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  1. Hard to have sympathy for someone playing a class that can attack you anywhere on the map while they hide in a far corner. At least when a sub is attacking you can kind of fight back. When a CV decides to target you all you can do is hope they are not very good.
  2. Admiral_Andy

    Reported. Why?

    Don't worry about reports. People will report you for playing a ship they don't like. They will report you if you don't play the way they want you to play even if you are playing great and they are wrong about how to play your ship. They will report you if you kill them. Karma doesn't matter so ignore it.
  3. How does your average XP compare to the average XP you get in other ships? Did you find it was easier to get the higher XP in subs than you normally do in other ships? You are obviously a descent player so curious on your feelings about the ease of earnings compared to other ships.
  4. Admiral_Andy

    Pepperidge Farm Remembers...

    He never promised that there will never be subs in the game. Saying there will be no subs in the game is different than saying there will never be subs in the game. The clip was before the game released and he said that there would be no subs in the game. He was correct because there were no subs in the game when it was released and for many years afterwards.
  5. Some advice about dealing with subs: If you are running across the map to stay away from him you are asking to die. You are letting him control the battle. You won't out run him and you are just giving him free torp launches on you. If you are running he can just stay on the surface and not be afraid of you. If you stay close to where he is an engage in a fight with him you will at least have a chance to defend yourself. Sure he can be underwater where you can't see him but if you can wait it out until he is forced to surface you can kill him easily. It will also be easier to judge where he is with your airstrikes. I am not promising that you will win every time by engaging him but it is a lot better than just running and being helpless.
  6. Admiral_Andy

    11.9 subs, What??????

    In a one on one battle of a sub vs a BB I would think a sub could win easily most of the time. You could play them on the surface using regular torpedoes and play it like a regular DD most of the time. Most of your points can be true if it was up against a torpedo focused DD. A BB will have no idea where the DD is until the torps are near it. In a real battle with multiple ships a sub has a lot harder time and BBs can help kill them fairly easily. I have yet to try subs out myself so would like to hear your opinion after playing them in Randoms vs in a Training room where it is not a real battle simulation. Subs can be a pain but I would remove CVs long before subs. CVs are a much worse class to deal with.
  7. Admiral_Andy

    Yet another... "miscommunication"

    I don't know how you are getting so little credits. I did 3 with varying results and always made money. The worst was this one where I only got 66k damage and focused down and killed fast. I still would have made 80k credits without premium time and modifiers.
  8. Admiral_Andy

    WG, You have killed me (A little bit of Drama)

    Yeah I am sure they want the game to end so they make no money and all get fired. You found out their master plan!
  9. That is my point exactly. It isn't the sub that you are worried about. It is all the other enemy ships that shoot you when you are engaging it that is the problem. It is the same with CVs. For the most part it is hard for a CV to hit a DD but the problem is that while the CV spots you that you get shot by other ships. A DD can easily take out a sub but it needs to be smart about the right time to engage it just like any of the times it engages any ships.
  10. I don't really think the problem is DDs being terrified of a Sub. DDs can take them out easily. The problem with hunting Subs with a DD is that other ships around will shoot the DD which makes it dangerous for them.
  11. Admiral_Andy

    My idea for new equipment to combat subs: Degaussing cables.

    I meant as a seperate comsumable so DCP could be saved for fires and floods
  12. Admiral_Andy

    My idea for new equipment to combat subs: Degaussing cables.

    I think as a permenant thing it would be bad. It would be like cruisers having radar active the whole match. As a consumable to replace having to use DCP I think it would be good.
  13. I knew Russian BBs and French DDs would be very popular. I also knew before the season started that French DDs would be limited. You knew they had the option to limit ships so I am not sure why you are surprised that they limited them. ou can still use those ships in Random and Ranked. Get ready for Cherbourg to be limited next week.
  14. Admiral_Andy

    Renown '44, Tier VII Premium. Really?

    If you don't count playtime as free than the only ships that are actually free are the tier 1 tech tree. Having to grind up a tier is still playing the game as much as doing missions are.
  15. Admiral_Andy

    Can't they just be honest?

    My second more coal container today had 2