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  1. Bl4ckBaron

    Where is Notser?

    Notser is indeed the Bob Ross of WoWS. Very nice guy with an extremely deep knowledge of the game, he explains everything in a very calm manner while streaming the game. Anyone speaking badly of Notser is for sure a shill or an ill-intentioned person.
  2. Hello all, One thing that WoWS misses completely is the concept of External Battle (Fighting the Enemy) and Internal Battle (Fighting own Ship's suffered Damage). When a warship is badly damaged (fires, floodings, broken equipment, etc), the ship's Captain can decide to take people from the weapons (External Battle) to help fixing as soon as possible the ship's suffered damage by beefing up the numbers of the crews dedicated to repairs (Internal Battle). In WoWS this could be implemented by, for example, pressing a button where the Captain's priority changes from External to Internal Battle for 60/90/120 seconds (depending on the ship type), reseting the cooldown of Damage Control Party and Repair Party in order to use them again. During these 60/90/120 seconds, the RoF of main guns, secondary guns, torpedo and AA mounts should be greatly decreased and aircraft servicing time greatly increased to replicate the use of the crew usually engaged in their operation on the ship's repair efforts (Internal Battle). After 60/90/120 seconds, the Captain's priority automatically changes to External Battle again and all weapons resume their normal RoF and aircraft servicing time returns to normal. The cooldown of this button (External or Internal Battle priority) should be long to allow its use only 2 times during a battle. Best regards.
  3. Bl4ckBaron

    +1 for the new port WG!!!

    Awesome!!! Congratulations WG!
  4. Unfortunately, being playing this game for a long time now I have to agree that the amount of islands per map is too high and transforms this game in a World of Tanks over the water where rocks are replaced by islands...
  5. Bl4ckBaron

    is the Prinz Eugen any good?

    After Prinz Eugen has been buffed with the Repair Party consumable, it became one of the most enjoyable ships I ever played in WoWs. Go for it!
  6. PTS rewards should have several steps related to the total amount of battles/total time in battle/total damage. The more effort you invest in PTS, bigger the rewards.
  7. My advice is to wait until 8.0 and then assess which ship is the best considering the new meta.
  8. ...Graf Zeppelin be available at premium shop? Best regards.
  9. Hello lewellenfawr, I had the same issue in co-op and filled a report. The base XP they talk about in the mission is before even the premium account is applied, it means 1000 raw XP. I got it later in co-op on a great Izumo game. Best regards.
  10. Bl4ckBaron

    Dear Santa Claus.

    Post-WW2 soviet class battleship, tier 10 for sure.
  11. Bl4ckBaron

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    LittleWhiteMouse, Thank you for the awesome review. For future reviews, I suggest you include a screenshot of the reviewed ship torpedo firing arcs, it helps a lot. Thanks.