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  1. Admiral_Andy

    Ship REuse in Clan Battles, Can we?

    I think it is more lame to leave your team as soon as you die to play a new match. CBs are a team match. Even dead you could contribute by watching the battle and giving info to your team about the enemy position.
  2. Admiral_Andy

    definition of 'defend'

    If other ships are shooting it they will keep it reset so you won't get any defended ribbons. Basically you need to see some cap progress to get ribbons
  3. Admiral_Andy

    Ship REuse in Clan Battles, Can we?

    No his point is that most clans go for quality and want to win battles., not have their members spam battles like randoms
  4. Admiral_Andy

    CB Season 21?

    Clash of Clans tourney had a points system like you are describing and could make CBs interesting.
  5. Admiral_Andy

    Remove chat bans

    You should DEAL with acting like an adult and not saying stuff that gets you banned. There is no reason for toxic chat and a lot of people want to play tge game and have fun, not here you saying bad things all match.
  6. Admiral_Andy

    Research bureau playwall seems insurmountable

    There is no pay wall. All the researh bureau stuff can be earned for free. It is actually easier to get the upgrafes now while grinding other stuff because you used to have to play tons of games in the ship you wanted the upgrade for. Why is it bad that the players that play the game a lot get more stuff? People that play 10 battles should not have end game things.
  7. Admiral_Andy

    How would you rate this season of CBS?

    I think it is more interesting with the ban of most of the big gun BBs. There is more variation in Cruisers that are viable and even Kurfurst can compete again.
  8. Admiral_Andy

    Nerf or delete Submarines (revised)

    Why bother with the poll part if you don't want to have an actual poll? All you really wanted was everyone to tell you how bad subs are. Why not make a post saying tell me all the things you hate about subs and why they should be removed?
  9. Blow outs happen because of the way the battles are designed. Once a team loses a ship or two that team is more disadvantaged and more likely to lose another ship so it becomes a snowball effect. The only way to really change it would be to allow ships to respawn. They actually had a space battle many years ago that had ships that could respawn after a few minutes of dying.
  10. They got rid of the BBs that are OP in CBs. This will be a nice change and make some more Cruisers a chance to shine. There are still plenty of BBs like Montana that will be just fine to use. Do you really want to just see Ohio, St Vincent and Kremlin all the time? You say WG is catering to weaker clans like your clan is some Unicum clan. Your clan has never even done CBs. You will actually have a better chance with out all the OP ships in the lineup.
  11. Admiral_Andy

    Thunderer - Airstrike Range

    Games that have unbalanced things are not fun. While there are ships that need buffs or nerfs WG does a really good job balancing ships. Even the first released lines can compete. If they started purposely making OP ships I would quit. The games where you have to get the latest OP release every month or you cant compete are not enjoyable.
  12. Admiral_Andy

    No business sense........

    New game modes do not generate any money and WG being a business needs to pay the people that make the game so they can eat.
  13. Admiral_Andy

    No business sense........

    The problem is they are running out of ways to make a ship different so they need to have gimmicks. Would you care about grinding a new Shimakazi line or buy the new premium BB that is just like Montana if you already had 3 other ships that were exactly the same? You probably wouldn't care because there is no benefit to having copies and people would complain about how stale the new ships were.
  14. Admiral_Andy

    Procedural question / help (please)

    If you go to the Naval Base under the clan tab and click on your clan name you will see some options to leave the clan. I believe the Commander should be able to close the clan. You might have to kick everyone out to disband the clan but not quite sure exactly how that works since I have never done that. Let me know if you need a new clan.
  15. Admiral_Andy

    I started playing subs.

    I have beaten a lot of subs because I don't run from them. I go at them and don't let them control the fight. I think the biggest weapon a sub has is the fear that they give people that think there is no way to fight a sub.