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  1. I once had a real kill stolen from me..... The enemy team had a couple of NC's in division... and I was hammering one of the NC's...got it down to about 4k or so...waiting for the reload to finish so I could sink it, and before the reload was done, the NC's division mate shot him and sunk him, "scuttled" him with a TK.... so I gave the div mate my just reloaded salvo and took maybe 15-20k off him.... then we heckled each other for a bit while we were both reloading.
  2. Yes, the cap pair are only 4-5 km across with islands around the outside... so the heavies tool around in the cap moving just enough to make distance torping hard, and then the DD either loses on points, or is forced to enter vision range for the heavy.
  3. nyati

    1v1 Memorable Games

    I tried my Terrible one match, and ended up facing a Fantastic. I don't think either of us intended to ram, but I was dodging his torps and he was dodging my torps and we were both going 50+ knots, and we just ran out of ocean.
  4. Lower ranks the Bayard is pretty much cheat mode, but Instarted to struggle in it about rank 5, then I Massholed, and derpitzed for a bit, then switched to the Prinz Eugen, which was cheat mode for the higher ranks.
  5. I already had a Missouri and Belfast, I got a Benham in a crate. Plus a Emperator Nikolai, a Freisland, a Massachusetts and a Tirpitz.. Which I would all class as big wins...
  6. I'm 3-1 in a Bayard. I almost beat a Tirpitz, and I did beat a Hipper, a Benson and a Massachusetts.
  7. nyati

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    And that does not meet the definition of paper.
  8. nyati

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    That wiki page links directly to the Mackensen class as the successor to the Derflinger, with 3 completed launched. The PEF in the game with its 1939 style refit is fantasy, but the ship itself was built.
  9. I've only got 19 games in my PEF, but I've really liked it. The guns are weak, sure... but I can work around that. It handes a lot like Kongo, which I also really enjoyed. Play it like a super heavy cruiser... hm like a battlecruiser...😀, don't play it like a KM BB.
  10. I have both, Cossack is worth getting, the terribad, not so much. I have had fun with the terribad, but it's very difficult to play well.
  11. nyati

    Why is Le Terrible in RN Directives?

    It's so fast it's on the directives before it gets here.
  12. My best so far is 7 kills in my Nelson, in a tier 9 fight. Just tonight I got 6 kills in my new Jervis.
  13. nyati

    Wrong Answers Only: 02

    Submarine, obviously.