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  1. Imperial_Magnate

    Stealth AA is back. That's not a good thing.

    What are you talking about? You detect range matches your firing range after you have shot, that is an important aspect. Until then you usually have the option of seeing your threats before choosing the engage with them based on how vulnerable you are hence the concealment progression DD - CL/CA - BB. Of those that defy that progression usually do so because they are afforded other strengths (such as gun velocity, agility, or enhanced armor) or weaknesses (HE vulnerability, reduced gun performance, ect). A Mino a CV can't even try to dictate range with would be similar to a Yammy with better concealment than all cruisers. It breaks the balance.
  2. Imperial_Magnate

    Stealth AA is back. That's not a good thing.

    Because you should be able to react to extremely potent targets and ships like the Mino are already functionally immune to planes, do they really need even more advantages? Even pre 8.0.3 the Mino only had a few hundred KM buffer zone between it's air detect and it's AA range, even then you could accidentally wander into. Namely because of two factors; plane speed and render delay. Normally I wouldn't consider it that big of a deal but Mino AA is so powerful that I would say, as a CV player, hitting Mino AA at all would be as big a mistake as a Shima getting itself spotted by a Harugumo except that the Harugumo has automatic guns that start firing the instant the Shima gets spotted and have instant turret rotation. Here is the game play result I see happening; 1) Instead of being able to play around Mino (very dangerous but possible before because you could spot it) instead the CV will just ignore that entire flank because you have a moving 7km no-fly zone that you can't see until it's already attacking you. If there is more than one, the CV will try to kill only that which it knows is far, far away from it. What is the most likely ship to be that far out on its own? DDs, the very thing they were trying to fix to begin with. 2) CVs will decided that the game play is way to frustrating and quit playing CVs.
  3. Imperial_Magnate

    Stealth AA is back. That's not a good thing.

    I wouldn't mind some ships have smaller air detect than their AA range, I think it works out well on ships that have poor to modest AA as a compensation mechanic. However I don't think it should work on the best AA ships in the game (Mino and Worchester) and even ships like the DM where the gap is only a few hundred meters is toeing the line. The Mino can already hide in smoke while giving AA support and the DM/Worchester have DFAA, on top of being the best base AA ships.
  4. It will probably go just like last time. Opps, we broke CVs again. Load another hot patch!
  5. Imperial_Magnate


    Yeh, I don't see why the Midway needed a like 20% damage nerf. That coupled with the upcoming air detect change will be crippling. Often I already wander into enemy AA due to render delay (looking at you Mino) and take massive damage, now that will be even worse. If there is any of those thunderstorms with a Mino in it, I am going to just avoid the entire area. Plane detect doesn't seem reduced in thunderstorms but ship air detect is and ships can stealth AA fire while in them so now that air detect is even smaller I won't even be able to do an attack on anything in a thunderstorm. Won't even know what I am trying to attack until I am on top of it, which means no room for an attack run (if the planes even survive).
  6. Imperial_Magnate

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    Honestly not sure what you are talking about with the F-out-of-danger thing, that got fixed a while ago now. I also don't understand how you see CVs high tier CVs are OP seeing as currently the deal less average damage per game than pre-8.0. I do see how they are having an undue effect of DDs but, as the patch notes today show, that is being worked on. You've made yourself quite clear, you just don't want CVs in the game. Or if they are, they are relatively insignificant. You don't like how the effect the meta because it changes your play style of how you liked to play thus, fundamentally, you don't want to include them in the game. Personally I have enjoyed the challenge of the new CVs and have always liked playing ships that support my team with good AA so I have actually enjoyed the new updates. You may say the game is now boring, lame, unfun, less enjoyable, more static, more passive, and generally worse but that hasn't been my experience, especially when I div up with a friend. You may even say many people agree with you, and perhaps they do, but it does mean that it can be fun and with the correct tweaks most people will enjoy it. Which was my assertion before but seeing as you disagree with the very existence of CVs I don't see much middle ground here. I think CVs can add a fun and engaging dynamic but that will require notable change to the flavor of the game. I think you like the flavor of the game as it is and, while you probably don't mind subtle additions or changes, very much don't like the degree of change that including CVs requires.
  7. Imperial_Magnate


    I understand wanting to reduce the air detect of ships to make the CV less powerful in spotting but I have a major concern. Namely that ships like the Mino already have pretty close air detect (7.39) and AA range (6.9), so already, with the slight render lag, I can end up inside it's AA without seeing it first. Then you reduce it's air detect 20%? That puts it as something like 5.9 air detect, by the time a plane even starts maneuvering the whole squad is going to take massive damage.
  8. Imperial_Magnate


