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  1. Ben_CA68

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    World of Warships Developers, Change Carrier game play to what is was before and address balancing issues... I just played my first carrier battle since the update and it's hard ! And I can't direct control carrier ! CHANGE IT BACK ! THIS IS A BAD MISTAKE YOU ALL MADE !
  2. The World of Warships Developers You have committed a horrifying mistake, in removing a players a ability to maneuver, target secondary guns, defend their ship while aircraft are in flight. This action on wargaming's part has caused me to me ultra concerned about my aircraft carrier's welfare and I will be dramatically less available to function to employ aircraft in offensive or defensive means. WORLD OF WARSHIPS DEVELOPERS: RESTORE THE ABILITY TO MANEUVER THE CARRIER IN DIRECT CONTROL, as before (like any other ship type in the game) and target/ use secondary guns ! Not with the tactical map !
  3. Which button returns me to the aircraft carrier ? While the aircraft are in flight..... Z button ? The tactical map alone is not acceptable. I may get attacked by a DD or other ship and I will need to target my secondary guns/ maneuver the ship.
  4. In the 3rd anniversary event, it's disappointing.... I was expecting the crates (as previously promised by wargaming), only to find flags. I have too many flags as it is. UGH not even a permanent camo or salem as a reward, I will not be buying anymore 3rd anniversary crates.
  5. It is impossible for a Tier X ship to see a Tier V ship in a random battle. Please provide screenshots ? In order to prove this occurrence, if true Wargaming will want to know about the incident.
  6. New York and Texas have permanent camouflage....
  7. Ben_CA68

    U-boats - Time has come

    Uboats were DEFENITELY NOT THE naval story of WW2 and DO NOT deserve to be in the game. WARGAMING has said NO to submarines on many occasions. Moderators please shut down this thread.
  8. AP Bombs are just fine. No changes needed.
  9. Ben_CA68

    15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    I agree. But, I don't want to see the chat window get any larger.... So if that's the case I would vote no.
  10. Ben_CA68

    15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    Exactly. Displaying the dispersion level of the ships secondary guns (with modifiers and captain skills applied, if any are on the ship or captain) would be good too, I have an idea but I never really know what it is... Also, what happened to the aircraft information for Cruisers and Battleships ? It would be nice to see the specs on the plane (s). It used to be shown....... I disagree. I like to see this information.
  11. Ben_CA68


  12. Ben_CA68


    I understand that their was a recent change in the laws in Germany, to allow for the Swastika to be used in Electronic Media/ Computer Games. I would like to see the swastika on the German flag, as that is historically accurate for the era of World of Warships. The Rising Sun flag should be in game as well....
  13. Ben_CA68

    What to use sharks tokens on?

    How do you convert points (tokens) to coal ?
  14. Ben_CA68

    What to use sharks tokens on?

    Once you get to Tier IX and Tier X, you will need the permanent camo.... so you don't go broke every time you leave port in those ships.
  15. Well Orion's secondary guns are useful at close range and really only pack a punch in Hull A. The short range on the secondary's is the biggest drawback.... So if you are in a slugging match at 5km or less, they work great.