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  1. Barazzuolio

    Mogami which guns do you prefer?

    Just going through the odyssey of trying out my new Mogami myself. Thanks for the tips. Gonna try three different configurations. Expect to stay on 155mm IFHE DE. Next question is Double rudder or Full Concealment. Oh boy what a fun ship this one is!
  2. Barazzuolio

    cruisers opinions

    Japanese seems like the most archetypal cruiser line. I have really enjoyed each ship it upto T8 thus far. Starting to play with the Mogami configurations; she is the good ole AR-15 of warships in how diversely she can be kitted out.
  3. None of em worked for this guy:(
  4. Barazzuolio

    A match with no radar and CVs is like...

    Had one of these games last night. It was swell.
  5. Barazzuolio

    What Cruiser line is closest to the Italians?

    +1 IJN Cruiser Line. My personal favorite too.
  6. Barazzuolio

    Update April Fools' Day

    I for one look forward to what this entails. Good build up WG!
  7. Learning DD is a steep earning curve which includes a lot of dying. It's worth it though. Also watch iChase and Destroyer KuroshioKa because they are switched on as [edited].
  8. Barazzuolio

    Enjoy the scenery

    This one caught my eye! I had to take a double take that yes; in the middle of the picture on top of the high feature is a old power shovel with a receeding cloud of dust behind it! I loved it!
  9. Barazzuolio

    Best Cruiser Line

    Have enjoyed them all. Got utp t8 in German, British and Japanes and dabbled with other lines during their launch events when they give you the free ships to try and get ya hooked in the lone. Each is distinctive which is nice. I think the cruiser lines are all pretty well done !
  10. Barazzuolio

    I like Pi

    A fine competition! I've been starting the Kagero grind. So far so good.
  11. Barazzuolio

    Best Tier V - Tier VII HEAVY CRUISER in the Game?

    All the CA lines are great! I personally am invested into German and Japanese upto t8 and think both are great and would fit your gaming vector as you stated it. For a premium ship get Sharnhorst but dont go higher than that or the gameplay will be too rough.
  12. Barazzuolio

    What's the best destroyer in each tier?

    My opinion of the Destroyers I recall being the most fun to play: T3 - G 101 T4 - Isokaze T5 - Minikaze, Acasta or Podvoisky T6 - Shinome or Geupard T7 - Akatski, Haida T8 - Asashio, Kidd ( yes I know they are both gimmick ships but they are always a riot to play )
  13. Barazzuolio

    What the hell is smolensk supposed to be?

    Play CA. Specifically Des Moines which is Smolinsk's natural enemy. 203 mm is best counter available.
  14. Barazzuolio

    Smolensk in Ranked

    Oh! What a magnificent tragedy you tell of, friend!
  15. See here my Arado 196 Spotting Plane. Prost!