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  1. Both the Simon and Gluck are OP, the Colorado gets up tiered all the time and then sees the Bismarck [another OP made in german ship]. The US having one powerful AA/AAA battle wagon at T7 doesnt seem to OP to me.
  2. All of my nope. The US had the best AA and is now being superseded by Made In German. It is not OP to have the WeeVee at T7.
  3. No. I love detonations. It ia rare. To rare I believe.
  4. I would support the WeeVee at tier 7. The introduction of the Simon and Gluck at tier 7 this would be appropriate. On a side note the Colorado as modeled in game is incorrect. The single 5"/38's do not have their gun shield as present on the final refit of the Colorado. Please look at the below picture (of a model that was in my grandfathers house for many many years. I remember is quite fondly as I'd study it intensely.)
  5. I must be a masochist. I loved it when one side had a carrier and the other didn't(I tried carriers, they aren't my thing){And I didn't care what side the carrier was on}. Now it feels likes Warcraft.... A game I liked when I was 8. It feels like they are trying to make if fair. Fair is not life, nor is it realistic. Beating the odds is what drives me. Edit: Grammer
  6. You bleedin' Troll I love you!
  7. I am getting this error as well from time to time.
  8. And instead of them being DBs they are TBs. Considering the Stuka was legendary as a DB I find it strange that they did this.
  9. Nice seeing you in a match!


  10. I'm not some monster of a player or God's gift to Warships but the game play at T9-10 is by and large agonizing. So mush so that my cuz and I tend to stay at tiers 7-8(yes 8 does get pulled into 10 matches which stinks but oh well). We generally end up playing one T10 match; me in the Kurfurst him in the Montana and at the end of the match we go back down to T7-8 again...
  11. I have only played a few matches since the buff and only have my secondaries out to 8.somethingishTM. Doesn't seem game breaking to me any more than the Bismarck. The torps are extremely situational as they are so short ranged.
  12. Was your Gneisys spec'd for AA?
  13. The first ten times got a chortle from me. It is getting a little old now. I personally have no qualms with the French. They fought quite valiantly during both World Wars, but in the second they got put down hard and fast due to archaic tactical and strategic planning.
  14. It is a decent ship. But it is not good. The skill level required to effectively captain her is high. You must anticipate the flow of the battle and position yourself well due to slow speed. One other thing is a must, you have to division. Have a friend to sail with and staying in formation will turn the average Colorado into a good one because you'll have support and likely won't always be the center of attention. If pairing with another Colorado always try to concentrate firepower on whatever target you choose and watch their HP vaporize from cits.
  15. I don't know why they are doing this but yes I have seen it far more lately than any other time.