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  1. Magic_Cat

    I'm Done. Going To Play Stellaris...

    Then you should try CV lol
  2. I love the Lexington special camo Nobilium, but seems I cannot keep it if I sell the CV. Is possible not sell it since I cannot get it later?
  3. Magic_Cat

    CV Rework Feedback

    It should not blank, or you used some MOD?
  4. Magic_Cat

    CV Rework Feedback

    You should able use free XP unlock T10 CVs in tech tree after some CVs games.
  5. Magic_Cat

    CV Rework Feedback

    Feedback for test round 2: Planes are likely made by paper, sometimes I got 1 AA shell wipe out my entire full HP squadron. And in most of time I can only do 1-2 quick attack before lost all planes. I am not excepting able to do all narrowed attack, but try to quick rush attack to minimize AA damage still lost planes fast. Dodge large caliber AA is nearly impossible, it could suddenly appearing in front and lost planes. Rocket planes got a nerf? It has too bad dispersion, attack DD but all missed is common (rockets hit left and right of ship with max narrowed attack). Torpedo planes are too weak, most of players could dodge it, and cross drop is not a big threat due to planes made by paper. 1-2 torpedoes hit per attack squadron is considered as DoT or "harassment"? Dive bombers looks fair, but still made by paper. No CV control still a big issue, why not just add more key to use DC and Def AA. Fighter is somehow useless, the location is fixed, but teammates are not. it could be better to set a protect target ship and follow it like old CV. I had no idea how the rework increase the interest in CV and population, the new CV become the hardest ship in WoWS, and it much hard than the old CV. Imagine that a lot of players spent 15min to get like 30-40k dmg, while doing the highest frequency operating.