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  1. Please no. No more gimmicky copy paste lines, the game seriously does not need them. I'm one of the opinion the Pan-Asia DD line should of never been released especially not before the British DDs. Aside from a few token premiums I feel this should of never got a full tech tree line because its lazy and simple work. Take existing models, rename them, make a gimmick, heres a new line please gib money to free xp to the Tier 10 copy paste ship. Ship Line should be new and unique. Not copies of what is already in game.
  2. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Wrong. Most early Carriers were based on converted Liners and Tankers. Only reason battlecruisers ended up converted into carriers was because of the Naval treaties. By the treaties all battleships and battlecruisers were capital ships and shared a tonnage limit and most large nations had reached their tonnage limit on capital ships and were not allowed to legally build more. So instead they take the incomplete hulls and instead of scrapping them they turn them into something else which they didn't have max tonnage of. Also it's called cost savings. Since aircraft carriers were originally converted tankers and liner ships does that make Midway a Liner? Since Montana would of used the same Dual-purpose armament and machinery as the Midway does that make her a Carrier, Liner, Battlecruiser? Of course not. You're simply grasping at straws. Reusing perfectly good and capable machinery is a simply cost saving measure and allows and a large stock of replacement / repair parts. It's also the same reason that the USN rather than designing new CA / CL hull forms just simply iterated on the same Brooklyn hull form for 10 years.
  3. She'll get her 37kts post-refit speed. This is WG and only Russian ships get low-weight trial speeds and napkin drawing fantasy numbers. Completely serious. Le Fantsaque only went 45 knots on low-weight trials so shes obviously not going to get those speeds since she ain't Russian. It'll either be 40kt pre-refit nominal speed or 37kt post-refit speed.
  4. Alaska HP question?

    A small correction, while yes the USSR did officially classify Stalingrad as a "heavy cruiser", the Kronshtadt wasn't. She was classified as a capital ship, of course that was mainly due to the fact she was going to use the german 380mm gun since the russians wouldn't of been able to built 305mm gun on time. If the Soviets would of been able to build the B-50 gun than who knows what she'd of been classified as. And to add to this other nations had plans for larger heavy cruisers too: Britain had a 12x 9.2" gun design ship, but was canceled in favor of the Vanguards and simply wanting to pump out more small and cheap destroyers and light cruisers. Britain simply didn't have the time or resources to build entirely brand new large caliber weapons. This is evident by the Vanguard, because they couldn't be bothered to actually build the Lion they modified the hull to fit WW1 era 15" guns. Hell Britain by the 40's had all but given up on designing entirely new guns outside of small caliber destroyers weapons instead iterating on the old guns for small improvements. Pretty much all weapons and designs 8" and larger ended up canceled. And Italy had a ansaldo project for Russia with 10" guns.
  5. I keep getting 4 star runs because the teams I get can't complete the "finish with 4 ships or more alive" secondary objective. Every single time I get a team of derps that broadside into a salvo of easily avoidable enemy AI torps. 1-2 people always die approaching the marines, and another 1-2 die during the carrier assault part. These people just can't stay alive. Such I always end up getting 4-star clears with me and 1-2 other teammates alive.
  6. As the poster above you said it's most likely high-tier players running fire prevention builds. You usually won't see many builds in low tiers since many players are new and therefore have low point captains.
  7. This is Getting Creepy

    Didn't you know? There are WoWS employees in your closet and under your bed when you sleep at night. They've bugged your room and are always watching always waiting.
  8. Alaska "gimmick" idea

    That would be rather interesting imo. Have class specific commanders with strong tech tree skills, and generalist commanders that can be used on any ship. Only problem and a major one is that it could ruin the whole premium ship commander trainer idea if you want to use a class specific commander.
  9. According to website server status we have 18,150 online.
  10. Moskva 50mm plate buff

    Komrade, perhaps you need to spend more time in a "relaxing" gulag. You forget the amazingness of true Stalinium armor tempered in the best vodka and quenched in the tears of dissidents and then this armor is backed by only the highest quality of Stalinwoods. No inferior capitalist torpedo could ever hope to beat this level of stronk protection.
  11. Moskva 50mm plate buff

    You're forgetting the ships hull that its mounted over. Historically if the ship was ever build the main hull would probably be in the range of 30-38mm + 20mm fore-end belt. In-game though it should be 25mm + 20mm = 45mm for the fore-end belt section.
  12. Moskva 50mm plate buff

    No. Just the fore-end and aft-end belt armor.
  13. R Russian BB coming?

    According to WG themselves a lot of work was already done on the RU BB tree but were put on hiatus because the community (especially the RU ones) wanted others nations such as the British, French, and Germans first. So I fully expect RU BBs sometime soon(tm). Just depends on how soon. Next line has confirmed to be RN Destroyers which will be the Q3 2018 ship line. WG has also said Q4 will be Italian Cruisers, but plans could change. I see Q4 being either Italian cruisers of RU battleships with which ever didnt make 2018 will make Q1 or Q2 2019.
  14. Well technology does advance over time. Dunkerque's 330's are better in every way to the 340s used on the Tiers 6 and 7 french BB's. Same can be said for cruiser level guns, WW2 6" and 8" guns were miles better than similar size guns of WW1. So it's only natural that modern 12" guns would be better than WW1 era 14" guns. As for the Kronstadt the soviets did indeed classify her a capital ship. Its different for Stalingrad though, the Soviets for some reason classified her as a Heavy Cruiser with Moskva being considered a "medium" cruiser. In terms of armor layout it should be exactly the same as Moskva since Moskva was designed to look and be armored in a similar way to Stalingrad. Its only really Wikipedia and other western sources that say Stalingrad was a battlecruiser.
  15. Classifications and terminology change with times. For example in WWII destroyers were ships generally around 2000 tons in displacement. Today Destroyers are ships are around 7000-10000 tons in displacement, should they reclassified as cruisers to fit old interwar 1920s terminology? 12" guns are also hardly "Battleship class guns" by the 1940's when most real battleships of the time used guns between 15"-18". 12" might of been battleship class in WW1 but again, times change.