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  1. Buffing the Buffalo?

    The one thing you can do better with the Buffalo which I haven't seen here is you can kite way better with the Buffalo than the Baltimore at T9, because she has 2 rear facing guns. Everyone is worried about getting those guns in action, and I think need to spend you time either bow on or kiting, and only show broadside when it is safe to it. Stop worrying about all 12 barrels. Also let this settle in till after the USN Light Cruisers. Like with other ships. WG will probably do some slight balancing once there are more numbers on her.
  2. Possible Solution for Radar

    I think as they have done with some ships, make it a choice between radar and repair party if you really have to change something, because everyone is worried about the amount of radar. In the real world everyone as radar, full time radar. it is a game after all. But you would see some people give it up for a repair party, kind like they are doing with the Boise or whatever it is they are going to call it.
  3. About Zoup's USS Johnston video

    I think Zoup's Idea only works if you are really just changing for lack of a better term the color scheme and maybe the number on the ship's hulls, and the name. Like for Iowa, you could easily do the New Jersey or Wisconsin, and basically change the number on the hull, name and give it a unique color scheme.
  4. The Montana, Hindenburg for sure (both with a build for survival) , and maybe the Yammy if you play it in CBs.
  5. U.S. Heavy Cruisers Poll!

    I think Pepsi, benefited the most from going down 1 tier, NOLA and Baltimore were helped too, but I think the Pepsi Can got the most benefit from the split. I expect there will probably still be a couple tweaks here and there on the ships in a couple months once the dust settles.
  6. U.S. Heavy Cruisers Poll!

    I think people feel she should have a slightly better reload time.
  7. U.S. Heavy Cruisers Poll!

    To me the Pepsi benefited most from the Split.
  8. I agree with LWM and Lert. Manuals, these are the 127's of say an Atlanta. Big arcs, you want to reduce you dispersion as much as possible.
  9. 30% to rudder shift should help with torpedo beats.
  10. Nothing like 2 or 3 Perth's with the Smoke Mod, Chain Smoking.
  11. Agreed Murder what is shooting HE at you. Move in and turn the fire power of the Light Cruiser strapped to you and your main guns on the problem.
  12. Here is the Monty one: –30% to flooding recovery time –15% to fire extinguishing time –70% to steering gears repair time –30% to rudder shift time It is quite a reduction to fire and flood. Yes you give up concealment. But stack those up, and you can consider it.
  13. How about hyper jump from Asteroids. But you run the risk of getting put in the middle of the enemy fleet...
  14. Give it, SPEED BOOST. Like the French Battleships.
  15. I thought the only really God like Upgrades, were to Montana, buffs her ability to last longer, same for Hindenburg. Yammy if you are long range fighter anyway, this just flows right into your wheelhouse.