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  1. Admiral_Andy

    Has Subs hurt your clan?

    Subs aren't in Clan Battles or even randoms so I don't see how they could have been the cause. Clan Battles participation has been low for my clan but that is because people don't like the Tier 6 season they are doing.
  2. The AFK is something that happens sometimes and there is a punishment for it. The player you were describing was not AFK. How do you think WG can punish someone for playing in a way you don't like? Who is supposed to judge that and punish them? If your answer is other players in the match then that is a very bad idea. I have had players tell me I am terrible and then end up near the top of the team and higher than the person saying I am doing bad. Sometimes you have just finished killing all the ships on the flank and then someone will look at the map and see you are all alone and think you aren't doing anything. I would hate for those kinds of people being the judge of a good player and who gets punished.
  3. Admiral_Andy

    Anniversary SC, what did you get?

    They never gave you 1 or 2 ships a month from super containers. The odds were never that good.
  4. Admiral_Andy

    6th ANVSRY Permas, look very nice! One gripe.

    It is official that people will complain about anything on this forum. Are you seriously upset that you get 200% xp? I assume you are upset when Santa brings you presents on Christmas too.
  5. Admiral_Andy

    Is the 'new' Missouri a credit printer?

    WG told you that the only people getting the extra credit mission were for previous owners of the Missouri. Not for people getting it now. Why is that so hard to believe?
  6. Admiral_Andy

    I want compensation

    Dont have your cursor close to your ship when you launch and your torpedoes will go where you want. Have it at the far end of the of the white path away from your ship.
  7. They have been like that for 6 years. You also can't use the xp on tier 10 ships without using money.
  8. Admiral_Andy

    Is the dutch tech tree already dead?

    The early access thing is actually a good thing. Before early access when a line was released everyone wanted to play the new line so both teams would be full of the same ship. This allows some people to get the ship and be tired of playing it when others are just getting them.
  9. First off you cant say that your opinion is the same as everyone's opinion. I don't know why you think your demands are more important than anything else. They could give them depth charges easily but did you ever think that they dont want them th have them? If WG did everything "we" wanted it would be a crazy game.
  10. Admiral_Andy

    Thank you WG for the balance and the fairness

    It looks pretty fair to me. If anything you have the more OP team. You both have Musashi. The Kita and Soyuz are the 2 other stronger ships in the match. The Missouri radar isn't a problem. You DDs just need to play a little smart and stay out of radar range which should be easy because a Missouri can't sneak up on anyone.
  11. Admiral_Andy

    Radar permanently

    So you want DDs to not be able to play the game at all? This is a horrible idea.
  12. From your post I can tell you are a BB player. I suggest you actually try playing DDs before commenting how strong they are. I have a feeling if you played them you would be complaining that they are too hare to play. If you play DDs it will actually make you a better BB player because you will learn how a DD thinks. Yes in the right hands they can be powerful but they can also be deleted easily. Torps are strong but they have a very low hit rate unless you play against people that sail in a straight line.
  13. I think it is great if they had missions to earn it for cheaper or free. They have done that before. What I don't like is you have to do the missions and then you can pay full price to get it.
  14. So not only do you get to spend money but you also get to waste your time to to finish missions in order to get the privilege to spend your hard earned money? Yeah sounds wonderful
  15. You are complaining about the subs not acting like real life but are ok with your DD doing things a real one doesn't? If you were in a DD you were in the best position to kill the sub that was huntung you. Also the coop mode has always been the mindless game mode. You speak like it is high skill in coop but it is not. I can easily rush multiple bots in a torpedoe DD in coop and come out alive.