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  1. GrimmeReaper

    Siegfried and Agir?

    Agir is 3 turrets and a little less armor...
  2. GrimmeReaper

    HE so much more deadly than AP these days..

    In the Iowa, you do not need to get that close to a Vlad. Ran AP or HE at 17km-19km where the Vlad is way more ineffective, get that plunging fire going. Do the same to the Fat Freddy. When he is broadside, aim not at the waterline, but the deckline... Iowa should do 8-12k chunks on a Fat Freddy. Soften them up then move in.
  3. GrimmeReaper

    Ranked at T7 next month!

    Scharnhorst will likely be seen more, because even her AP does okay against DDs. Colorado is underrated, her Guns and that Heal, you will see a dececnt amount of them. I will probably be one, if not in the Scharnhorst. Gneisenau will be there as well. Sinop while there will a decent amount, but it will not be as favored.
  4. GrimmeReaper

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    To tick people, with the Stalinium CV Line that is to come, it will have OP Russian MiGs with many many many more strange and powerful weapons.
  5. GrimmeReaper

    How many planes can a CV generate in a game?

    Plane regen rates were designed to give the same number of planes possible as the old hangers in the RTS days. That 101 count, includes Fighters shot down, Spotters and the Attack aircraft. In the case of Enterprise her complete loadout would be about 96 planes between all the attack groups. At 15 minutes she probably got to use about 75-85% of her capacity rest are fighters and spotters. Oh and based on regen rates, the hard number you should see from Enterprise in a 15 minute game for Attack Planes (Rocket, Torp and DBs) is about 81.
  6. GrimmeReaper

    Zepplin worth it?

    It is a Meme Ship, her secondaries are likely more powerful than Bismarck's. Her bombers are decent as is her torp planes. But they are like other premiums save Saipan and Indomitable, basically a T7 craft on a T8 carrier. Saipan and Indomitable (Sky Conq) are more like T9 on a T8.
  7. GrimmeReaper

    What's the status of USS Enterprise?

    Word is they are recycling Steel from CVN-65 for CVN-80...
  8. GrimmeReaper

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    It is considered a light Cruiser, so you got light cruiser armor. I am actually enjoying for the challenge to make it work. AA suite is decent on too. It is a matter of like some other ships, you play at almost full range for the first half of the game or slip in and out of island cover where possible. Priority Target is a must on it.
  9. GrimmeReaper

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    What I was getting at it isn't a buy it I win boat. Like the Wichita, you have learn to play it too it's strengths. Mainz does have a good rudder actually. Being with a speed flag you can only get it to about 33.5 is kind of the down side. Armor itself is kind of trollish at times. There are times I thought I was going to get deleted and actually bounced a shell, and others I thought I would be okay and got citadeled.
  10. GrimmeReaper

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    I got it yesterday. Reminds me of Wichita in some respects. It is not a PTW boat. You have to learn to play to it's strengths. In this respect reminds me of Azuma/Yoshino, you play at range for the first 10 minutes. Lots of twisting and turning so your not [edited] by a BB or Heavy Cruiser. Getting just close enough to a cap to shoot at DDs in there. You got decent dispersion and can make a DD very unhappy, once the enemy is thinned out, you can move in closer. Being you get German Hydro, playing around islands let you play games with BBs to get close you can dump torps and run as they come around the island.
  11. When you are sole focus of the Enemy Team...
  12. GrimmeReaper

    A call for civility...

    Civility? What will the Trolls and Stat Shamers do for their entertainment?
  13. GrimmeReaper

    Penalized for leaving game early

    If you are dead before you go AFK you will not necessarily get a warning.
  14. GrimmeReaper

    Penalized for leaving game early

    I think you have to do a lot of AFKing to get pink for it. It is not like a team kill.
  15. Been in the Belfast and fail dived into a T10 match, and once saw an Atlanta sucked into a T10 match... He actually did good that game. I did decently in mine.