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  1. Wow. You and I are back to agreeing on something. @OP, If I have an opportunity to kill a ship with only one Turret, take it and save the rest of your guns for another target
  2. 1nc0mp3t3nt_1

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Campbeltown

    Hmm, well still- it's not like I am going to be able to earn huge amounts of money in it, maybe it will make a good cruiser/destroyer crew trainer. I may even have multiple 15 point captains by the time the RN arrives
  3. 1nc0mp3t3nt_1

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Campbeltown

    And as someone who- in my Kamikaze- regularly goes into detection range after launching my third set of tubes, I am concerned that ships like St. Louis and Bogatyr would regularly punish me for my incompetent mistakes that my Kamikaze let's me get away with
  4. 1nc0mp3t3nt_1

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Campbeltown

    You see just when I made up my mind that I would not be suited for the Campbeltown because: - tier 3 premiums won't actually make a huge or of it because of its tier - the lack of launchers for a torpedo boat - the ship that pretty much decided the fate of the Tirpitz would never live up to its real world reputation in game And then you had to show how the Campbeltown comes as a bonus when you buy signal flags on the ASIA server and now I am wondering how I could arrange my port so I can have one more port ornament