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  1. Dah_Bears268

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 8: USS Texas Oct. 26th!

    Last chance to ever see this great ship afloat. I didn't make time the last time they had an event there to travel down from Ft Worth. I'm very saddened to say that I'm my opinion, my opinion only, that she will sink on the way to drydock short of putting her on one of those ship transports like the one that brought the USS Cole home from the Persian Gulf. At 105 years old and very questionable hull integrity, her old cancer eaten bones just can't deal with the voyage Mobile ALB. She's almost sank in her moorings due to worsening leaks issues let alone an open sea move. USS Oklahoma sank while being towed from Pearl to SF in a storm was much better shape with turrets and superstructure removed. So if your not a diver and want to see the legend before her final fate is decided, then this is it! She's like a loved one you wish to have said something to while she's still among us. I'm not waiting for time to claim her and got my ticket. I've been on Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Salem, Arizona, Intrepid, and Midway, but missed the Iowa and New Jersey when I lived near them. here is a pic of Wisconsin next to Oklahoma in 1944 and the USS Cole. Lets hope she makes it!
  2. Dah_Bears268

    Public Test of Update 0.8.9: Round 2

    Still can't play Halloween except for division which no one is lookin. Also still can't access clan or Armory after todays update, so i', done with this [edited] PTS! you won't get anything useful from me except the same things you don't fix so I won't be filling out any more surveys. To fail again and again, is as my brother likes to say is "You Can't Fix Stupid"! No More
  3. Dah_Bears268

    0.8.8 Gifts & Rewards: How to Get Everything

    Are we being regifted these or is this a recap of what should have been posted with Anniversary 8.8 release?
  4. Loved the 2016 Reward at https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/b-day-coming/ Dragon Flags
  5. Dah_Bears268

    Ranked: Seasons and Sprints

    Yes, Win or Loose it should be based on merit, not just the luck of a poor player being on a winning team getting dragged up the ranks. This is not a team per say but a bunch of random guys trying to win. To many battles have noobs, potatos, campers, AFK, or people just grinding there ships. Yes, stars given for good play win or loose would be fair and poor play receiving no star or one removed.
  6. Dah_Bears268

    Ranked: Seasons and Sprints

    First, we need more irrevocable levels for the weaker players for a safe zone. I will usually make it to Rank 8 and never get passed it because I loose interest struggling to the next Irrevocable rank. I'll just go back to the combat missions and directives or finish grinding a ships instead. second , if your never best on team with a loss at a 50% lose rate you will never ever ever ever ever get passed rank 10 let alone Rank 1. Maybe even receiving a star for best player on a loosing team will take some of the sting out of a loss for the best player. I just loose interest when repeated losses on bad teams or someone is AFK when I am I'm usually top 2 guys
  7. Dah_Bears268

    Yūdachi: Crack Open a Cold One with the "Pois"

    Might consider buying if not for the pathetic AA(-60%), 127mm reload(-60%), ship detection range, and the torpedo detection of her sister ship Shiratsuyu listed on Wiki! I will stick to my Shiratsuyu with the better gun reload and much better AA(which still is rather pathetic), and torp detection which are not as easy to avoid! Right now maybe as a reward ship to grind but not as is! You Buff-I'd Buy! I'll just pick it up in a crate eventually.
  8. Dah_Bears268

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Colbert made 310 botes and counting!
  9. Dah_Bears268

    ST, Birthday

    Someone please tell why there's 2 giant cans of paint with a 2 inch paint brush. Several small jars of modelers paint with small brushes is called for here.
  10. Dah_Bears268

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Feedback

    Was in the Que for randoms for more than 2 minutes and then was kick out of the game. Regrind ship lines: FAIL Reasonable time on the PT server to do all tasks: FAIL Reachable Italian T6 and T7 are just unobtainable. FAIL Amount of people using the server Ultimate fail. We don't want to live on the test server, set reasonable achievable goals or you won't get the any meaningful results because no one will stay here for long. ARE ALL OF YOU WG PEOPLE INSANE! PT 8.7 FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL
  11. Italian Cruiser not worth the grind on PT, 6-8 resets for a T5. Screww that
  12. Dah_Bears268

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Feedback

    What a load of Crap. You need to grind 5 lines @450/line plus the 2X first line to get T5 Montecoccoli(3+1) at 3000 research points, T6Trento(9+1) at 4500 research points, andT5 Zara(15+1) at 7000 research points! oh hell no!
  13. Dah_Bears268

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Feedback

    Except after the plane over flew you have the depleted Priority sector
  14. Dah_Bears268

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    Still can't load the Armory. Priority sector sucks as you can't change sectors and the planes get a free pass will at cooldown to change. By then the plane have finished there attack. the phased increase is fire is cool but we still need to change sectors. For now its best to not use Prioity sector at all so you at lease have 100% on both sides. Does'nt need a cool down.