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  1. Meta_Man

    Which Coal Ship

    Like Ensign said , you gotta decide which fits your port and style.....two vastly different lolibotes....one uses stealth and heals...other is the highest dpm dd at tier ten dds but can only get down to 7.0 km concealment.....totally different ships...good luck ...
  2. Yes , this is from the USS Benham
  3. Some look for answers , some look to blow steam.......both are ok,lol
  4. Meta_Man

    Why is the Myoukou a step backwards from Aoba?

    6 guns vs 10 is a pretty big upgrade in my book..I 5hink the Myoko is pretty strong....Now I do believe the Atago is stronger than the Mogami unfortunately....similar traits overall but with heals....JMO....I have Myoko,Atago,Azuma, Yoshino videos ...if you get a chance , check some out..good luck captain
  5. It'll be on your wows stats page....halfway down is your personal bests....
  6. Meta_Man

    server overload

    probably related to the last weeks blackout , not sure theyd admit that but curiously beginning to see a trend here .
  7. Meta_Man

    Server crashed

    615am eastern time it keeps saying server overload.....
  8. Meta_Man

    Agir or Seigfried

    I use my Bismark, Tirpitz captain on her , with secondaries . I get hits but it's nothing like when it's the Biz or Tirp . I have a is she worth it video on the Agir . I enjoy her a lot . You can't go wrong either way....good luck captain.
  9. Meta_Man

    T-61 or Z-39 in 2021

    I have both and both are strong...its not dpm in these boats.....its torp reloading speed (t61) vs better range hydro and health pool (z39) both are strong
  10. Of course because of winrate but there is games you have with 150,000 spotting damage and mid to low on the xp list.....thought this was a given but I clarified for you.
  11. I agree spotting is HUGE to winrate but not to profitability . I pay attention to xp gains and spotting really doesnt help in the earning of credits or xp as much one would expect .
  12. Meta_Man

    Z-46, Östergötland or Jutland?

    They are all different animals...Z is a good cap contester and a killer of smoked up destroyers...Oster is a non smoke anti air, healing dd with the fast torp gimmick...jut is a good cap contester with short range hydro...all 3 can win but depending on your style of play...good luck..
  13. Meta_Man

    WG about Indomitable?

    Maybe you should check the wows stats page indomitable winrate before saying this. Some ships fit like gloves to some , others don't...its not the ship