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  1. PcolaTy_1

    Get Rid of KARMA

    lmbo; my Karma dropped by ten points the past two days while playing DD's. Guess some people didn't like that I was supporting my clanmates more than some random who decided to diddle diddle up the middle. Interestingly enough, I think three of those negatives came from salty CV players who were not expecting an AA specked Gearing with DFAA.
  2. PcolaTy_1

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The time has come; execute order 66.
  3. PcolaTy_1

    Which top 2-3 BB classes would you focus on grinding?

    Personally, I would get both the Tier 9's out of the way first with Montana being first.
  4. PcolaTy_1

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    LWM, just out of curiosity; is the Molotov easier or harder to play than the Pensacola because I have the Pepsi-Cola and really enjoy her and am looking for a premium cruiser for ranked battle. Also, my rating with the Pensacola is just about higher than average in almost everything except for damage, though I'm trailing behind in damage done by a measly 90 damage done.
  5. So, I've had several games over the past few days in my Pensacola where I did over 80k damage and have 4 kills and working on the fifth one; my team sees that and instead of acknowledging that I want Kraken Unleashed after carrying them, they decide that they want that kill for themselves. Seems like people are more interested in trolling the person who carried their butt to victory instead of actually attempting to contribute to the team winning. Just wanting know, has anyone else who found themselves in a great opportunity to get an elusive award and literally have it torn from them by someone else? Welcome to online gaming, lmbo.