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  1. CA62_USSCelina

    Unsinkable Sam Box - Nice Goodies

    What do I do with the bonus code?
  2. CA62_USSCelina

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    So what do I do with this code... assuming I ever figure out what it is?
  3. CA62_USSCelina

    WINNERS - Fight for the Flagship

    I was really looking forward to the Tier VIII tournament, but sadly my work schedule will not allow me to participate with my good ol' Cleveland. That being said, I hope that the WoW gang truly BALANCES the sides facing each other. I've seen way too many battles where the numbers of ship types on both sides are equal (4 battleships, 4 cruisers and 4 destroyers each), but the LIGHT CRUISER vs. HEAVY CRUISER breakdown is completely unbalanced (4 CL vs. 4 CA). This can really tip the balance of power toward the team with the larger number of CA's. I'm hoping that the powers that be get it right. Thanks for letting me vent.
  4. I used coal previously to buy the French "Aigle". I couldn't wait to sell it after playing it for a couple of weeks. It had all the maneuverability of a canoe in a sea of molasses and could be detected from the Moon. I now have enough to buy the "Yubari". Is it worth it or should I just keep saving until something better comes along? p.s. I have no experience with Japanese DDs so any advice would be greatly appreciated.