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  1. If your going Nuclear it needs to be CVN-65!!!! With her F-4 Phantom IIs!
  2. GrimmeReaper

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    Even the Mainz will punish the SD with her 150mm shells.
  3. GrimmeReaper

    Best T8 premium for an intermediate player?

    Depending on What you are into: From a BB standpoint: Tirpitz, Alabama and Mass are all solid choices From a CA standpoint: Atago, Wichita (very underrated), Irian (Pan Asian Kutezov with out smoke and 13.5 km deepwater torps) and Mainz From a DD Standpoint: Kidd, Cossack and if you are feeling the need for speed Le Terrible (Jumping a Smoke Screen and torping the poor unsuspecting bote in there before they can figure out what's happening is a blast)
  4. I have kept most. Put for a ship to be interesting, I like it to present a challenge or have something unique to it. Like the Wichita, wiggles a lot and is slightly faster than the Baltimore. It is more of a challenge to play over Baltimore.
  5. GrimmeReaper

    Skip Bombers... I Don't Know

    No Hard Feelings, on the field of battle I expect to be hated!!
  6. GrimmeReaper

    Skip Bombers... I Don't Know

    I adjust slightly to drop on the poor sucker so they are broadside to very very big guns.
  7. GrimmeReaper

    RPF/RL for Shimakaze?

    Like others said, I use it on the Shima for 2 reasons, 1 at the beginning to get and idea of where to send area denial torps and later on to know when I am being hunted. I usually have it on all my DDs and BBs (if I can afford it, nice to know where the DD hunting you is.)
  8. GrimmeReaper

    Torpedoes, torpedoes everywhere

    Could be a Benham too...
  9. Yeah this is better done in Randoms... Hop in a low detect DD like a Minekazi or Mutsuki and just push out into a position to spot but not get spotted, you can rack it up pretty quickly 40k-60k a game.
  10. GrimmeReaper

    Is the G Kurfurst even worth the effort?

    Fat Freddy used to be worse than what it is currently same with the Izumo. Hated those 2 to be honest, then both got buffs then the secondary's got a nerf. Other thing like others have said if you do not like playing BBs I wouldn't be wasting my time on them.
  11. Her hull reminds you a bit of a Boise which I think was the basis for the Hull.
  12. Bingo, she a Pre-Baltimore with more speed and maneuverability. Baltimore's Turrets and Layout with NOLA's Shells. You can bounce DM's AP off the front of your turrets if you keep them straight on.
  13. Montana's armor can handle close in better, she is best in that 12-16km range. Angled the only ships that really are an issue for it are Shiki, Yammy and Ohio close in. Yammy's are likely to sit back. Vermont is like the Radar Guns from Guns of Naverone. Her guns have close to Yammy accuracy at range, at least that has been my experience. Anytime I have pushed up in the Vermont I have tended to get shredded.
  14. I agree she isn't really op in the current meta. Smalland has Radar, the proliferation of Radar Cruisers and of course CVs and Subs.
  15. GrimmeReaper

    Qualification? Seriously?

    Unlike clan battles where you get to pick your teammates you don't here and this becomes too much like Random's anyway.