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  1. Most advertising, the whole world over, is misleading in general. A big mac on a TV commercial is or looks bigger than it does when eye balling the same product after ordering and un wrapping it. Yes even at McDonald I feel deceived and then buyers remorse sets, in after I have eaten said product.
  2. Lets make the maps smaller so no one can hide. Radar reduce its max range and make it a cone shaped angle emanating from the front of the radaring ship. BB secondaries only need to be 9 clicks max, even with upgrades. BB range. Take away range upgrade and just max it at it's stock range, making it unable to be increased with upgrades. I don't upgrade BB range anyway. Smoke as been addressed to an extent. It is what it is. Make cruisers more survivable, that is fine. What are the trade offs ? Reduced rate of fire ? Fire mechanic is baked into the game and will never be taken out. Been that way since closed beta. Overall, I personally think the game is in a good spot and enjoyable to play, for me at least. Personal perspectives are just that,. Narrow minded in essence, because we as player do not and cannot have a wide view on the game and its variables. Sue we as individuals can point things out and if stats correlate with an overwhelming majority of players own perspectives, then this probably brings about change. Being either buffs, nerfs etc. The game will continue to evolve and we as players must learn, adapt and evolve with it. Do I like every aspect of this game. No. But overall from my personal experience from closed beta to now, I actually think the game offers us much more variety. PvP and PvE is fairly balanced. So that is a good thing. Anyway, I liked your thought process and intent behind it + 1 good sir.
  3. Crusin_Custard

    Why would I want to play a destroyer?

    Because it is one of the bigger challenges to play good, great or exceptional in. Plus i get to torp Tomato's more frequently.
  4. Crusin_Custard

    Finally got my first T10!

    Congrats m8. A fine ship she is. May she serve you well.
  5. Crusin_Custard

    New Clan Wars doesn't pay Steel or Coal

    yes it does. Look at your clan war missions under personal assignments.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I for one had no idea, we needed to log in to the main portal. Scored the hands on stuff and also scored some extra good behavior goodies as well So thankyou OP.
  7. Lucky it has a secondary gun or two If I" don't win it, I will definitely buy it.
  8. Crusin_Custard

    DDs Alive and well.

    DD's in every game I play. Im even playing DD as well in the tier 8 -9 bracket, mainly.
  9. Crusin_Custard

    Good first DD purchase ever?

    Play it in co-op and get a feel for the ship. But yeah play the pan asian DD's up to tier 6 first . That way you will get to know the Pan Asian DD gameplay and transfer those skills ,you have learnt along, the way into great games. DD's are great fun, once you have developed skill's thru plenty of trial and error gameplay.
  10. LOL . just came here to notify about it.
  11. Crusin_Custard

    No xp/credits, ship stuck in battle

    Yeap, its happening ever since server mainteanance
  12. Crusin_Custard

    Arsenal Launch Feedback

    I think the arsenal is a very good addition.
  13. A sack of 900 coal dropped for me with the daily TYL container.
  14. Crusin_Custard

    You can sell the ARP ships?

    Sold all but 1 ARP ship's.
  15. Crusin_Custard

    What is Your Favorite Ship From History?

    Tirpitz and the Missouri. 2 very majestic and powerful looking battle wagons.