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  1. Warship has been here with me for 3 years now holy cow

  2. Players I've used to play with now ignore me or have completely lost contact thats kinda sad D:

  3. Well I'm back here....... So where are my peeps at?

  4. yamatotamura

    gif as signiture

    I can't upload a gif on my signature. Yes its within the 468x100. any suggestions?
  5. Well now I can play games for fun. time to finish all the line in the game.

  6. yamatotamura

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I'm at the Grandparents house in Kamakura and had some time to go to the Kantai Cafe anyone want any pics?
  7. Am the commander of ARP clan! yay?

  8. Please kill me my Atago is allergic to ranked

  9. Man even in Aomori its getting hot.

  10. Thank you Wargaming for making Shimakaze and Kagero the weakest DD's

  11. 主砲も魚雷もありだよーー

  12. Did they nerf all BB's??

  13. 暇ー 疲れたー 眠いー コンピューター壊れた もーいやだー!!