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  1. Imperial_Magnate

    Graf Zeppelin OP?

    Sorry bud but you are over dramatizing it at least a bit. The GZ bombers are incapable of doing 20k in a single pass, the most it can do is 14k per pass and that is a big if because they are quite inaccurate so double citadels are quite rare. The Baltimore does have good AA and the GZ has notoriously soft (although fast) planes so you should be getting quite a few plane kills. Plus, even if he is relatively close to you I am doubtful he managed to do 5+ attacks on you in under 2 minutes. Not sure what happened to you but either you aren't good at dodging plane attacks and/or using AA or the CV just got really lucky with it's drops so it got multiple citadel hits.
  2. Imperial_Magnate

    ST, British heavy cruisers

    Stating that the Zao, Henri, and Hindenburg will become redundant and/or obsolete just because we get British CAs seems a bit extreme. The Henri has substantially more range and speed, the Zao has better stealth and maneuverability, and the Hindenburg has much better armor and range. Like I said in my post above, this will likely fall as a blend of the play style of the Henri and the Zao. I don't see it making either irrelevant.
  3. Imperial_Magnate

    ST, British heavy cruisers

    Kind of feels like an in-between of the Henri and a Zao to me. -Clearly it is intended to be a great fire starter but seems to lack either of the ideal tools either the Henri or the Zao uses. - It lacks the Henri's speed to engage, disengage, and dodge incoming attacks. Nor does it have it's range to keep dangerous enemies at distances where you can reasonably dodge, although it has the shell velocity to do so. It also has a worse reload with no reload booster to offset it's bad ROF. It also lacks the either a fighter or DFAA for additional protection from planes while flanking a side alone. - It also doesn't go full the route of the Zao either. It has a bit worse concealment that is slightly offset by it's partially better range, however you lack the Zao's rudder shift to deal with incoming fire when detected at those short ranges. In fact you have worse rudder shift than the Henri but do not the speed to compensate nor the armor to tank like the DM or Hindenburg. Even worse if you are dealing with a double or even triple rudder shift Zao. Either way it seems like you traded the Zao's maneuverability and stealth for a ton more HP and a super heal or you traded the Henri's speed, range, ROF and resistance to planes for a bit more stealth, a bit more HP, and a super heal. Considering a cruisers vulnerability to BB shells I am not sure if those will pan out to be good trades nor do I see it's hydro being particularly useful with the traits it has been give. I think it should be either a bit more Zao like: A bit better concealment (maybe 13k base), a bit better rudder shift (9-10s instead of 12.5s), and the option of DFAA. Or a bit more Henri like: More range (17.5-18k range or a spotter plane), a bit better rudder shift, and the option of DFAA.
  4. Yes, I would be quite happy actually as my life span just got quite a bit longer. Then we would begin cooperating together on how to fix malaria so I can live a full life span. However, I get the feeling you would be in the mob who is angry that the world isn't perfect and blames the doctors for all the problems while casting the accomplishment of curing Ebola as insignificant despite the benefits you got from it.
  5. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    Sounds like WG’ing logic to me...
  6. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    That is all very true and I think, if HIV being overly effective vs DDs, that altering pen mechanics or armor thickness would be good routes to explore. The equal to what they did do though was to double the size of your dispersion instead, greatly reducing your effective against everything instead of just DDs.
  7. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    I agree with you, a CV shouldn't be that effective against a DD. What I do think will come up as an issue is that, despite WG'ing stating otherwise, the result is an overall nerf against all classes of ship not just DDs. And a rather significant one at that. Obviously the 10k on a DD is far more significant but the challenge was how to make it harder to hit a DD while not making too much harder to hit everything else, which was WG'ing stated goal. To parallel it to a surface ship: Lets say HIV is over performing against DDs. WG'ing says they want to make it harder for HIV to hit DDs so they nerf shell flight time, shell dispersion, make it immobile for the first 45 sec of the game, and reduce it's speed boost to a set 5kph speed increase. That would overall nerf HIV gameplay instead of directly making it less effective vs DDs.
  8. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    Absolutely true, I could still land great drops on a perfect run. The difference is that in an actual battle that will be a rarity and the hit rate for imperfect drops is significantly worse.
  9. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    I would say that if these changes go through DDs will be the least appealing to attack because they are so hard to hit. Personally I would now rank rockets as the more effective plane vs DDs. Overall i think more people will be upset that the changes greatly reduce HE bomb effectiveness against all classes, not just DDs.
  10. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    That is a very optimistic outlook. More likely HE bombs will be 30-50% less effective and people will get 10% better with rockets and torps.
  11. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    Valid enough to know that they got nerfed pretty hard. Exactly how hard will be determined by someone who does better testing or once we see how much CV average damage drops.
  12. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    Any one of the planned changes alone would have done a decent job at improving DD vs HE bomb interactions but all together it wrecked their usefulness entirely.
  13. Imperial_Magnate

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    Ran some rough tests with a Lexington so each bomb drop has 6 bomb in the training room. HE bombs now have the same drop ellipse as AP bombs (approx. 25-50% narrower and 100% longer) Unless it was an unusually wide cruiser, I couldn't consistently get more than 3-4 bomb hits on a Hipper due to at least 1-2 bombs being at the very edge of the ellipse every time. Due to the doubling in total length, attacking a cruiser or battleship between 0-20 degrees will consistently land 3-4 bombs (vs current I could do 5-6), between 20-45 degrees will land 2-3 (vs current 3-5), and between 45-90 degrees will land between 0-1 (vs current 1-2). Attacking a destroyer at any angle will land between 0-1 and I would say the odds of landing 0 hits when coming in broadside triples vs bow on. Looks like they shaved off the last 1-2 seconds of the bomb drop so your dropping a bit farther up as well. General impression: hard nerf, estimated 50% less effective vs current HE bombs against all moving targets and 100% less effective vs DDs.
  14. Imperial_Magnate

    Concern over the Engine Cooling nerf

    Except you can do all that during the 30 secs or so before game start while everyone is loading in. Or if, for whatever reason, you load in late you can do all of that while your planes were flying towards the enemy.
  15. Imperial_Magnate

    CV Changes and Improvements!

    I like the idea of changing the drop height and drop dispersion but I fear that all 3 changes put together will be too much. I foresee a RN level size aim ellipse and drop time with half the bombs on the outer edge of the ellipse, except you don't get all the bombs like you do with the RN.