    I understand wanting to reduce the air detect of ships to make the CV less powerful in spotting but I have a major concern. Namely that ships like the Mino already have pretty close air detect (7.39) and AA range (6.9), so already, with the slight render lag, I can end up inside it's AA without seeing it first. Then you reduce it's air detect 20%? That puts it as something like 5.9 air detect, by the time a plane even starts maneuvering the whole squad is going to take massive damage.
  9. Imperial_Magnate

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    -Except that it mandated concealment build on every ship. Now concealment is still useful but going pure tank or mixing in AA skills are also relevant, I am not saying concealment isn't important but that, compared to pre 8.0, builds not involving CE and Concealment Mod are actually viable options and that is a good thing. Concealment should be a balancing dynamic, not the balancing dynamic. -Cruisers are a bit faster, but hardly by a big margin. The average T10 BB speed is 29.75 and the average T10 cruiser speed is 33.75, a whopping 4 knots faster (DDs average 37.77 knots btw). My point is this: when you are only just a bit faster, yes you will eventually get away but if you are already spotted and aren't already almost outside spotting range is barely makes a difference. By the time you manage to outrun them, you are likely very hurt or dead. Even more so when most BBs can overmatch cruiser armor. -Radar is barely comparable to AA, namely because it isn't always active. If you are in a DD and see a Mino you don't think "I should just abandon this entire flank because my presence here is useless and will only hurt my effect on the match" (which is what a CV likely thinks). Instead you think, "Well if I can use this island to hide while he tries to radar me I can get him to waste it and be free to operate for several minutes before having to worry about it again" or perhaps "If I stay just outside radar range, even if he uses radar it will hardly effect me because I can move outside it's range" or, best yet, "That Mino is sitting in smoke and not moving like an idiot, I am going to flood it with torps for the kill". Nothing like that is available for a CV, it's "If I go near that thing, all my planes will die". The other day my buddy in a half HP Mino decided to go after the two enemy CVs hiding behind an island. Despite being attacked by two CVs for almost 4 or 5 minutes straight and being at half HP, he killed 115 planes and both CVs. Best yet, his only AA skill is BFT. No manual AA or AFT. Radar is deadly while it is active but limited uses and a long cooldown timer, something like a Mino is a [edited] Off CV, All Your Planes Die No Matter What And You Can't Touch Me. -If you don't want to be rocketed by an enemy CV early game do the following: Turn off AA, hang back with allied cruiser or BB until enemy CV finishes initial spot, then accelerate forward to contest cap with allied ships. If the CV doesn't initially spot you they are unlikely to come back for you with another rocket squadron and even if they do it is far more likely allied ships have moved far enough forward to give you AA cover. -This is a team game, even if you don't like your team mates. Just as most cruisers or BBs won't contest a cap early on without DD support, so too should you stick near allies and work with your team. Perhaps ask for air support for your allied CV or run a DD with good AA if you don't want to depend on your team mates for that. -Here is how I see the issue: Pre 8.0 I never ran into any CVs except on rare times so how I know how to play the game is based on them not being in any matches. Now that WG is trying to make CVs a usable class and people are actually playing them, it is forcing me to change how I play the game. I don't like it. -Here is what I think the reality was: Pre 8.0 CVs were a nightmare to play, mostly because an actually skilled CV player could not only crush a modest CV player but also then entire enemy team while a modest one would struggle with just the AA of enemy ships. Because CV fights could be so horribly one-sided most people didn't want to play them, thus you hardly ever saw them. If you ever did run into a skilled CV player and they wanted you dead, you died. Usually in one massive air attack. You think DDs have it rough now? Imagine being attacked by 3 dive bomber squads while be cross dropped with two torp planes, the result is you die. And not a "I was harassed for 3 minutes straight until I died" kind of dead but a "oh, [edited]. That is a lot of planes" and by the time you finish that thought you are dead. That or you get some fighters parked over your head until the enemy team kills you, still miserable. In short, CVs should be in the game but in order to do so the meta has to make room for them. Its making everyone uncomfortable because it turned the entire meta and many play styles upside down. Ships will get tweaked and players will adapt, then we will continue to enjoy the game or, if you can't stand having your play style altered, go play something else.
  10. Imperial_Magnate

    PSA: Another Participate button

    Sounds like you'd make a great politician! Don't waste your time refuting silly things like math, statistics, or the like. Just attack your opponents character and tell people what they do isn't worth paying attention to.
  11. Imperial_Magnate

