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  1. Barazzuolio

    First "sea trials" battle with a new Canarias.

    Another question burning in players minds is "is she a better choice than Dido"? Now that I have Rahmat I am leaning towards Canarias for something that doesn't need another if he captain.
  2. Barazzuolio

    Weimar vs München: The Poll.

    KM Cruiser fans; what do you think? I couldn't make up my mind last night so put off the question and got Dubs & Pommern with the %30 off Coupon. Also lighthouse is all the rage these days and these CL just dont do it well.
  3. Barazzuolio

    Best DD at Tier 7?

    Been playing T-61 and Z-39. T-61 is getting performing much better after about 13 games each. Also Akatsuki is pretty bad [edited]right now.
  4. Barazzuolio

    T-61 or Z-39 in 2021

    Likewise t-61 has been the stronger boat in my opinion.
  5. Barazzuolio

    Favorite ships?

    Sharhorst, Atago and Asashio for premuims. Gneisineau, Fiji & Roon perhaps for Techlines
  6. Barazzuolio

    Why all the Hipper/Eugen hate?

    Yeah man KM cruisers for the win. Ive been playing Agir and PE with Secondary range mods and getting some good secondary damage with em as I kite and or prowl the islands. Yorck performs quite well in Narai too with all the torpedoes if you can get into the enemy spawn point.
  7. Barazzuolio

    Interesting Sniping Technique

    Gonna go put Smolensk to sea and try this out!
  8. Barazzuolio

    Dear WeeGee, Give Agir His Secondary Range Back!!!

    I'm running a Secondary Spec Captain, Secondary spec ship built and double rubber on Agir and Prinz Eugene for the LOLs. Agir gets 10.5km and PE 9.6. Can out turn most torpedo and fire both sides back at least once in a brawl. Most excellent.
  9. Barazzuolio

    Agir or Seigfried

    Has anyone tried Agir as a secondary spec? I've got mine out to 10km secondaries, close range rate of fire buff and a 13k detect. Sounds good on paper. First game didn't even get into secondary range. I'm hoping for a better trial next time.
  10. Barazzuolio

    Last minute counsel: Bismarck how?

    Its a tough call with. Imma just gonna zero my KM BB captains until someone makes brawling great again.
  11. Barazzuolio

    Consensus on 2ndaries?

    I used to rely on my german secondaries as destroyer defence but now with Dazzle there is very little chance of hitting DDs before they escape into concealment again. Then they appear, Dazzle reactivates and you can't hit em. I had a Minikaze rush me in a 19pt Full Secondary Konig and in the minute or so he was visible I only got one hit one him. Pre-rework that was long enough to kill the fool before he could run up to my and hit me with point blanks torpedoes. Not anymore.
  12. So far quite enjoying the rework. New commander system is far superior and has made the unique commanders much more valuable than ever. It shook me out of my WOWS routines and got me playing artillery focus BB builds at high tiers and secondary specs at t5( yes Oklahoma and konig are now t5 secondary beasts). Thrre is a lot of fine tuning for balance to be done but if you can look past all the people [edited] and moaning about change this has been a pretty cool update.
  13. I hadn't previously considered buying a 175 000 coal commander but now with the new increased versititily of a uniue commander im gonna make the plunge. What are you Captains views on the unique commanders now? The french and russian captains seem like they are verging on overpowered with how well their skills parallel their playstyles. With French DDs being in a good place right now the French Admiral seems like a good choice.
  14. Barazzuolio

    The German BB Build Conundrum (secondary builds?)

    Secondary builds seem alive and well. With so many secondary spec ships being played these days there is always another brawling ship you can count on to get close and joust with. Surviving the HE is a constant struggle. I trade CE for FP on my secondary build ( playing Sharnhorst, Bismark & Tirpitz) and it seems worth it more often than not.
  15. I think this new system is great. I can play more ranked now! This is where my t8 ships get to be good!