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  1. They aren't the same (shima/Somers).. I like and win in both...Shima has better dpm(still bad but good alpha)/aa(both are bad)...shima speed 39 base..Somers 38.6...The difference is Somers torps can't be seen a mile away like the shima 20s..so Somers 16.5 are better than shima 20s and much longer legs than shima 12s...🇺🇸 smoke is self explanatory...both have 3 sets of torps....I like and win in both but I prefer the Somers....
  2. Meta_Man

    Let's talk about selling some ships

    Both Moskva and Khaba can be challenging but its pretty easy to get a good winrate in the Alaska and as the others have said you will make good credits with them....I would focus on learning the Alaska style she is a clubber
  3. Meta_Man

    Can we fix this class?

    This is the thing, each class has kryptonite. You're right you can't hold BBs back with a radar cruiser...if they could it would be OP. With the introduction of needing hydro to see shallow depth subs avoiding radar has been great in my eyes...its made radar not as strong...its a big rock paper scissors game...I'd rather have a BB against a sub than radar cruiser...much farther airstrike range...I see you've definitely put some time in your thoughts on this but nomatter how good a captain is another class will dominate your chosen ship....radar crushes if it's a dd heavy match...a aa BB CAN have great influence if he pushes up a little to give aa support to dds....I agree games are easier if your BB lives but pushes a little to absorb some of the potential damage but you can't make people play a way they don't like to...good luck captain
  4. Meta_Man

    Can we fix this class?

    Wow,wow,wo...this doesn't fit the CNN version of this game.....you know we've told you CV is bad,subs are evil, DDs are dastardly......this is a BB game and we just play in their game,lol.....sarcasm, but everyone has a devil class they dislike playing against......they are all evil in some way,you just need to learn your evil and where that unicorn 🦄 pin to the boat show
  5. Meta_Man

    Dive Capacity ?

    If you are shot gunning I would fire my torpes at Is periscope Depth . Normally I fire my torpes and stay just outside of their airstrike ability so they have no chance of hitting me. Let's say they have a 10 km airstrike ability. I would shoot my torps at 10 km but be kiting away from the ship.
  6. Meta_Man

    Best current Sub tutorials for beginners?

    Different subs/U-boat have different advantages/disadvantages. It reminds me of learning DD play...but even more to memorize...I'd say memorize yours and your enemy subs detection distances...hydrophone and sonar timers and distance...each nation is different..then move on to dd detection, which has hydro also...then which cruisers have radarsand distance of radar...which cruisers have depth charges vs Airstrikes, their distances...yes a lot to memorize to get the upper hand on the red team...I've made lots of Ship videos but non on subs yet...there is anti Sub play also...I love hunting the red subs also...happy hunting captain
  7. Meta_Man

    Dive Capacity ?

    I'm pretty sure that they mean the amount of time that you can stay under water. So you would be increasing your amount of time you can Stay submerged
  8. Meta_Man

    Sub counter move!

    Another challenge with having to do this in an Undine, 2501, or i56 is your torps are all on the bow...so can't kite with any speed
  9. Meta_Man

    If u play a sub u better play smart

    I agree that if you take a novice radar cruiser captain and a novice sub captain the sub loses.....most games end with the sub towards the bottom of the score board...but if you take a smart sub captain he can take away the advantages that you pointed out....radar cruisers have 8km airstrike, BBs have 10-12km airstrike....radar is only while on the surface....subs like myself can sit just outside airstrike and torp away at Alaska, moskva etc* with impunity...not all subs can do this to full effect...so yes a rookie captain will die, but not all
  10. Meta_Man

    If u play a sub u better play smart

    To me subs are really tough on radar cruisers,say DM and the russians. If you dont agree you can have your own opinions but if you look at what the cruisers bring to the table to fight subs they are out matched. This is great for DDs because they hard counter subs while the subs in my eyes hard counter radar cruisers so it keeps the cruisers away from DDs.....If you cant see why this is the case you need to look into key stats on the cruisers vs key stats on BBs that actually can fight subs better at least the way I use them...I havent made a video in over a year but i could easily show how cruisers can be punished by subs and how BBs actually should be doing better than they are against the subs. DDs counter subs well when you use RPF....
  11. Meta_Man

    Armory Random Bundle - Alliance

    I didnt get so lucky, got the Southern Hampton bundle I believe....I am enjoying the U-190 the most so far.
  12. Has it (Lost that loving feeling) 😆
  13. Awesome, congratulations.....
  14. Meta_Man

    Why is Marceau doing so well in KOT?

    Everyone is different and so mine might not be perfect for you but I ALWAYS use ( last stand) the (Engine room protection) isn't needed then.... Way I look at ships are, what makes this ship unique and I try to make them even better with skills etc*... So French🇫🇷 DDS, BBs, cruisers I'm looking to add speed and firepower to speed boost and reload booster... Don't forget about the start stop techniques the French DDS and cruisers have.... Good luck captain