13. Barazzuolio

    Game Gone off to Kids Land just for the "Pros"

    Such poor grammar. The message was lost in your high school verbal diarrhea.
  14. Barazzuolio

    So I was right and wrong about ranked

    Ranked really seems like the most fun playmode. Previously played the tier 8 ranked and the sprints. I played a rental Shima this season as I'm only up to T8 in the tech trees but i've done pretty well. The rental feature for me was awesome and let me have a go at being on par with the T10 ships I ussually play against anyway but from the disadvantage of being low tiered and with 7 per side there are better opportunities to contribute and get those 2000 base XP games that are so elusive in randoms. I'm not certain of the elitist attitudes a lot of T10 players have but ranked really seems easier and more fun than randoms. Here's to the next ranked sprint series and getting to rock out in my favorite game tier! Thanks wargaming for an awesome experience.
  15. Barazzuolio

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    Got my first on Gnesinau Co-Captaining Sharnhorst. 2nd on Akatsuki, Co-Captaining Asashio. So Tier 7 with a premium trainer. Next one should be my American DD Captain. Just got the Mahan and will be co-captaining Simms and Kidd.