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  1. Padres_Porch

    Bad Loosing Streak - Feeling Down

    Don’t sweat it my friend, we all get them and it’s part of the WoWS adventure we are all on here!
  2. Padres_Porch

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    Description: Error encountered while trying to purchase Special Upgrades for coal from the Armory. Example: Unable to purchase Special Equipment Upgrades for Tier X ships in the Armory as the game client encounters an error. How to reproduce: Choose Tier X ship in Port Go to equipment tab Click Slot #2 Choose a Special Upgrade under "Purchase in Armory" Click Purchase x2 Example: Try equipping the Surveillance Radar Modification 1 in equipment Slot 2 on the British Cruiser Tier X Minotaur. Result: Should be able to purchase and equip Special Upgrades from the Armory on ships. Example: After clicking purchase, game client says "An error occurred."
  3. Padres_Porch

    New Player Considering Game Is Not For Them

    Hey Bomb, Welcome to the forums glad you found your way here! You will find lots of great information and experienced players willing to share their knowledge to help you with the game. I made the transition over to Warships after seven years and over 16K games in Tanks and can empathize with your struggles. However, what I have found is my experience playing WoT gave me a better grasp on the game fundamentals and a good foundation to build on. The mechanics in Warships are definitely easier to grasp than those in WoT and gameplay for ship lines correspond to tank lines well. Battleships (BB) are your heavy tanks; Cruisers (CA/CL) are your mediums; Destroyers (DD) are your lights; and Aircraft Carriers (CV) are your artillery. Keeping that in mind will help with adjusting your playstyle towards the ships strengths. Lots of great resources are available to assist you, some already mentioned. As @Wolfswetpaws mentioned I would definitely check out the WoWS Wiki and the WoWS Official YouTube channel as they contain a wealth of information to assist in all aspects of the game. Also check out some of the official Community Contributor channels on Twitch and YouTube (there is a forum thread that lists them) for some great gameplay and reviews of battles for great learning opportunities. It is not an easy game, but well worth the effort. I encourage you to keep going!
  4. Each match in randoms is a lesson for us. No matter where we land in the match - top, mid or low tier - we have to temper our expectations for the battle’s outcome. Win or lose, I measure the success of my match by four metrics: did I play my ship to its strengthens? did I do at least my ships HP in damage? did I support my teammates? what is one thing I can improve upon? Once I realized that randoms are really 24 individuals playing their own game, my focus changed to improving my own gameplay to better support whatever MM throws at me.
  5. Padres_Porch

    PSA: The Vote for Huron's Camo

  6. Here is the link to to Wiki page on game controls. Section 5 & 8 detail camera and replay controls respectively. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Controls
  7. Padres_Porch

    Is the Tartra a good first destroyer?

    All good, happy to help! Got to keep @iDuckman and the Wiki crew on their toes! lol
  8. Padres_Porch

    Is the Tartra a good first destroyer?

    Once upgraded to Hull (B) reload goes up to 40 seconds sitting her at the higher end of the tier for reload speed.
  9. Padres_Porch

    Is the Tartra a good first destroyer?

    Pros: - um, you have torpedos? Cons: - two, 100mm single gun main turrets - 6mm armor all over - slow torpedo reload - poor concealment Basically a water-tractor…lol
  10. Padres_Porch

    Is the Tartra a good first destroyer?

    Here is my pitch for V-25 as a good option as an introductory DD 😎👍🏼lol
  11. Padres_Porch

    Fubuki — Japanese Tier VI destroyer.

    Once fully upgraded, I found I enjoyed her a lot more. Fubuki is a lesson in patience, situational awareness, positioning and decision-making. The lessons I learned from her have really helped my game play and expectations for that line. Be patient with her, don’t rush cap right away, watch the opposing team deployment and focus her fish on large, tightly grouped ships or slow targets caught alone. Her good torpedo reload speed can get lots of fish on targets in a good amount of time. Remember concealment is life with her! If you haven’t already check out her Wiki profile https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fubuki some great info!
  12. Padres_Porch

    Need some advice...

    Hey Rudy, great question and you’ve landed in the right place. To earn the “required” experience you simply keep playing matches. Following each match you will earn credits and XP, as noted above by Ahskance, based on your performance in the match. This will accumulate for you in the top right corner of you port screen. Once you have accumulated the amount “required” you are able to use your XP to research, and credits to purchase, upgraded modules for your current ship and progress to the next tier ship. If you haven’t already, check out the WoWS Wiki. It is a great resource filled with lots of great information on all aspects of the game to support your growth! Here is the link to the WoWS Wiki page on the in-game economy and how it works: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy
  13. The IJN line of torpedo boats was a great starting point for my DD play. I learned a lot about spotting mechanics, patience and adjusting gameplay to stay concealed while still get those torpedoes salvos off! The low-tier German DDs provide an alternate playstyle with forward firing torpedoes allowing you to aggressively approach smoke screens with a small profile...makes for interesting matches. I learned a lot from playing these DD lines that assisted my growth into the RU DD line which is a pure gunboat/ambush playstyle, really enjoy the line! Another great resource I always direct new payers to is the WoWs Wiki. It's loaded with some great information on ships, performance, load-outs and Captains builds!
  14. Great work Konception! One great piece of knowledge that was passed along to me when I started playing, was to treat each match like a chess game having three distinct parts: i) beginning game to figure out placement, movements and identify opportunities; ii) middle game for control of the map iii) end game clean up. I've always noticed the beginning game always has a pushing flank and a holding flank - the key is determining early which flank you are on and adjusting gameplay to that flank. Awesome that you are diversifying classes as you mentioned it not only assists in learning how to play them, but how to play against them!
  15. This is a great point and something I believe in! One thing I have noticed in both WoWS and WoT is the massive volume of really experienced, high tier game play content available compared to content that is geared towards assisting new players establish themselves in the game. Learning to play is a step-by-step process that takes practice and the appropriate resources to guide each player along at each stage (or tier). You cannot throw a university level calculus textbook to a 6th grader and say here is what you need to know! 😆 It is great to see you capturing your progress here Konception and I will definitely be utilizing it for the new players I encounter! Great work!