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  1. oldschool1972

    Is The Blyskawica Worth Spending Coal For?

    Blysk is a good ship and plays a lot like the Soviet dds but her caliber is 120 instead of 139 so a lot more shatters since lack of Pen, which doesn't make her worthless she just needs captain points on demo expert . her good fire chance and with demo expert makes up for the 120s. I have her and the Soviet same tier premi dd. they are both good just one is for fire damage...one is pen damage.good luck. Both are 50%+ winrates so yes I enjoy both.
  2. oldschool1972

    I'm unable to log into game.

    It just now let me in... Only thing unique today is that I installed a new modem at the house(faster supposedly) thanks for the responses.
  3. oldschool1972

    I'm unable to log into game.

    Thanks for the quick response, I do use the WG universal launcher. I can log into WOT or WOW. Right now it let's me log into WOT just not WOW. I've done the game integrity check and shows everything is fine. 😵. Lol
  4. I can log into world of tanks with my account but world of warships is not letting me sign in. Any suggestions would be great, thanks
  5. I just would like to know one way or another because investing a ton of time and practice is time consuming. Please it's a real question so no 🔥 required, thanks.
  6. oldschool1972


    I have 169 games in her, she's beautiful, unique and pound for pound the second best free xp ship that's came out.. Mizu is number 1 for obvious reasons 🤑🤑🤑 Nelson is half the price of the musashi. Very competitive at tier 7.i have a 58% winrate in her. But if slow methodical BB play isn't your thing I'd say pass... But to me she's the best bang for the buck for free xp. Good luck captain
  7. Ranked is a different game.... The main difference is fewer ships. With less shells being fired at you you're gonna live more often.... The fewer the ships per team the more your individual input impacts the battle. Just my 2 cents.
  8. oldschool1972

    Azuma or Friesland

    I love my Atago, just under 500 battles 54.5 winrate she's just a glass cannon. Best he shells of the tier 8 cruisers. She has 10km great angled torps. Great heals... If you fight the ships you should, dds and cruisers they mostly fire he so your heals work great... When having to fight BBs your weapons of choice should be your stealth fired torpedo or Yolo around a corner and suicide bomb them with the torps then keep trucking.. Don't stop and fight... She's a beautiful beast.. Fragile but beautiful
  9. oldschool1972

    Blyskawica IFHE

    I find DE is better on this caliber
  10. oldschool1972

    Is the Błyskawica competitive?

    I have leningrad and blyskawica, both play the same style but leningrad capt. You put ifhe and blyskawica you put DE because of the caliber of shells... Leningrad will do slightly more damage because of this on average. Both are fun but mostly random stompers. For competitive haida and z-39 are the strongest... Just depends on what you want.
  11. oldschool1972

    Best DD for TX Clan Brawl

    I don't have it but my money is on Z-52, I used my z-39 and its hydro helped alot... Z-52 will do the same
  12. I'm on the same fence fellow captain. My best class played is DD but friesland is mid pack in winrates, isn't the best DD hunter with only 5km hydro and only has guns to hit big 🎯, the lack of torps is the biggest challenge for me... Put the low hydro distance , not great concealment, lack of torps... I'm not sure if it's worth it. Not saying I won't get her though 😜
  13. oldschool1972

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    If you watch the end results in most games the cvs are usually in the top 5 of xp and kills.. I love my cvs but they are not underpowered.. I'm 59‰ in the GZ, 55% enterprise, 49% saipan, 51% kaga... with a lot of games played so the stats are legit.... Cvs same as dds make a lot of influence on the game that the xp board doesn't take into account, spotting dds and torping areas we don't want reds to go.. Area denial is huge... Just not the old winrates from rts but probably better for the community overall.
  14. oldschool1972

    When did the WoT team take over WoWS?

    My problem with wot is gold spam... That's why I stopped playing. Soviet tanks are strong but gold spam is too much and it's not that I can't afford the premium rounds... Just like wows, most my tanks played were premium tanks.. On a side note.. Wonder if they still try to stick it to Germany 🇩🇪 also.... Name a top tier 🇩🇪 ship that's not towards the the bottom of winrates... Z-52..... Kurfurst... Hindy.... Sure you can win in them but global stats all are either bottom or near bottom of the list... Just the facts mam... Just the facts.. Lol