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  1. I wouldn't mind being able to pick up 1 or 2 of them.
  2. GrimmeReaper

    My God! It's full of st... er, ships!

    Yeah not bothering with these new ships, they are all (in my opinion except maybe Bajie) downgrades to the regular line ships they are clones of.
  3. Why I am running Hindi with the Legendary Mod... Dealing with Smolensk and the rest of the HE Spammers. I have my fires down to like 15 seconds, but I also run IFHE on the Hindi.
  4. GrimmeReaper

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Not going to stop happening too many players feel it is their GOD GIVEN right to blast another player for the bote they play. Just ask CV Players. I had a Izumo driver in a game yesterday blatantly admit he automatically down votes all CV and Smolensk Players...
  5. GrimmeReaper

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    Black should be built for Gunboting... it is a fletcher Torps are meant to be left as presents for unsuspecting people not paying attention. Like the Italian Torps... I just let them in go in a general direction of the enemy, and laugh when they run into them.
  6. Lert you missed the real problem :Tirpitz: is a double agent...
  7. GrimmeReaper

    Best Seal Clubber?

    I user Vampire for T3, T5 I use the Giulio Cesare and Krispy Kreme (you never see it coming)
  8. Benham will likely not see a nerf bat cause it is a Premium ship, unless they do a global nerf to that particular USN Torp she uses. Hindi I could see them possibly after clan battles claim they over did the buff and renerf the reload.
  9. Considering how fast the torps are, this is not that big of a nerf... Now had they bumped it up to IJN levels of concealment that would be more of an issue. If you are using the Kleber torps are the boat is meant to be played. You are popping out from behind an island at 3-5 km away anyway and there isn't much the target can do to dodge all of them. Same with getting close enough to dump into smoke. I only use the torps when I can ambush a target to get them off because of the range anyway.
  10. GrimmeReaper

    meaningful Kremlin nerfs

    Yammy has the slowest 180 degree rotation in game, it pays for the Big Guns in many ways... While the Kremlin has the fastest for T10 BB at about 50% for guns that are almost the same size. 2 Yammy is 2 knots slower than the Kremlin, has a Hit Point Pool about 11,000 smaller than the Kremlin. And is even slower getting itself moving. Only thing they could nerf on the Yammy is it's torp protection. As a CV I have my choice of attacking a Yammy or Kremlin... Hmm, I will choose the Yammy, and that is with a T8 CV!!!! Same for every other ship in the game. Yammy is way easier to attack.
  11. I expect them to be released on Friday morning. If not it will be Thursday Morning.
  12. GrimmeReaper

    Aircraft carriers

    Okay so if you are in a battleship how do you choose your target?
  13. GrimmeReaper

    Aircraft carriers

    You and @MEANN should get together!!!
  14. GrimmeReaper

    The worst thing to hear in WOW

    Learn to CV!!!!
  15. GrimmeReaper

    Siegfried and Agir?

    It wasn't, but they seemed to be having issues making Siegfried balanced, and might have decided to go a different direction.