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    Thanks for stopping in - good to see you... ! I am retired IT professional working at Senior Home Engineer now. Finalizing a lot of home projects that were on hold while working at largest R&D for solar and wind in the world! Play WOW daily since 2015 with over 18K in battles. This is the only game I play and enjoy it very much. Cheers.... No the CC is not a Community Contributor - WOW has not authorized me anything except wallet time... Hans_CC

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  1. Hans_CC

    is anyone actually liking nevsky?

    Its interesting to hear you say the comment about dispersion - I see this with the Scharnhorst bow on vs side shots ( front clustered tight - side is shotgun effect) I will pay more attention. Since I was having difficulties with gaining Cits I parked it for awhile - but will revisit it.
  2. Hans_CC

    is anyone actually liking nevsky?

    Look at Moskva guns and then this now one - Moskva 220 vs 180's I can cit a Hindy with Moskva at angle - I could barely cit even 1 time with this new ship - just sayin... H.
  3. Hans_CC

    EU DDs

    have you played them - slow they are - no smoke - interesting? mmm - these are sub par - play the Grem or American line - IMHO these are just a joke - enough said
  4. Hans_CC

    EU DDs

    really pushing this type of DD on us players is an insult - really WOW?
  5. Hans_CC

    Can't log in to WOWs

    Just Got In - over 4 Hours...
  6. Hans_CC

    Why Ranked is good

    ad nauseum - broken record - Burned me down like so many times now - its a fierce ship
  7. Hans_CC

    Can't log in to WOWs

    the update started at 5am EST - Still can't get in...
  8. Hans_CC

    (TF16) Task force 16 is looking for new members

    Hey- 3 day cool down for Hans- Yeah, I take after my dad - thx
  9. Hans_CC

    (TF16) Task force 16 is looking for new members

    Hey- 3 day cool down for Hans-
  10. Hans_CC

    Leyte Gulf Flag

    Thank you - Thank you - Thank you The addition of the Leyte Gulf battle and Flag - So great you finally recognized this mission and payed tribute to the battle. The Flag is a trophy for me... Thank you - Thank you - Thank you WOW Hans
  11. Ahh - thank you - (so easy right?) :)
  12. In the Happy Anniversary there is a category that says European Ship - What ship is this? I tried UK and German - A little info would be great on how you do this inside the game - just sayin... H.
  13. Hans_CC

    The next Ranked Season

    SOOOO TRUE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SOOOO TRUE
  14. Ann Bonney has style - :)


  15. Been very dismal at best for me - the one poster who got those ships - that is epic - but I suspect it's very few and far between. 1.) I got a Krasny Krim junk boat, 2.) A jap floating matchstick (green camo Ashitaka-something) with optional rudder - bring your fire extinguisher (also optional) 3.) bunch of stuff I hardly use - bazillion camo 4.) sending complaints to North Pole and his bad elves