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  1. yammmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    2. Wo_9



    3. yamatotamura
  2. ahh dont worry you can tell me! 

    1. yamatotamura
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      How you doing Wo_9

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      :3 pretty good.  recently been getting back into wows 

  3. Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    Do you even unicorn bro?
  4. Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    its been a while so I'll post
  5. No mention of the disappointment that is A-hull IJN premiums?
  6. Unintended side effects....

    But those Tier 7's and 8's are good damage farms
  7. So Where Is the USN CV Rework?

    Where are CV rework in general. This year's CV is actually worse than last year. "Year of the CV" totally.
  8. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    Tutorial for each class: Upon unlocking of each class you are forced to a tutorial for the class you unlocked and the tutorial is different for each nation to fit its uniqueness. So all player at first take the tutorial on caps and the basics of winning the game. This will also include on what a citadel is and how angling works. (angling may be the hardest concept for people unfamiliar with tanks/ships.) Ending that tutorial will start-up the Cruiser tutorial since that is the first class of ship any player will dip their hands into. Explanation: *One idea I had was a level cap server where players with captain level 5 and lower get their own protective Match Making this maybe unpopular and up to dev's to see if they will implement it. (this protective Match Making will not apply if division with a player that is higher than level 5 captain or the player is playing a premium ship) In a Nutshell the tutorial needs 5 main key points. -What are basic skills (citadel, fires etc.) -What each nations are and their specialization. -What your role is in a game. What you should you focus on. -What can you expect in a future investment. What are you about to achieve. -How you can have players be engaged with other players. What keeps a game alive is conversation and connection between player and player. * Last suggestion is have a daily log-in bonus. I know this maybe an unpopular idea but it at least motivates players to at least open the application. Log in bonuses can be small. It can be a day of premium up to 100 doubloons, flags or even a consecutive log-in camo. The key is to give a great first impression and have the player have his/her first 100 games enjoyable. The better the first impression the better for the game. The point is to not have new players confused about any aspect of the gameplay and have proper explanation. Being confused with no explanation is the most frustrating thing for anything. Hope that helped.
  9. Just go play a Cleveland or Atlanta to get rid of that salt
  10. No CV Option

    Do people play CV's before writing these posts? Like seriously, 5 minutes for CV match is common place. Not to mention you don't need to strafe to delete your entire plane squad. Just get 1 US cruiser to push a button. Or a UK cruiser in smoke with god AA.(daka daka monster I'm looking at you). CV life is hard so please use WASD and dodge.
  11. I love both CV lines I only think Ranger and Lexington needs love but other than that I'm fine with now
  12. Corgi torpedo incoming!!

    Op torps it is