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  1. BB45USSColorado

    Two kinds of people

    Honestly this being a game and all I gave up caring about this type of thing long ago.
  2. I wish we could more realism. But people cry about it...
  3. BB45USSColorado

    Texas moving to greener pastures

    Well I'm glad me and the wife got to see it where it was...
  4. BB45USSColorado

    Do you watch any WoWs streamers on Twitch??

    Kaymind is a better FPS twitch player. IMO.
  5. BB45USSColorado

    DD tender/DL

    Why? Because you can't read or like to be ignorant?
  6. BB45USSColorado

    Military History Sites Worth Seeing

    Here is a link to an imgur from my visit to the USS Texas. https://imgur.com/a/hYRLd https://imgur.com/a/hYRLd https://imgur.com/a/AqMhU
  7. My grandfather mentioned this to me. He was on the USS Colorado when they received word they were being sent north I believe to intercept the Japanese task force.
  8. Nice seeing you in a match!