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  1. meat2

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    Actually. . . . But what are we going to do with the Japanese and Italians? Italy was an Entente country in ww1. So was Japan. Italy also kind of switched sides in ww2. Also Vichy France . . . .
  2. Deuchland class cruiser(Spee) is armed with 28cm SK C/28, 52 caliber naval guns. The Sharnhorst class is armed with 28cm SK C/34, 54.5 caliber naval guns. The guns use the same shells but the C/28 have a higher shell velocity 910m/s vs 890m/s but the C/34 send out a heavier shell, 330kg vs 300kg.
  3. Hold my beer? Pffft you mean tea.
  4. meat2

    Did they change the Dynamic Crosshair?

    Any info? Is WG going to fix it if Chase is right?
  5. Some not bad ideas. But, the main problem is, after those changes focus fire would be even worse. Also poor positioning would be punished HARD. This would make the game even more campy then it is.
  6. How ironic. No offense sir. Maybe you are the problem? Rather then blame some random "kids" would it be better to self reflect?
  7. Scratch the Kriegsmarine and put in the Italians and you are golden. Nobody remembers the Italians.
  8.     God does not want us to have a break up of generations. We should start trying to be friendly and show support, understanding and love toward people younger and older then us. This will allow us to stand together in the trials and tribulations of your time. 

  9. meat2

    I'm calling it now; subs are a joke.

    "Carriers, carriers everywhere" said Yamato to Musashi. " This class is not going to make it past the midterms" thought Mr. H Nelson scanning the room through his monocle.
  10. meat2

    I'm calling it now; subs are a joke.

    "Submarines are a joke" said Taiho during damage control class. "Tell me more" answered Kako. "Yea, how can something so puny present a danger" laughed Cressy, Aboukir and Hogue.
  11. meat2

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    Watched the videos by iChase and NoZoup, in one on one the sub is at a disadvantage, but it is a game of cat and mouse. Just the mouse has teeth, and the cat can be whacked. The best defence a sub will have against a dd would be the subs teammates. Suggestion. Make the unguided torps more visible, because the sub does not have to ping itself on the map to use them.
  12. meat2

    Just How Many Torps can a Bentham Spew?

    It can dump 20x the amount of torps it had irl. Gato class sub had 9knots submerged speed, how about it gets 180 Where is my underwater jet
  13. meat2

    Just How Many Torps can a Bentham Spew?

    That is 614 tons of torpedoes. Mk15 weights 1742kg. On a ship with 1,656 tons standard displacement, and 2,250 full load. And people say that subs are going to break the game.
  14. meat2

    An Idea For CVs

    I-400s then?
  15. In your example even if you add fires to the damage the Wooster did to you he did 497 points of HP per shell hit. Compare that to the Yamato that did 1837 points of HP for every shell hit , both BBs that damaged you did a combined 1413 points of damage per shell hit. So, no in your own example you are suffering from confirmation bias, the BBs were actually more effective in hurting you. The HE and fires where just more annoying.