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  1. Smolensk side armor will soon be drastically be nerfed... other cruisers and battleships will be buffed. See Notser's video from yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNfElgjQR88
  2. Ben_CA68

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    DD game play is very stressful in my opinion and I can't relax at all and enjoy myself playing. So rarely do i play a DD... and so I stick to Battleships, Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers. Although, I am looking forward to depth charging submarines... when the submarine expansion goes live.
  3. Ben_CA68

    Pearl Harbor - Fight for Arizona

    Their are a lot of possibilities with the USS Utah, as a battleship premium ship or AA spec battleship (with no main battery 12inch guns). I imagine rent to own is coming... along with historic (player selectable) ship names. Photo caption: USS Utah (AG-16) At the Puget Sound Navy Yard, 18 August 1941. She has been rearmed and partially repainted into Measure 1 camouflage. Navy lighter YF-233 is alongside, and USS Aroostook (AK-44) is being disassembled in the background. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. Note 5 inch gun mounts on stern barbette tops.
  4. Interesting idea... but it would unnecessarily increase wait times. Their will be ship names soon... I imagine
  5. While this ship is interesting and an ok suggestion... It would be the last on my priority list and other real world ships premium ships are not in the game yet. For example, USS Kansas (BB-21), USS Minneapolis (CA-36) - 1941-1942 version of the ship, USS Oklahoma (BB-37), USS North Dakota (BB-29), USS Washington (BB-56), USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) and so on.
  6. Ben_CA68

    Pearl Harbor - Fight for Arizona

    Developers, When will the USS California (BB-44) be released ? I hope you all add the 1920's hull as the ships Hull A...it's still in your archives from when you removed it years ago from the Colorado class (basically the same hull, just triple turrets) Please and Thank you. Usually a new Pearl Harbor related ship is released prior to December 7 of every year. Tier VI USS Oklahoma ? USS Maryland ? USS Tennessee ? USS Pennsylvania ? USS Utah ? I thought USS California was next ?, I am ready to purchase !
  7. Ben_CA68

    New Ships for WOWS

    USS Kansas (BB-21)
  8. Ben_CA68

    US Battleship Split

    I would be all for the Battleship version (with 12inch guns) as a Hull A and the Pearl Harbor version as the Hull B
  9. Ben_CA68

    US Battleship Split

    He must mean Battleship configuration, as the Pear Harbor Configuration had no main battery (12 inch guns)
  10. Ben_CA68

    US Battleship Split

    Oklahoma 1941 would have to come in as a Tier VI Premium. And Nevada 1944 would come in as a Tier VII Premium, Just like California 1944.
  11. How do you feel now, Lert ? Are you celebrating ? :) ST, California American battleship California, tier VII California takes the role of an American battleship with a large number of low-caliber guns. Due to the citadel under the waterline and large torpedo bulges, the ships boasts good survivability. The ship is similar to New Mexico and inherits the drawback of American low-tier battleships - low speed. Hit points – 58300. Plating - 25 mm. Main battery - 4x3 356 mm. Firing range - 17.0 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 5000. Chance to cause fire – 30%. HE initial velocity - 861 m/s. Maximum AP shell damage - 10500. AP initial velocity - 823 m/s. Reload time - 30.0 s. 180 degree turn time - 60.0 s. Maximum dispersion - 230 м. Sigma – 1.70. Secondary Armament: 8x2 127.0 mm, range - 5.0 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 1800. Chance to cause fire – 5%. HE initial velocity - 792 m/s AA defense: 41x2 20.0 mm, 8x2 127.0 mm, 14x4 40.0 mm. Maximum speed - 20.5 kt. Turning circle radius - 640 m. Rudder shift time – 14.7 s. Surface detectability – 13.5 km. Air detectability – 9.7 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 11.7 km. Available consumables: 1 slot - Damage Control Party. 2 slot - Repair Party. 3 slot - Spotting Aircraft. All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during testing.
  12. AN ODD VIEW OF ONE OF THE NAVY'S BIG FIGHTERS THE BATTLESHIP KANSAS (BB-21) From a Photograph Taken as the Bow of the Great Ship Struck the Water on the Day of the Launching.
  13. Kansas's (BB-21) Sponsor, Miss Anna Hoch,with her parents and Maid of Honor at the launching ceremonies, 12 August 1905. Kansas was built by the New York Shipbuilding Corp. at Camden, New Jersey. Those present are (from left to right): Miss Ora Allen, Maid of Honor; Mrs. E.W. Hoch, mother of the Sponsor; Miss Anna Hoch; and The Honorable E.W. Hoch, Governor of Kansas and father of the Sponsor. Miss Anna Hoch, sponsor and daughter of the Governor of Kansas, used a bottle of water from the John Brown Spring in Linn County to christen the ship. Kansas being a prohibition state at the time accounted for this deviation from custom. Observers reported the day of the event was "warm and sultry" and the guests at the ceremony "suffered from the heat during several vexatious delays." Govenor Hoch himself proposed crude oil, but that had too much of a Rockefeller flavor.
  14. I agree and Thank you. I would like to see the Connecticut class or Maine Class pre-drednought at Tier II on the Tech Tree. The USS Kansas (BB-21) would be the excellent premium at Tier II. The Pre-drednoughts were state of the art for many years and the Great White Fleet sailed (Of which the USS Kansas was a part, with future Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey onboard) around the world 1907-1908. The Battle of Tsushima, or the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898 would be excellent scenarios for Tiers II thru IV is my thought, or even just Tier II and III. Admiral of the Navy George Dewey or Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans would make good legendary commanders to bring into the game also with the Pre-drednoughts. Many like lower tiered ships for a variety of reason and Not everyone makes it to Tier X (or at least quickly) and so fun things, just like you said, at the low tiers are very important for all.