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  1. Grand_Admiral_Chris

    I paid the money- where's the stuff?

    It's not just you I just purchased 20 of the Santa containers an hour ago when they came out and I still haven't gotten them
  2. Hello all, We just had a notification pop up in-game during clan battles that said the following, "The Rules of the current Season of Clan Battles has Changed." Does anyone know what this means?
  3. Grand_Admiral_Chris

    Amazon Pay

    Wargaming why is it when I go to use Amazon pay now they automatically directs you to Amazon EU? I have been able to use this before and now I can't because my bank does not allow International payments. Does anyone know a fix and no I cannot use PayPal. Thanks
  4. Mejash tonight released a video where he talked about how rare steel is and World of Warship's doing an event this winter where you will be able to receive steel for completing tasks or even maybe outright purchasing it. He made the point that steel is a hard resource to get and that the player base is upset about it being so hard to acquire. I personally have always understood that some resources would be harder to get then others so there would be ships I would not be able to get for quite awhile or never; ie Stalingrad. He brought up the idea where WoWs could have a ship of the month that you would be able to buy for the resources you have or save up the resources if you knew it was going to released for that month, Kinda how they announced that the IJN Musashi and the CCCP Kronshtadt. I personally think it would be an alright idea if they did that but I am also okay with them keeping rare or hard to get ships that way. Thoughs? Here is a link to the video:
  5. Grand_Admiral_Chris

    Anniversary Tokens

    Thank you both do much.
  6. Grand_Admiral_Chris

    Anniversary Tokens

    Hello all, I remember reading in one of the update articles about the exchange rate for anniversary tokens to credits but I can not remember what what ratio is? Can someone help me please?
  7. Grand_Admiral_Chris

    Anyone else not able to join the server?

    I am also having this same issue but other members of my clan are able to play just fine.