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  1. Then why do we have CV but not Subs or Mine layers or all the other Naval weapons of WW2? Do Cherry pick just CV's PS>> My Icon is a pic of me on watch in Sonar...On my Sub.
  2. All I can say is I stopped spending money in WOWS due to unbalanced CV's. Stop trying to make something that is broken work. You want my money, remove CV's from the game!
  3. Twidget_Gray

    Black Friday Crates - Results

    6 Crates = Waste of Money, I got $30 of "ripped off" 1 x 7 days of Premium time. 1 x 20 Shadow Camo 4 x 35K Free XP (I already had 1 Million in Free XP. And most Tier 8+ Primium Ships make 500 to 1000 Free Exp per win.) Anyone that uses doubloons to convert 135,000 Free XP is a fool, sorry you are. First thing my Clan in WOT taught me 4 years ago. If I spent $30 in the received stuff valued at $25 to $30 no big dea!. But I spent $30, and got "7 days of Premium time" and "20 Shadow Camo" which has a value of less than $11.99 in the Premium shop and that packages come with more value. For $11.99 in the Premium shop you get (below) so I spent $30 and got less than $11.99 in value! 20 × SHADOW LURKER CAMO PATTERNS 1,250 DOUBLOONS 7 DAYS OF PREMIUM ACCOUNT If I made 2 Seperate Puchases Total cost: $13.60 but it cost me $30. So WG made a Sucker out of me just like a Casino. Now I learn that Amazon Pay no longer works because they do not support Gambling purhcase. Guess there is a lession here! Casino gambling is Rigged and so are these boxs. Very Sad really. Cost Call it $7 = 20 × SHADOW LURKER CAMO PATTERNS Costs $6.69 = 7 DAYS OF PREMIUM ACCOUNT
  4. Twidget_Gray

    What ships seem like downgrades?

    Iowa is a Turd!
  5. I paid $30 for basically 14 day of Premium, 20 Camos and 140K Free Exp. So not to happy, I already had 900 K of free exp. I also had every Free Exp Ship in the game. So big waste of money for me. Got 6 Containers 1. 35K Free Exp 2. 35K Free Exp 3. 20 Cammo 4. 14 Days Premium 5, 35K Free Exp 6. 35k Free Exp
  6. Twidget_Gray

    New Personal Mission Code

    Code not working for me. lol ;-(
  7. Twidget_Gray

    Wrecking Ball Wednesdays - Fire Discipline

    FYI --- There is an interlock on BB's like the New Jersey and Iowa that prevent all 3 turrets from firing at the same time to prevent Shock damage. Everyone has seen that Picture of the New Jersey with all 3 turrets firing at the same time. Well the FTG's on the Iowa had to disable that internlocks so they could fire all the guns simultaneously for that picture. The results was shock damage to all 3 gun turrets just as they had been told not to do by disabling the interlock. The Interlock add a small delay to prevent Shock Damge, think about "heterodyne" waves, when two combine the crate a wave that is the sum and diffence of the original. So lots os ship Shock Damge. While in the Navy my Room Mate while attending A-School was the Saftey Observer for Number 2 Turret on the Iowas, (FTg-2/SW). He transfered off 2 months before the accitdent in Number 2 Turret.
  8. I am. This is what I am getting.