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  1. Are there killer bunnies on the loose? Or it just an example of the average wows players hugging the border? :)))
  2. Well, I took a 2 year break due to work etc. How many people on NA server? Anything radically new?
  3. He also has a head on his shoulders when talking about some historical events.
  4. meat2

    Chat ban rules

    Lulz, wat The fact that the person had depression issues makes it worse. Kicking someone who is down is worse then kicking someone who is up.
  5. meat2

    Chat ban rules

    Actually no, that word has 3 meanings. 1. As a noun. (Your definition) 2. The process of transferring information. 3. Action. Petty theft. And you are both right, but using different definitions. Also the actions of someone making up stuff to report to WG to get someone banned can be called "snitching". Also if anyone sees a crime happening, they should absolutely report it. In fact a citizen report is probably one of the best ways to get on time information.
  6. meat2

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    "Awesome" you spelled neurotic wrong. Also, my reply was a joke. Anyone, will feel the same way you do after watching their teammates play.
  7. meat2

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    This, this, and this. Also this.
  8. meat2

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    Does your avatar reflect your experience?
  9. When did you start playing WOWS?
  10. Well as a person who was here since launch. Basically this is one of the first "anti-greifing" measure WG took. Generally speaking, the anti TK punishment system, damage reflection, damage reduction, where not in the game yet. So what happened was, a griefer would load in, nuke 2 or more teammates, spam chat with the " neighbors" word, all within the first 30 seconds. And the worse that person got was being pink. Because of that the only way players had to defend themselves was to actively TK the "pinkey". Because torpedoes were the usual weapon the griefers used WG made a change to the game making sure torpedoes are not loaded at start.
  11. meat2

    WG ignores botters and TKers

    My apologies. I kind of misinterpreted your post. Your understanding of my post was not great either, I do not mean what you think. But, the more important thing is; we are both on the same side of our view of WG actions. So it is better that we let our misunderstandings go. My apologies again.
  12. meat2

    WG ignores botters and TKers

    Wow, I don't think we are on the same page. 1. My point is: when the player base has poor impulse control, and do not think that they have to take responsibility in their actions. The developers will act the way WG has acted. The fact that WG does not care about botting or leveling programs is just a symptom. 2. How did you get the idea that I think that WG will replace their devs? Just how? I openly stated that WG is handing out promotions to the devs that has made them money. 3. Also my first post was directed for someone else. After reviewing your posts on this thread, why are you arguing with me? Psst, we agree with each other.
  13. meat2

    WG ignores botters and TKers

    Hits home huh? Like I said you get the developers that you deserve. Poor impulse control, poor spending habits, etc have consequences.
  14. meat2

    WG ignores botters and TKers

    Lul wat?? They made mistake? They sheared the sheep like no ones business this holidays. You think the PR "disaster" was a disaster for WG? No it was like a 3000% or so of pure profits. People would not be "held accountable" they secured their promotion for the next couple years. On a serious note, the player base deserves those developers. Remember when the PR mess dropped? And people who dropped wads of cash that enable WG to "shear harder comrade", came on the forum to complain that other people where "mean". What did the player base do? Did they explain to the players who enable scummy corporatism why their actions where wrong? . . . . Or . . Did they? On the bright side. Well, laughter sarcasm, are your friends. There is no reason to let this get to you. (This is for anyone reading)