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  1. Meta_Man

    Transformers Permanent Camo and Animation

    I have Khabarovsk, Montana, gearing, and kurfurst transformers.... In port the animation is mobile.... They do their little movement then transform.... Gearing flips into bumblebee (example)... In game they man a turret... No mobile animation.... In game you have the cool paint job and a transformer manning a turret... In port the mobile animation is present....
  2. Meta_Man

    Hindenburg Question?

    I'd say newer ships have come in with bigger shells... 2 years ago Yamato was the only big mm gun bow there are a few.... Hindenburg might have her armor power crept but the rest of the ship is the same.... Zao can be played a few different ways.... I use IJN cruisers as DD killers with the low detection/good he alpha.... You also need to be close enough or your 12km torps are worthless..... I have myoko, atago, Ibuki, Azuma, Yoshino videos explaining how I use them as a close support /kiting ship....when fire gets heavy your detection is very good so can just DissapearIf you farm from away your just farming Healable BB damage.... Jmo.... Good luck captain
  3. Meta_Man

    Subs still broke.....

    Faster than BBS yes, dds and cruisers, no.... DDs with approximately 6.0 detection and RPF have an advantage over subs in my eyes... I've killed many more subs than they have me as a DD.... In gunboat destroyers I don't run RPF and have horrible detection I won't hunt them unless it's an easy kill... Subs have no RPF, and if your in a sub 6km DD it's kinda easy truthfully
  4. Welcome, I was once a wot grinder also, 10,000 plus games.... I switched over to wows because I feel there is more rock paper scissors feel to it.... Wot felt more gold rounds decide battles.... Good luck🍀 captain
  5. Meta_Man

    French cruisers.

    I hear ya, in my post you quoted I said good players get her first but the combination of heals, 305s, speed boost... My opinion she won't drop far
  6. Meta_Man

    French cruisers.

    Just my opinion, I would play her differently... 305s on a tier 8 cruiser with heals and speed boost..... I play closer in a kite position looking to trade with light skin cruisers looking to isolate from BB 🔥.... Kinda like I play my Graf spee, I'm looking to fight cruisers and out speed BBS..... everyone is different... Good luck
  7. Meta_Man

    French cruisers.

    According to wows stat page Cherbourg is the #1 win rate cruiser at tier 8 right now. Yes better players or grinders first got her but she is far from subpar... the combo of reload boost,speed boost, repair party are hard to beat . Her Achilles heal to me is her ability to be really punished broadside....I have hit her a few times with dev strikes....But she is by no means weak...
  8. Meta_Man

    Soviet CV immunity to fighters

    Black, Kidd, to add to your list..... Notice anything funny...... 90% or so of the American top winning ships are pay to play ships... Hhhmmm coincidence, lol.... I play them but anyone saying Kidd/Benson are close just look at win rate.... Same with Fletcher/Black...Somers/Gearing.....all tech line are close to or are bottom of class win rate... Pay to win close to top...... To you point though, American ships have more winners than most nations, I like how you stay unbiased....
  9. Meta_Man

    Nerf Alaska

    I have Azuma, Agir, Kronstadt, Alaska the super cruisers.... They all have Attributes you can win with.... Alaska guns aren't the strongest, kronny and Agir have better AP in my book... Azuma has best HE in class to go with best accuracy in class also.... Agir has best armor, especially upper belt armor in class... Alaska has an advantage but it's in gimmick... Her advantage is radar and hydro combo.... All are winners... You just use them differently
  10. Meta_Man


    Subs are like anything new, at first some will believe they are OP, some won't.... The longer you play against them and as 1 you'll learn strengths and weaknesses.... I definitely hunt them when I'm in a proper outfitted capping DD.... Without RPF, its tough.... I push them away easily when I'm in American, British, German DDS... The key is low detection combination with RPF.... They don't get but a few seconds spotting you before having to submerge or they'll be spotted by you.... Their detection is 5.6-6.0...yours is 5.4-5.9....combined with RPF you have a good advantage..... I don't fire on them unless I can't be spotted by the reds.. I want them to submerge while I get free depth charge attacks and friendlies air strike them.... .... Its not difficult after you get the hang of it..... I don't chase if they are running though... Unless it's a 2501, other subs torps hurt to my bow, lol... Happy hunting
  11. Sorry I didn't watch the video, but keys I've learned in DD vs sub gameplay is to go dark after the sub goes under... So you can close the distance undetected, I also use RPF on my sub hunting DDS.... If I'm in a open water DD I don't hunt subs unless it's an easy hunt.... My favorite sub hunting DDS are IJN, American, Cossack.... You notice these are the low detection DDS with good depth charges also.... Germans and Euro would still do the job but aren't my sub specialist hunters.... Remember, if you're in a low detection DD that spots them at about the same time or you're a lower detection than they are(Cossack) you can either fire or hold fire, close distance and keep DC them till they die or they run, RPF will show their position, rinse and repeat.... Key is a low detection DD
  12. Meta_Man

    Win Rate in Ship Stats

    Those stats are really a good starting point but individual play styles can mean you'll do better in ships that the masses don't do as well in...example, a gunboat captain will play at a high win rate in the French🇫🇷, Russian DDs, but might struggle in Japanese DDs.....
  13. Meta_Man


    First off, you cruised through the tiers pretty fast. Pun intended, lol..... If cruisers are what you are concerned with, look at your DD/BB stats, particularly your kill rates.. Those 2 classes are your higher kill rates and it shows your higher win rate classes also... You raise your kill rates in the cruisers the same thing will happen... Cruisers can be tough to learn because all nations have a different flavor, some are damage dealers.. Others cap deniers... I have videos over most nations cruisers and all classes for that matter.... Let me know what nations you're most interested in... Good luck captain https://youtu.be/Iw7_wn8HXuQ
  14. Ijn cruisers because of your attributes, speed, stealth, hard hitting torps but placed where you show broadside, slow turning turrets mean you in my opinion best played on the weak side of the team.... You want the reds trying to push through your side so they push into your torps... If you play strong side they don't push and your torps do nothing..... With the slow turrets and lower health you need to be in a kiting or strong flank position as to know where you are gonna be shot from which your superior stealth always you to dictate the fight.... I have a few IJN videos on my channel, Atago, Ibuki, Myoko.... https://youtu.be/xZ2oy9ibI8A here is the strategy I prefer to use in them....
  15. Meta_Man

    Loot boxes📦, whales🐳, P2W

    A good video that talks about 🐳📦 and such... Be well everyone...