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  1. NPO

    How do I French Cruiser?

    The high effective DPM of French Cruisers should be used to chunk enemy cruisers and dissuade BB pushes in the early game. Set perma-fires where you can (reload booster helps a lot with this), but focus on doing damage to soft targets wherever possible. You'l generally want to stay at least 12-13 KM away from your targets. First 10 points should be PT, AR, SI, and CE. IFHE is good on T5, T6, and T10, but I personally don't take it on my Henri at all. It's too situational in randoms to sink 4 points into.
  2. My vote is for Seattle... still the only T9 I completely free exp'd past...
  3. He posted that five hours ago... and look how much this thread has grown since. We kind of proved him right.
  4. Yeah, when Russian BBs come out... I'll definitely respec for IFHE haha. For now, yeah. I'm starting to see fewer and fewer CVs, to the point that I've gone back to using hydro instead of DFAA. So I don't think AA skills are the best use of points at the moment. But assuming they do get common again... when I was testing the AA skills out, I actually had better overall luck with BFT than Manual AA. The bonus from Manual AA only affects continuous DPS, and all of Henri's AA guns have both flak and continuous damage. On top of that, enemy planes kept flying from one sector to the other, and I started having difficulties managing sectors on top of the constant shooting and kiting. Maybe I'm just bad at timing the switches though, who knows xD
  5. IFHE isn't a bad pick, but I personally stopped using it in randoms. It's really only useful against a handful of ships, and I'd rather have the higher fire chance.
  6. I've played almost nothing since the patch but Henri, and it is THRIVING in the current meta. Once I realized how much CVs negated my concealment, I finally decided to take the legendary (still take CE though -- 18km concealment is a bit too absurd, and there really aren't any skills worth trading it in for). Not only has my DPS increased, but the devaluation of concealment also means that red ships will be spotted much more than before... meaning you'll almost always have something to shoot at. For a damage hungry ship like Henri, this is fantastic. AA is definitely enough for you to fend for yourself with (I don't take any AA skills, just the flak module), and I've had no problems detaching from the main fleet as before.
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