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  1. TDM mode while not very interesting would make quick matches. TDM on smaller more "focused" maps specifically designed for the mode with equal cover for both sides and 10 minute maximum match time. No caps just get in and fight and you win by eliminating the entire enemy team or having the most ships left over after 10 minutes. As for OPs idea to change standard battle I rather like it. Though I feel it wouldn't work to well on a map like two brothers, that big Island depending on how far the border shrink goes would make it way to tight for large ships to maneuver at all.
  2. One of these would make a ideal Tier 10 for a 2nd USN BB line: My preference is on the April 1938 design. 9x 457mm /47 Mk 1(A) guns with a nearly 3900lb USN super heavy shell? Yes please. The thing would hit like a monster although the lack of overmatch and the rather poor muzzle velocity is sad. The latter could be eased with excellent shell drag characteristics. The "as-specified" ship design is rather lousy in some areas though. It's roughly the same size as the Iowa but it uses a significantly worse engine. And it's armor is paper at Tier 10. Slap in the Iowa boilers / engines and give it 31-33 knots and it would make an excellent T10 for a USN Fast Battleship line. Put Montana's speed bad to the designed 27 knots and it'll be the T10 for the slow line. Finding a T9 / T8 would be a bit difficult though. Would North Carolina remain in the fast line or move to the slow line? There is the 1920's South Dakota design it could work with some fake modifications as either a Tier 8 or 9. I'd prefer to keep the guns consistent though. The 16" /50 Mk 2 / 3 is imo too different from the 16" /45 Mk 6 and 16" /50 Mk 7 guns used on later ships. In terms of speed characteristics the Fast line at Tiers 8 to 10 should preferably be 30+ knots although 27 for the NC or SD is acceptable. And the Slow lines for 8 to 10 should all be 25-27 knots.
  3. USN cruiser split is next since they're already starting to appear on the ST server. For the next 2 lines in my opinion will be Russian Battleships, WG mentions they had planned them to be released in 2017 but delayed them because players want other nations first. Since some work is probably already done on the Russian Battleships they'll probably release them this year. And for the last line a toss up between British DD's, French DDs, or Italian Cruisers.
  4. Normandie is too strong

    It could just be that you're a very good player and the enemy team was average at best with only 1 person with 1k base XP. Just looking at the scores the Top 4 on your team did miles better than the top 4 on the enemy team with you in particular being a unicum level player. To early to call a ship OP when the only people who have it are ST's, or people who got lucky on container rng / spent lots of money on containers. Way to small of a sample size.
  5. T10 Ops?

    Yeah I can agree with this, would be pretty cool. Lets me use my T10 in more than just random battles.
  6. T8 Cleveland Revealed

    I wonder if they decided not to go with the USN CL has every consumable in different slots concept or just hasn't implemented it in this current ST build. I for one would like to see that happen since it would make the USN CLs more support and team oriented. They do need to buff the standard armor plating to 25-27mm though, from what it seems these ships won't have the long range guns of the VFM or smoke of the RN cruisers so they need something to help them in the ranges they're going to be fighting in. The rof and gun range are no different for the current Cleveland and I'm also hoping its just something they haven't got around balancing yet. To compensate for the horrible USN arcs at Tier 8 (and less guns than the Tier 7) she needs her Historical 6 second reload (10rpm). The FCS upgrade only increases range by 10% so this ship would have the same range as the current Cleveland and that's simply to short for a Tier 8 ship. Due to that short range she would have to fight in she would be the #1 target for BBs of Tier 8 and higher to instantly delete, and due to being extremely close in range and only having 16mm plating it would be very easy for anyone to insta-delete any Cleveland early in the match.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    I've seen Lert once and Notser once (poor soul was in a Mutsuki before it got moved down to Tier 5, I believe). Though I will admit I tend to pay more attention to what ships people are sailing then the people controlling them.
  8. I'm not quite good enough to get games that good yet. But all these XP events have let me progress extremely fast. Pretty close to my first T10 now, just a few more battles.
  9. According to WG themselves they're currently testing the USN CLs to be true support ships with access to all consumables in different slots. DFAA, Hydro, Radar (t8+), Heal (t9+). If it ends up coming to live like this the USN CLs will be pretty awesome imo.
  10. American BB Captian Set Up

    Just in my experience Priority target is useless. I don't need some UI element telling me I'm being targeted. So I go: -Preventive Maintenance. I find the lower risk of modules being knocked out helps a lot more. It helps late game since you'll have a lower risk of your turrets or AA mounts being disabled making you stronger late game. -Adrenaline Rush. More dpm as the fight goes on. -BFT. USN BB anti-air is godly at high tier. -Concealment. NC and Iowa in concealment build have cruiser levels of stealth. You can pop up and and surprise people with massive citadel hits if you position correctly. Cant be shot at if you cant be seen. And since NC and Iowa have pretty weak armor by BB standards your stealth will help you survive. -AFT. More AA, enough said. -Your choice of Superintendent (more consumables), Vigilance (torpedo beats since Iowa and Montana turn like beached whales), or BoS (cause reasons) -Expert Marksmen for faster turrets. Or as another option you can go Jack of All Trades Another option if you want to be cancer: replace PM with DCCA and go catapult spotting aircraft build and watch the enemy team hate you (works better with cruisers).
  11. Give Montana the ability to mount the 457mm /47 Mark A guns with 3850lb super heavy shells in a 3x3 setup. Give Montana the 4.5" of turret face armor she's missing. Remove 50mm armor sections from Khaba. Give Sims better Torps (Mahan Torps). Since Sims only has 4 guns give her the proper AA setup she's supposed to have: 2x2 40mm bofors and 4x1 20mm. Lower CA/CL citadels to make them a bit less squishy to BB fire. Give Yamato her proper Citadel. Unbuff British BB citadels.
  12. Wichita would of worked as a Tier 8 Premium when NO was Tier 8 and Baltimore was Tier 9. But due to them being move a tier down on the split the Baltimore is simply a better ship in every way to the Wichita. Due to being a weaker ship it wouldn't sell well at Tier 8 in my opinion. For a Tier 8 Premium the USS Oregon City would work.
  13. Encore Graphics Engine

    Wow that engine looks pretty damn good. WoT looks like a new game and those water effects / wet tank effect when it leaves the water are amazing. If it ends up successful with WoT I definitely hope they would eventually bring it over to Warships, it would make this game look so good with those new effects especially the water ones.
  14. regarding the kronschdadt...

    Since it Tier IX it'll be either 1 of 3 things: 1. Ranked battles reward. 2. First "non-BB" Free XP ship. 3. A reward ship for some kind of event or campaign.
  15. Look again at the Document you linked. There is Project 69 and Project 69-1 . The former was the original approved design with 3x3 305mm /55 B-50 guns http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNRussian_12-55_B-50.php . The later was a re-arming of the same hull with 3x2 380mm German guns Russia was planning to buy from Germany before WW2 broke out but that deal never went through. We are getting the Kronshtadt-class Kronshtadt at Tier 9, the originally intended design and approved for the 1940 Projekt 69. It is not the Project 82 name reuse. You can tell simply from looking at the video and looking at the ship shown in the blog post, they are completely different. Compare the hull of this: And this: As you can see the ships hulls are very different. They are not the same ship.