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  1. Admiral_Andy

    Refund Camos and Signals if Teamkilled

    How are you getting team killed so much that where you need refunds? I know there are terrible players out there. The other day I had a cruiser launching torps from behind me that were 5 km short of hitting any enemies. I have been occasionally killed but never enough where I was concerned about losing tons of camo and flags.
  2. Not using a different module is not a negative built into a module. That is how the modules work. You choose what you wamt to increase. If you take a module in a slot that also has a concealment module they arent going to tell you that concealment is less because it isnt.
  3. Admiral_Andy

    Welcome to Tier X!...

    If I read between the lines correctly you are saying you can't compete at tier 10 and want to only fight tier 8 ships while you are in a tier 10 ship. There are even more people playing tier 10 right now to get super containers although I do that in Co-op to make sure I get a win.
  4. Admiral_Andy

    Graf Spee should be buffed

    IF Graf Spee is so terrible why am I so sick of seeing them? In Clan Battles there were usually 4 to 6 of of them on the enemy team.
  5. They aren't really. I still see plenty of battles with 4 per team. I think over the last 3 or 4 months I have been playing them more and having more fun with them than the other classes. I don't freak out and give up at the site of a CV like a lot of people do. I just realize I have to play different and adjust my strategy.
  6. Admiral_Andy

    So WG... you still think this is a good idea?

    It will be common for a month and then it will get old. When Smolensk came out you saw tons of them every match. Now you don't see them much. Same will happen with this.
  7. Admiral_Andy

    Looking for an Honest opinion

    Of course. It happens. I have seen tons of teams throw but in general once a team is down 3 or 4 ships it is very hard to turn that around. That loss of firepower and HP is very hard to overcome.
  8. Admiral_Andy

    Looking for an Honest opinion

    The Blowouts are more a symptom of no respawning rather than how good someone is on a team. Obviously Great players will affect it but once a side loses a ship or two the other side gets a huge advantage that is hard to overcome.
  9. Admiral_Andy

    That's It

    It is funny how people with opinions opposite of yours are bias but you think your opinion is correct. You don't see your own hypocrisy. I assume your opinion has a lot of data and you have done years of studies to come to your conclusion since you are so unbias lol
  10. AA builds work now. I see tons of planes get shot down all the time. The problem is people like you want the invisible shield back. The old AA was OP. Would you like it if I had a Cruiser that could block all your BB shells or a a BB that could stop all your torps? I bet you wouldn't so why should some ships be impossible to hit with planes. They should be hard to hit but not impossible. Not sure what you are talking about here. Cross dropping Torps on DD was actually more of a problem for DDs before the rework. You could drop them so they were almost impossible to dodge.
  11. Admiral_Andy

    How is the new DD air detection?

    They won't change air detection in the middle of Clan Battles
  12. Admiral_Andy

    Mass and Bismarck

    I think CE is a waste of points for BBs especially brawling ones like Mass and Bismarck. Fire Prevention is much more useful. After the rework the IFHE skill doesn't help out the secondaries like it used to so spend those points somewhere else.
  13. Admiral_Andy

    Double CV games are 100% not fun

    So you survived, got top spot and not one cv got in top6 of their team. What are you complaining about?
  14. Admiral_Andy

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    Have you ever been in a battle where the DD dies on one side of the map? Almost every time that side loses. Losing a DD is as bad if not worse than losing a CV.
  15. There are so many issues with your post 1. I doubt your 99% 2 cv figure has any data with it or is accurate 2. CVs don't make concealment obsolete. Less effective yes, obsolete definitely not 3. Before the rework there were actually more planes in the air because each cv could launch multiple squads at the same time. 4. BB concealment is over rated and not really an issue. Most of the battle BBs should be shooting, which makes them spotted whether there is a cv or not. If a BB is trying to stay concealed all match they probably aren't helping the team. 5. You say that most people think the rework has made the game less enjoyable again with no evidence. I think CVs are in a lot better place then before the rework. You have to play different with CVs, just like if your a BB with 6 dds on the other side, but they aren't as scary as you make them out to be.