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    -Concealment still matters, albeit less so than before. However I would say when CE and the concealment mod became required on pretty much every ship, it was a bit *too* important. Did CVs break that up? Yes, quite a bit. Too much so? Maybe, if so I would say it isn't super off and just requires some tweaking. Mostly because now ships can now consider taking skills/upgrades other than concealment, it should be a variant of play not a requirement. -That second statement may be true at low tiers but at 8-10 it just isn't. By 8-10 most cruisers and battleships are within 1-2 knots of each other, so cruisers are hardly faster than their designated counter (BBs). In fact some DDs aren't much faster than cruisers (looking at you RN DDs) and some BBs (French) are faster than some cruisers. Each ship has their strengths and weaknesses, some DDs are bad at AA (Shima) while others are exceptional at it (Haru or Groz). If you know you are bad at AA, you should stick with ships that are good at it. Just like if I am a BB that is bad at dealing with DDs I should stick with a CA or CL that is good at it. Perhaps I am a German BB with hydro and secondaries that is good at dealing with DDs so I am less afraid so I don't need to worry about it. -Plus CVs have an issues relatively unique to them, no-go zones. If I go into said zone, it will likely generate little damage with high losses and effectively be a waste of several minutes of game play. This can easily be done by DM, Salem, Mino, Worchester, and pretty much at 3 ships near each others with overlapping AA. This can be done even with 2 ships as well, if the AA is strong enough, such as a Jean Bart with a Montana. Think of it like playing a DD on a flank where a ship has radar always active, it makes it impossible to effectively influence that flank or at least massively diminishes your ability to. Could you still try and succeed? Perhaps, but was it worth the risk and potential damage you would take in doing so? The CV has to ask themselves the same question.
  12. Imperial_Magnate

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    -CVs can't really kill each other, except maybe the Saipan... maybe. CVs have too much AA plus auto fighters so you take *massive* losses trying to attack it, they just aren't efficient targets to hit. -Sure CVs could spot each other more, but honestly most of the time the enemy CV is far in the back of the enemy team so even if your team can shoot at them it is often ineffective and fails to kill them. -CVs *just* got a rework and are still being tweaked, of course they aren't in CW. -CVs are best suited to targets of opportunity. They don't do well with 3+ clustered ships so of course they are going to go after that one lone BB who is already dying, it's likely the most obvious way they can contribute. -CVs stay in the back often or hide because they are *the* target to hit if you can, even more so than DDs! Not to mention they don't do well with needing to re-position as they have some of the worst turning circles in the game and *will* get hunted down if given the opportunity. -As a someone who plays CVs, I don't know you failed to get close to allies 3 times unless they abandoned you. Even if a CV got almost every hit on you and used all of each of its squadrons (*very* unlikely) it would still take 2-3 squadrons to kill you. With travel time that is like 5-6 minutes of game play, you couldn't get close to allied ships for 5 minutes? -Okay, so the DM got hit. Did the CV use an island to sneak up on you? Either way I promise he lost that entire squadron. Plus when you say "nuked" what do you mean? Most I've ever seen a CV do in a single pass is 22k damage, which is a far cry from dev striking anything short of a DD. Unless you consider 10k damage "nuking" someone.
  13. Imperial_Magnate

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    Well your assertion that if a BB getting hit from something it can't see has made a big mistake was rather overly generous as well. Interestingly you didn't even say a mistake but a big mistake and when I think of what constitutes a big mistake I think, driving broadside to the enemy team just so you can fire all your guns without considering the damage you would take in return. Being a rather avid USN cruiser player I can tell you that there has been many a BB that, unless they traveled in a 16km circle around me, weren't going to get close to my beloved island without taking a rain of shells and often said island was very close to a cap. So unless you consider any BB being within about 15km of a cap a big mistake, I don't see where said BBs went that wrong. Not to mention, have you never ran into a Mino hiding in smoke? Seriously, it's irritating as hell.
  14. Imperial_Magnate

    What happened to my Des Moines?

    Lets be honest, ratings for any stat were never a great thing to base your understanding of a ship on. That said, the DM is a considerably weaker AA platform than the Mino. Not saying it isn't great, just that the Mino is like... godly.
  15. Imperial_Magnate

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    Ah, so you are one of those BBs eh? Sits 16km back from the entire fight just in case there is a DM hiding behind that island that could rain shells on him thus he never pushes. I love having those guys on my team when trying to take a cap...