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  1. New Consumable

    I propose a new universal consumable for all... THE SALT SHAKER... Yes that is right the SALT SHAKER. You use it to spread salt on your fellow captains, once used your detection range becomes the entire map for 60 seconds, meaning everyone knows exactly where you are... And is free to fire upon you. If you use this on a Teammate, Team Killing Penalties are suspended for 60 seconds as well. Now I all hope who reads this has a good laugh as I did thinking it up. Enjoy!!!
  2. I can take most insults about my handicap, there are a couple that are fighting words to me, that I won't get into here. But I hear where you are coming from.
  3. With you @CAPTMUDDXX Was on Crutches and Braces all of my life, need to use a wheelchair these days cause my shoulders can no longer take the pounding. Kids are cruel enough going through school, you would think adults would learn a bit of respect. Like you I had friends who wouldn't put up with things. No big brother, though our heavy weight wrestler (I wrestled 3 years in High School) was like a big brother.
  4. The Evolution of Islands of ice

    I remember the 2nd iteration, I liked that one. Only saw it a couple times before it got replaced wit the current one.
  5. Pensacola needs a buff

    Pepsi Can is in a better place at T6 then she was at T7. And the AP can rip open cruisers who are stupid in how they driven. A minor turret turn buff might not be bad, but she is in a better place, just like the NOLA is at T7.
  6. You watch the smoke close enough you can gauge where the ship is in there, and take shots at it and do damage.
  7. Interesting, I consider smoke to be no where near as useful as it used to be, especially above T7 games. Am starting to think about forgoing it on some of my DDs and maybe a couple RN Cruisers.
  8. they posted the event hours and tiers for those time frames. Playing 2 tiers either above or below would have reduced it some....
  9. While I didn't get to participate in the Pirate Event but did do the Corgi Events. What I saw was few pirates (might have been time of the day or in a another tier.) Also heard this complaint at times during the Corgi Events. Or too many in 1 game. Not sure there is a fix for it as the MM is what it is. They seemed to keep with trying to get their team to win or look like win before getting murdered. That was part of the fun of being a Corgi, you get your team to the point the win looks good and then die in a glorioius Yolo. What I would also tell my teammates, especially at lower tiers, where I am going most the opposite team is coming for me so stay away, take the objectives and it is win. Usually worked too.
  10. Agreed. Give your all, you might do 1 or 2 small things that make the difference.
  11. Midway is in an okay position, I think T9 torp planes would be appropriate for her considering the T9/10 AA meta, especially with the USN Cruiser Line Split, though she doesn't need T10 planes all around. And yes the Legendary Mod is a pure buff for the Hakuryu and useless for the Midway. To me the Legendary Mods should be a give-take, never a pure buff as some are.
  12. For me is was in the Enterprise up against a Shokaku. He hit his is DFAA Got a Panic drop so a couple went wide and I ate em.
  13. I have torped myself (not sunk myself) at the end of a match being in close to another CV and had to drop the torps from opposite side than what I wanted to. So this can happen.
  14. I have seen this too. No matter what I am up against, T8 in T10 (in your example) there is plenty for you to do as a CV driver, spotting for 1, if I can get a DD killed by keeping a fighter over it while my team works over the other team, I am damn well going to do it. If the AA is that high I might even do the unthinkable a snipe. But planes all over the place means my team knows where theirs is so while my attacking won't be as potent, I need to do what I can.
  15. This does count as a TK to the best of my knowledge, so you would think the Automatic System would take over. When I CV I have strafed a set of my fighters that were locked up with 2 of the other teams CV and get pink points on the detail screen for planes of my own that I shot down. There used to be a couple CV Drivers who would torp or bomb themselves to make use of Adrenaline Rush. Not sure if they still do it or not because of the new system. But it is not something most will do.