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  1. Saw this today, and lord the Islands of Ice Map needs to be returned to this... Thanks for Chase for Posting this!
  2. GrimmeReaper

    How long till she's gone?

    I would say you got 2 weeks yet easily on this one.
  3. GrimmeReaper

    still not fun

    Thank you for saying it. You see a CV you don't move to close till you know where the CV is spotting first. You see 2 CVs that goes double, so you can see if they are working together on 1 side or the other. If not again, don't jump too far a head of your support.
  4. GrimmeReaper

    French DD's, good for the game?

    French DDs are for capping at the start of the game, you will get spotted in most caps without spotting the enemy DD unless it is a Russian or French DD to. They are excellent at ambushing from behind and island or working slightly behind a DD with better concealment. 70 knot torps at T8 and above makes it almost impossible at close range to miss.
  5. GrimmeReaper

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    What was the CV and what were you trying to Drop on and what Planes were you using?
  6. GrimmeReaper

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    Actually it is about both the Torp Planes and Bombers. The rocket planes are weak, good for spotting. It is also about positioning the CV as close to the flank you support as possible because the planes are slow. You have to play the long game the T8's play. Concentrate on targets low in health, especially in a T8 match. Those bombers can take a chunk off of a DD. A T6 game you are fine, but the higher the tier, the longer you spend spotting and looking for an opening.
  7. GrimmeReaper

    Torps Are TOO Slow!!

    Play French DDs, that won't happen. 70 knot torps hit home.
  8. GrimmeReaper

    Massachusetts or Wichita

    Witch can turn harder and faster than Baltimore, meaning you can dodge more shells.
  9. GrimmeReaper

    To Say Carriers Suck Is An Understatement

    One thing the CV can be beneficial is the taking out the the low health ships. I see ships getting left with low health, that becomes a priority target so it can't come back to bite a team.
  10. GrimmeReaper

    To Say Carriers Suck Is An Understatement

    Then RNG bit you that time around and he got you broadside. Best I have ever done is 5k in a salvo on a DD. Especially with Tiny Tim Rockets.
  11. GrimmeReaper

    This Upcoming Election Season....

    You just block them, if it starts, I usually pipe up, and ask to let go. After that I block them.
  12. GrimmeReaper

    Tier III against 3 CVs equals NO FUN

    I play CVs and I agree, you shouldn't at low tiers get anymore than 2 CVs in a game, and that is if it is a T4-T5 match really. T3's have enough with 1 CV, so that is coming from a CV driver.
  13. GrimmeReaper

    Fantasque lives up to her mistranslation

    French DDs taught me I don't need smoke as much and I think have made me a bit better DD player, and better Ambush Torper.
  14. GrimmeReaper

    Massachusetts or Wichita

    I have both... Wichita - Witch is just that. She is the baby of NOLA, BOISE and BALTIMORE. You get NOLA shells, Baltimore's Gun layout and Boise's Hull, she is literally Baltimore's Predecessor in real life. Very maneuverable, wiggles like a light cruiser, her hull gives you that. Her guns hit hard and good fire chance. But you will take damage if you don't wiggle all the time or get under cover when you should. She is a challenge, but a lot of fun! Mass - Probably is the best secondary bote in the game right now. Your guns are decent, a full secondary build will make the Red Team hate you. Your AA is well Very Very Good, CVs that attack you are going to lose a lot of planes, even T10 ones. You have good torp protection but you get seen from the moon for doing a full secondary build. Some people fore go the Manuel Secondaries for CE.
  15. GrimmeReaper

    Ramming... is stupid.

    I took a GK out with a Bismarck. I was going to die, so I went full throttle into him. The receiver is always going to be mad about it. But it is a good trade for the person ramming if they get the target. I would ask @LittleWhiteMouse more on ramming formula used.