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  1. Do people play CV's before writing these posts? Like seriously, 5 minutes for CV match is common place. Not to mention you don't need to strafe to delete your entire plane squad. Just get 1 US cruiser to push a button. Or a UK cruiser in smoke with god AA.(daka daka monster I'm looking at you). CV life is hard so please use WASD and dodge.
  2. I love both CV lines I only think Ranger and Lexington needs love but other than that I'm fine with now
  3. Op torps it is
  4. The strongest torps. CORGI!!
  5. I liked my Ranger and Lexington at times. I think they're really high skill. For a player who started CV and going down USS for the first time I would say a rework is needed. I can manage to get it to work I do 1-1-1. Thats my experience with these ships not saying they're a perfectly fine (like Lex needs a buff), but I wouldn't call it complete trash.
  6. Congratulation! Keep doing a great job!
  7. I would suggest sending this to technical support.
  8. You rely on ally AA and bait enemy strafes with your fighters and use the fighter strafe escape move. US CV's require alot of skill so if you're not used to CV's I would suggest going IJN before US or you could practice CV by playing a Saipan.
  9. I disagree my Essex loves the tears of Taiho The key is stock loadout. I swear if I see another US CV that uses strike I will rip a clear sky till the game gives you an error.
  10. So another 750K xp ship with radar? cool! where should I cry?
  11. I actually got one today actually
  12. I get it often in my 2-1-1 Essex. and Yes Saipan
  13. I find fun out of it. Though you really need to think 3,4 moves ahead of you. Also using rpf you can somewhat counter enemy DD's. But I must say the 2 1:40~2:00 torpedo reload is insane and boring to wait.
  14. Sometimes... and sometimes the potatoes are left... in a corner... at A1... in Tier X.... Time to whip out my DD's But anyhow having 1 good player really does win you a battle. Cause they spot better or choose targets better or deal 400K in a Leander.