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  1. Dah_Bears268

    10:10 and Servers are still down.

    I think that Doubloon meter should run like a taxi and run up the Doubloons. We have already waited a day and now more delays. Dumb and Dumber must be running the show.
  2. Dah_Bears268

    10:10 and Servers are still down.

    I have a sound bite that even the deaf can hear. Hurry up and wait some more!
  3. Dah_Bears268

    CV "gun bloom" suggestion

    Why is there a gun bloom at all given secondary's or even primaries of most carriers is less than half the detection range! That range is only supposed to go to the maximum firing range of the guns fired, not add to the ships detection range!
  4. Dah_Bears268

    Code for dragon flags

  5. Dah_Bears268

    Capt Skill Reset Confirmed

    I wish they would let us delete some captians just so I can ditch those NON-ENGLISH speaking captians I hate to use as I don't speak gibberish and use the skill points in ones that do speak English!
  6. Dah_Bears268

    Capt Skill Reset Confirmed

    I,m truly screwed. I have 286 ships although I don't keep Captians in the premiums. How many can I respec before the reset wears off. I still haven't been through the last time you reset them unless I did some kind of a cookie cutter reset on them. Generally speaking the first 10 skill pts and everything after is mixed bag on each ship. There won't be any guidance on WIKI and YouTube to help with the new specs for the time being. Say you realize you maked a mistake after the reset expires and now have to pay doubloons to change! Do you just leave them unspeced or what. Yes, that's right, I,m dazed and confused with this hole dilemma! And OMG the time it will take? GOD take me now!
  7. Dah_Bears268

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    none worked out of the 4
  8. Really? Halloween event in December! WG you are really beating this dead horse with this last Twilight Battles that has no end. We already had access to all ships in the first Twilight. Now you want us to grind them to use again. On top of that there are no rewards accept ECXP. The only way the XP going to Orlan if you have really deep pockets. I already have enough worthless XP that would cost me neatly $2000 to convert it all. Other than those 2 there are no rewards for playing this mode any longer. THE FAT LADY IS SINGING.... NO SCREAMING FOR THIS EVENT TO FINALLY END! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  9. Why are there no rewards for playing Twilight Battles besides ECXP and maybe getting to Rasputin with 50 wins? Maybe they should have had Twilight Battles I after Twilight Battles II. We should win camos or something! Not play it anymore, this event went on for to long.
  10. Dah_Bears268

    PSA: New Code

    Thanks, if it doesn't work try to type it in
  11. Dah_Bears268

    Developer Blog for December

    Wait, have to buy a premium ship to get a alternative camo? Why do you think another camo is a reward for a ship that already has a premium camo That's just dumb unless it has special attributes, like free XP or captian XP.
  12. Dah_Bears268

    PSA: Dev Blog: WoWS Special Premium Account

    Damn accountant will always bust your balls in the end! People will start choosing one platform or another and let other either die or leave it free to play. I don't play anything but WOWS but I am only going to pay for 1 account. I have watched accountants destroy more companies trying to increase profits at the cost quality and forcing costumers towards other platforms. Yes, my balls are really starting to ACHE! Leave accountants to count your peanuts and leave policy to the player based management.
  13. Well crap, I received another 30% coupon that was good for most everything for 3 years playing anniversary. Splurged and got the 20 pumpkins and Tsar Alexander for $70. Wanted the pumpkins anyway so I paid $16 for a 15 point captian was my rational, not f**ken $50. Smoking some good crapfor absurd $50 captian. $16 I can do and did. THX WG
  14. Are there going to be ship tier, ship type, Battle type, and nation restrictions for this event? I really like when it wide open for everything like the RN DD Event!
  15. Dah_Bears268

    0.7.11 Public Test Round 3

    That just means the majority of player can't do clan battles on the test server.