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  1. How To Tirpitz?

    Tipitz is my most played ship, I am definitely not what you'd call a strong player but I've played 427 games in her with below avg damage numbers but is stable over 52% win rate in her and rising... In the last 100 games or so I've done better in her using a kill cruisers first to take advantage of the 380 mm fast fire rate... I also play the hood, its a similar style.... In hood I'm around 60% winrate but got her way later than the tirpitz... So stats look better on the hood because I finally figured out what to do with the 380/381 mm fast fire rate... Crushes cruisers... Good luck captain, hoping you stick with her.. On a side note I think she is the best looking ship in game as basic premium camouflage
  2. Prinz Eugen now or Enterprise later?

    I have the prinz and it' fun but it has a couple things that make it tough to uptier... Speed and stealth... Its not fast enough to escape and not stealthy enough to ninja vanish either. It has good AP and can bow tank upto 380 mm incoming shells with its 27 mm bow... If you like New Orleans or Hipper its good.... But so you know New Orleans, Hipper, and Prinz Eugen have the lowest win rates globally...they all depend on AP not DOT damage
  3. Atago has two traits that uptier great. First is stealth rating 9.1 detection.. (With stealth build) Second is speed... These in conjunction with a good Alpha strike and fire chance work to her strengths... Because you fire your guns start a fire then go dark.. When they put it out repeat to get fires to stick... Armor can be negated when uptiered but stealth, speed, and fires do not. I have Atago, Prinz eugen, and kutuzov