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  1. Dah_Bears268

    Anniversary Drops - 72 Supercontainers

    68 SC with 2 ships (Dalian and Bearn) 8k doubloons. Also have 8 Superships with all the now useless camos i sold, over 430,000,000 credits. I consider camos my piggy bank now.
  2. Dah_Bears268

    Win a VPN Subscription with Windscribe!

    this looks like another load of ****! I'll pass thx
  3. Dah_Bears268

    World of Warships Anniversary

  4. Dah_Bears268

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    Recruiting station, I warn people to stay away from this game solely due to submarines being added and so broken. its gotten exponentially worse with this ping that the timer starts when the sub pings but doesn't show the person being pinged until it hits their ship and their ability to locate their sub, choose planes to attack it, then aim for that spot is impossible in 2 seconds they are visible! i thought they should lengthen the subs visibility by half, not shorten that time by half. HORRIBLE Its also mentioned sub played a huge roll in WW2. they did. Germans early in the war did very well, but by the end of the war it was nearly suicidal! It was also mainly against convoys. not navy flotillas loaded for bear. and what did WG give them, super speed above and below the water (18-20 knots on diesel above and 6-8 knots on batteries below in a sprint), batteries that are like nuclear power for impossible speeds underwater not to mention the noise element, and now visibility for only 2-3 seconds after pinging. the entire class is unsuited except operations. Bad move WG
  5. Dah_Bears268

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    nobody's going to pass up a free submarine! If only to get more total ships in port and for snowflake events. I to have used them to farm upgrades but they overlapped the rentals and got stuck with them mounted. As for me i hate them and may FXP them just to sit half sunk and rusting in a secluded area of my port or better yet, deep storage as a artificial reef. they may have more than 20 subs planned, and God forgive me a sub dockyard event which there is a absolute Zero chance of me buying into that. did i say 0, i meant less than Zero for a sub premium. I will only ever say yes to subs for Operation only.
  6. Dah_Bears268

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    they were never ever rentals! rental's suggest we paid something. they were unceremoniously shoved down the entire player's base oriphus (you pick one)
  7. There you have it, Nerf the crap out of subs or give us nukes. One game i sat on top of a sub in a German DD with sonar active. Yep, you guessed it, no sub spotted. they can ping me beyond my ability to send a air drop and i cant ping a couple hundred feet. these thing are a joke and getting worse.
  8. subs are so broken. way too fast. pretty much perma-lock sonar pings which means i have no way of finding them to attack. there visibility is so short when pinging i cand hardly ever find them for a air strike. they should have to maintain a steady ping to keep their lock on a maneuvering ship. the only thing they historically case down are merchant ships and really old and slow BBs. they are supposed to ambush or control choke points not case down most warships. subs are total broken unrealistic OP under water bullets that only nuclear-powered subs can get close to achieving. they never achieved these speeds on main engines let alone submerged running on batteries. inane! you just can fix these things and be realistic too. just remove them or put there in their own operations. terrible implementation
  9. Dah_Bears268

    World of Warships Anniversary

    don't knock off snowflakes until you get enough for all your ships because you can only knock them off once. this way you play each one of your best ships you do well in or grinding to maximize your extra snowflakes. so for me i can knock off my 500 ships (500/6 = 84) in about 84 games assuming i get 1200BXP in each ship. Yeh. In Co-op i would probably have to play more than 250 games. another thought is to play your premium ships and ships you have bonus packages on so you're not wasting expendable bonus. also maximize ships your using grinding missions too.this starts on friday the 16th.
  10. now it says extended by 1 hour or 5 more minutes currently well another WG Fail, hurry up and wait. fail again and wait. oh, wait for it, Fail again 8am, 8:30, 9am central
  11. they added 30 minutes but that to has passed
  12. Dah_Bears268

    Golden Age of Industry Premium Containers

    Yah, what they all said! Golden Age of Ripoff Stop the Insanity. Camos are about as valuable as Fools Gold too. IE: only a fool would buy them
  13. Dah_Bears268

    What happened to WoWs in Twitch Prime Gaming?

    I don't see the difference, they are both not user friendly
  14. Dah_Bears268

    USS Texas Underway!

    What ever floats your boat Dry Docking the USS Texas | Many watched the USS Texas' trip through Galveston Bay yesterday in awe at the historic machinery that served the US Navy from 1912 to 1948 surviving... | By Saltwater-Recon.com | Facebook