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  1. meat2

    Really WG?

    There is a saying about a person whose description starts with an "f" and about his money.
  2. meat2

    Nerf Submarines

    Wait, I scrolled through the thread a bit fast. You said that subs needed a speed boost consumable and a heal? Why?
  3. meat2

    Balans CV WG!!!!!

    You are a great forum contributor. But. No subs in this discussion. Please do not mention them. Thank you.
  4. meat2

    Balans CV WG!!!!!

    1. I was unclear, the RN had launched and planned enough CVs for a full line. 2. Great get them all back. 3. I mean the opposite, the DCP cooldown for carriers would be longer opening them up for DOT damage. 4. My first thought too, but the rework was a long time ago, most carrier players might simply not remember to DCP, due to them relying on the autoDCP mechanic. 5. No, a simple HP buff would do. 6. Well, a mode to facilitate and focus on CV vs CV combat would be possible if the rest of the changes go through.
  5. meat2

    Balans CV WG!!!!!

    Did you not read the last line of my OP?
  6. meat2

    Balans CV WG!!!!!

    Question 1 Why so serious? Point 1. Sorry was a bit unclear. The Royal Navy had launched and developed enough carriers for WG to give them a "full" line and not that 4-6-8-10 nonsense we got in game now.
  7. All your ships are wrong in the picture.
  8. WG CVs suck and need to be (nerfed to h*ll) "balanced". Thank you. Now for the actual post. One major thing that is currently missing from CV gameplay, that was fun during RTS, is CV vs CV combat. As of now CV gameplay is pretty one sided and bland. Some ideas to improve the situation: 1. Put back odd tier CVs for IJN and USN and Royal Navy. 2. Make a new ful line of CVs for both USN and IJN, they got enough real and developed ships to have 2 lines of CVs each. 3. Make the reload time for the auto DCP much(as in much longer) longer. This will allow for CV vs CV duels to be relevant. 4. CAP Fighters should not be an auto feature. Make them manual, CV vs CV should be more then 1 strike. 5. Improve low tier plane survival, and nerf high tier plane survival. 6. After all these changes make a CV brawl mode, with 1 BB 2 CA/CL and 3 CVs per team. With BBs and Cruisers being bots if human players will not be found. A. The brawl mode would be active during most populous time for the server, to prevent player drain. P.S. first statement is bait.
  9. meat2

    Myth of BB huge main guns

    Well, 1st, op is a bit (confused) about warfare in general. There is strategy, operations, and tactics. With strategy being the upper level of organized planning, and tactics being lowest. Strategy influences operations and tactics, and operations influence tactics. In short command that makes many strategic mistakes has many heroes serve under them..... 2nd, The deployment of BBs and BCs in WW2 played as much of a role in the victories and defeats as submarines and CVs. If the USN withdrew its BBs and had them all sit in Frisco and San Diego they would have had a way more difficult time in the Pacific. Getting bogged down would have been a serious issue. If the IJN scrapped half of their BBs and sat the remainder in Nagasaki they would have lost the war in much shorter order. It would have been scary how fast and bad their defeat would have been.
  10. Examples of pre-dreadnoughts t2-3 IJN. Asahi, Kashima, Satsuma t3 Prem. USN. Maine, Connecticut. RN London, King Edward VII l, Lord Nelson T3 Prem. RIN Borodino, Andrei Pervozvaniy. MN Suffren, Liberte. KM Braunschweig, Deuchland? RM Regina Margherita, Regina Elena. In order to make them more competitive, especially at t3 the secondaries in general and primary gun accuracy needs to be enhanced.
  11. Wyoming, when played well is a really strong ship.
  12. Btw anyone still remembers Erie with AP? It was glorious.
  13. Maybe they just do not know how to buy ships. :) I remember someone had a question on the forum by the likes of "I ran out of port slots, how to advance to next tier without extra port slots?" Maybe message them and ask them about it. :)
  14. Well technically the Kawachi is not a "true" dreadnought. Technically, Its main battery is 2x2 12inch/50, and 2x4 12inch/45. Irl. It is decent at t3.