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  1. GrimmeReaper

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    I looked at as they (hearing people say it is coming soon) to mean that Beta Testing is done. Super Testers will take over, and then it will hit PTS early next year maybe around 8.1 or 8.2 then hit live.
  2. GrimmeReaper

    3 vs 3 Tournament this weekend ??

    This is going to be fun!!!
  3. 1 the Khab and Gumo can still be penned with BB AP, I think WG left this as they are more light cruiser than destroyer. Gumo's tend to smoke up, go gun silent reposition. If you did the Iowa concealment build at 12.2km you will disappear after 20-30 secs. Personally I prefer to shoot at the DD when I am at BB, DDs don't like BBs that shoot back, they are counting you to fall back that is their job, to push you. If you can't beat em, JOIN EM!!!! Learn to Play Gunbote DD and set lot's of fires and farm the salt.
  4. GrimmeReaper

    The 12 Days of Warships (carol)

    Damn I like that!!
  5. GrimmeReaper

    A ship I could not tame, a ship I could not stand...

    I think Fletcher is the Gem of the USN DD line. Mahan was a touch one for me, but it was worth it.
  6. GrimmeReaper

    Is Iowa a straight upgrade from North Carolina?

    Iowa is just fine at T9. Yes you have to get through the A hull, once you get by that she is solid, can deal with T10's. Stay Angled, you are still fastest BB at Tier 9, to nudge ahead of you an Alsace has to run speed boost. Your ability to cat around at 12.2km detection, means people wonder if you are using a cloaking device from Star Trek Online, when you pop out and make a cruiser disappear, that is unsuspectingly running broadside to you. Your HE for a BB for making people mad, is probably only second to the RN BBs for fire chance at 36%.
  7. GrimmeReaper

    2018 Secret Santa!

    It is about the thought, not the gift. And Thank You!
  8. GrimmeReaper

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Fabulous Idea!!! And Merry Christmas!!!
  9. GrimmeReaper

    CV Rework-The Good, Bad and Ugly

    1. CV Rework is more so I think because of the Console Game Release. 2. T4, you will need to have patience and where you will learn to avoid AA as much as possible as the planes are weak. 3.T6 and T8 seem to be the most balanced (don't understand why remove odd tiers.) 4. T10 - Didn't get there but looks like it could be as OP as ever. 5. Remember the CV driver has no control over the CV while on an attack run, which I think is going to have more DDs doing CV Hunting. So fire and flood damage, a CV player has to give up his attack run to deal with the ship. Personally I think the ability to run either Damage Control or Repair Party should be available during the Attack run. Why cause other ships have theirs available.
  10. GrimmeReaper

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    Well, I haven't seen a YY in Clan Battles, but I have seen the Harugumo.
  11. Oh I have an Air Brush, and Masking tape and what not. But there are some tiny parts that sometimes require needle like brushes to paint them. So I make my own out of toothpicks.
  12. Weeks, it sometimes takes me 4-6 months to build a model, and yes the equipment you use to build it and paint it, makes a huge difference. (I actually made some of my own brushes out of toothpicks by scraping them down to make a very very small brush out of them)
  13. GrimmeReaper

    Musashi: What could have been.

    I honestly love seeing the Musashi on the other team, especially when I am in an Aricraft Carrier!!!
  14. GrimmeReaper

    Modifying the Kitakaze and Harugumo

    So that means the Khab is getting Citadel Too right? Oh and you know the Harugumo like the Khab can still be penned by AP, and unlike the Khab, can't take a Repaid Party Consumable in place of smoke. Cause if you give it a Citadel, you will need to give it a repair party. Personally, I think remove the 1/4 from the 100mm guns will do a better job of balancing the ships.
  15. GrimmeReaper

    Naughty or nice?

    I admit I have been bad, very bad. I WANT COAL!!!!! AND I NEED SHIPS TO SPEND IT ON!!!!! This post as been brought to you by the Companies Mining COAL!!!!