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    Thanks for stopping in - good to see you... ! I am retired IT professional working at Senior Home Engineer now. Finalizing a lot of home projects that were on hold while working at largest R&D for solar and wind in the world! Play WOW daily since 2015 with over 18K in battles. This is the only game I play and enjoy it very much. Cheers.... No the CC is not a Community Contributor - WOW has not authorized me anything except wallet time... Hans_CC

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  1. Hans_CC

    EU DDs

    have you played them - slow they are - no smoke - interesting? mmm - these are sub par - play the Grem or American line - IMHO these are just a joke - enough said
  2. Hans_CC

    EU DDs

    really pushing this type of DD on us players is an insult - really WOW?
  3. Hans_CC

    Can't log in to WOWs

    Just Got In - over 4 Hours...
  4. Hans_CC

    Why Ranked is good

    ad nauseum - broken record - Burned me down like so many times now - its a fierce ship
  5. Hans_CC

    Can't log in to WOWs

    the update started at 5am EST - Still can't get in...
  6. it seems to take my code however I see nothing - mmm
  7. Hans_CC

    (TF16) Task force 16 is looking for new members

    Hey- 3 day cool down for Hans- Yeah, I take after my dad - thx
  8. Hans_CC

    (TF16) Task force 16 is looking for new members

    Hey- 3 day cool down for Hans-
  9. Ok- a Russian mission? I hit "Participate" checking UI now - ty
  10. Hans_CC

    Leyte Gulf Flag

    Thank you - Thank you - Thank you The addition of the Leyte Gulf battle and Flag - So great you finally recognized this mission and payed tribute to the battle. The Flag is a trophy for me... Thank you - Thank you - Thank you WOW Hans
  11. I can now see the points being added to Battle of Cape Esperance - so it appears now - ty
  12. Yes - it's written in English however you can't find one thing in the game GUI that references where it is nor how the points will be added - wow
  13. Yes - I had all the same questions since there was nothing in the GUI that showed how we are getting points etc.
  14. Im using Boise also and forgot how much fun and what a great set of guns this ship has -
  15. Ahh - thank you - (so easy right?) :)