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  1. Barazzuolio

    Tirpitz...current opinions?

    Do it. I prefer it to Bismark.
  2. Barazzuolio

    Best destroyer?

    T7 - Akatsuki for best destroyer. She does it all!
  3. Barazzuolio


    If you like torpedo boats then she is a real beauty.
  4. Barazzuolio

    What if; Leyte Gulf - 14th - 21st

    Oh Lovely! A Lenigrad if I'm draw. T hat would be fine:)
  5. As a Canadian veteran I think this is awesome even if it's just for the Yankee Vets out there. Also thanks for the Canadian Thanksgiving camo mission! I'll turkey up my Haida for a few games this evening!
  6. The Italian cruisers are in the PTS tech tree as available but how does one purchase them? Are they available for play on this round of PTS?
  7. Barazzuolio

    Tier VIII Ranked Predictions?

    What a novel concept! I'm gonna try this out. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Seems like the standard now. I wonder if Massive AA just isn't being tried out or its simply a worse skill for 4 points now.
  9. Barazzuolio

    Ranked sprint

    I feel ya but when real life is busy you just gotta forgoe this virtual life. You scores in ranked really do come in less important then work or family. Video games are escapism from the responsibilities of real life. It's easy to forget that and think that the game is actually important. Just ask you wife or kids what they think of your gaming. I struggle with this too. The addiction is real.
  10. Any current thoughts of Manual AA on Kidd these days? I've left my captain unspecced after the last reset until I figure out if its worth it now. Sounds like it makes priority sector kind useless now if you take it.
  11. My first game in Kagero. I was pleased to flex the Torpedo Reload Booster in conjunction with canalizing terrain for multiple torpedo hits.
  12. Barazzuolio

    T-61 vs Shinonome

    I'll be playing both this Ranked Sprint!
  13. Canada didnt have any organic designs so more clones would add nothing to the game. Haida was done because she was our most storied ship and is preserved as a museum.
  14. Barazzuolio

    Going the distance - 26th - 2nd

    44 Km and a ranked win!
  15. I present a victory in the Haida! A Leningrad I do not have but would very like to possess. Please and thank you.