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  1. Meta_Man

    Some love to Zeppelin

    The bombs are getting the opposite, bombs going from 7000 damage to 5800๐Ÿ˜ฒ... I'm having a hard time staying above 60%in her, ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Tier 10 is alot tougher... I do well upto tier 10 then I'm only still a winner in dds... If you are way above 50% at tier 9 I'd move up if only breaking even I'd stay tier 9 a while.... Tier 9s still see tier 7 its a huge edge over tier 10s
  3. I'm usually in the high 50sto low 60s% but I have had a low ranked here and there... It happens.. And what is funny is sometimes its in a tier you feel strongly in. So it's not just you.....
  4. Global winrates on wows stats page do not agree with you... Yoshino advantages don't make up for the ability to see tier 7...imo
  5. Meta_Man

    WHy WG, why make these BB's

    Not sure why you quoted me.. I said the same thing as you differently... I said the champagne might be a good sniper but if she isn't tanking someone else will be tanking aka ships that don't tank as well
  6. Meta_Man

    WHy WG, why make these BB's

    Not arguing her potential, But if both teams have say 3 Battleships and she is sniping that takes away 33% of their teams tanking ships.... Then the cruisers have to eat that potential damage. She is definitely interesting but reminds me of the Shima 20km torps... Shima didn't have to do her scouting or capping duties because in their minds I have these awesome 20km torps.
  7. Ugly ducklings monaghan for good to decent guns, good aa with DFAA, West Virginia 406s overmatch everything, Graf Spee 283s on a cruiser
  8. Meta_Man

    Got my Graf Spee

    It's under German cruisers forum, graf spee the bottom tier monster..... It was one of my early videos so only had music and subtitles.. Think I might redo it.... It's a good game and I explained how I play her Meta_man2002 is my YouTube channel... If you like it please subscribe and please comment so I can continue to get better videos out.... In the video I'm bottom tier and show how I believe she's meant to be played.... Happy hunting Captain ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. Nice, when she was built it was mentioned to be called a pocket battleship.... Her guns can lol pen alot of cruisers in tier 7 also... So they spray you with he you hit them a couple a salvo but 1 might be a citadel and on top of that when they die you can still repair ๐Ÿ”ฅ damage
  10. Meta_Man

    Premium Kaga not worth the money!!

    Awesome, here to help, I make strategy and ship review videos probably a few a week.... Meta_Man2002 happy hunting Captain ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  11. Meta_Man

    Got my Graf Spee

    Wows assistant..... It keeps your stats and compares to server average
  12. Meta_Man

    Got my Graf Spee

    I hear ya, happy hunting.. I don't play coop enough... You ever want to switch over to pvp please look up my clan.. I have videos and am always looking to division and all of us get better..
  13. Meta_Man

    Got my Graf Spee

    That's not what you and another guy actually posted.... You can scroll up to look..... Other guy said average at best... You replied I believe..... That's disinformation... She's strong at her tier and class.... Not just my opinion but on the stats page. I think it's hard on newer for them to know the difference between opinion and fact base evaluation.... I just want the newer players to know the difference
  14. Meta_Man

    It is rare for me to earn a Kraken Unleashed.

    To me NC is definitely meta..... You have a bow tanking aa platform.... When there is no cv maybe she's OK... With cv she can protect the fleet if not sitting back too far.... Funny thing is graf zeppelin probably has close to if not the highest amount of Krakens for me.