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  1. I Voted! - Cast Your Vote, Get A Flag!

    ohhh ok thanks
  2. I Voted! - Cast Your Vote, Get A Flag!

    yes I did that but I mean like how or when do I receive the flag? it looks pretty legit
  3. I Voted! - Cast Your Vote, Get A Flag!

    Quick question. How or when do you receive your flag after voting?
  4. Public Test Rewards

    Ah thank you so much! That link worked.
  5. Public Test Rewards

    So I participated in the public test a couple weeks ago so I could check out the upcoming updates. While I was reading through the public test announcements for the 12 of October I noticed rewards will be offered to participants. However, I used my email for my tablet for my separate PT account. To claim the rewards, it would send me an email to claim them. I received the email after the public test, I tap the link but it would not open. So I missed my chance to claim my rewards. Is there a way I can still claim them? Or will I just have to wait for the next PT?
  6. Where is my Premium Ship???

    yes to both
  7. Where is my Premium Ship???

    I just bought the Japanese Battleship but it never gave me the ship! What am I doing wrong??? I was in a division at the time of the purchase.
  8. How do I apply for entering???

    Ok many thanks!
  9. How do I apply for entering???

    I was wondering how does one enter the closed beta or the game??? I already signed up... Is there more I have to do???