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  1. Ben_CA68

    ST, Submarines

    Finally i will get to roll some depth charges off the stern of the Clemson......
  2. Ben_CA68

    Lower Main gun hit rate than Secondary?

    Because the thing about doing that is your main battery dispersion increases and so you become less likely to hit anything, as your projectiles are spreading all over the map. Then yes, it's very possibly and likely that yours or another person's secondary guns are more accurate than the main battery. The Secret is don't mount the main battery range upgrade ! It's a trap, i tell you ! and causes more frustration, when aim is dead on and you can't hit anything (except at very close range) ! However, so many don't know this secret. There are mods you can buy that will help reduce dispersion and make your (secondary and main battery) guns more accurate, as you get into the higher tiers
  3. Ben_CA68

    Lower Main gun hit rate than Secondary?

    Let me ask you something, did you mount the range upgrade for the main battery on your ship ?
  4. Ben_CA68

    Detour on the way to Progress!

    Yes, interesting history ! Hard to imagine compressed air being used and the inaccuracy of the guns. But the ship had "shock and awe" covered
  5. Ben_CA68

    Detour on the way to Progress!

    Interesting ! I never knew of this ship or it's pipe bomb weaponry....... Armor scheme of "Hopes and Prayers".
  6. Ben_CA68

    Time To Who Award Those Who Condescend and Or Put Down Others

    It is completely condescending, rude and insulting to say such a thing. Instead of investigating, considering or looking into a person's claims you seek to dismiss them and that is abhorrent behavior. Reasonable people don't say such things. A replay is not the only way to determine validity of a potential issue. Although, if an individual (s) are not interested at all anyway, saying it did not happen with out a replay is a great way to publicly dismiss and invalidate.
  7. Ben_CA68

    Time To Who Award Those Who Condescend and Or Put Down Others

    Well no. It's not appropriate (and rude) to invalidate someones post, comment or concern by saying If there is not a replay it didn't happen. I don't say those insulting words, but others do. It may very well have happened (and their is not a replay) and that is the reality of the situation.
  8. Ben_CA68

    weekly changes to " NAVAL BATTLES "

    This game is a masterpiece in progress, so I can't really blame the world of warships developers for tweaking or making changes from time to time.....
  9. Ben_CA68

    Time To Who Award Those Who Condescend and Or Put Down Others

    Well those that say, if there isn't a replay it didn't happen.... should be granted your award or with the Grand Cordon of the Jive Turkey degree as well
  10. Ben_CA68

    Time To Who Award Those Who Condescend and Or Put Down Others

    This makes no sense.... what is the criteria ? What is the point of this award ??
  11. Ben_CA68

    Premium Ship Review #115: Bourgogne

    Good Review. I have Never played in a French Battleship....
  12. That achievement is only achievable in scenario game play. I believe it recently changed icons, recently too....
  13. File a ticket. Your premium ships may be able to be transferred. However, you will be required to start from scratch on the new (NA) server and re-grind all your lines. It would probably be better to stay on the EU Server..... You could always Free XP your way up the DD line, once you build up enough.
  14. The secret is to play premium ships or lower tiers, then build up enough credits so you can play a few Tier X battles. Benson is expensive to operate... So operate Nicholas or other ships below Tier VII or VI. Then the gameplay will be less stressful.... Tier VIII destroyer play is stressful anyway in random. The game is supposed to be fun. Although, this is a game that is not built or coded for free, so yes they will create situations that incentivize real money being spent. I personally play alot of tier IV and VI, and I am able to earn many credits that support my occasional tier VIII or Tier X play. Tier X ships are not always the best.....
  15. Ben_CA68

    My Favorite WW2 Documentary Series.

    Excellent program Victory at Sea (Entire Series - Episode 1)