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  1. I look at people with that kind of name at T9 and T10 are grinding an account to sell it.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  3. IJN Cruisers are good for this as are the USN Cruisers because of their HE. And some RN BBs are good too.
  4. The Kidd Package went to MemeFlerp in a Fuso, Congrats and Enjoy. Planning to do something to around Christmas.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving WG and everyone else!
  6. Yes, not last night but tonight (Wednesday 11/22) at 9pm Eastern. Sorry to disappoint you.
  7. I did it in the Ataksuki. A division mate in a cruiser to cause fires makes it a bit easier.
  8. I suppose you could, but you need to PM we right after the match in game so I know that is what you wish to do.
  9. LWM Bringing it again.. Thank you for all your hard work!!!
  10. 9pm sharp is the plan and again that is Eastern Standard Time so about 6pm out on the West Coast.
  11. Just mash'em gently...
  12. Just trying to do something nice for someone random... Is that a good enough reason? Nothing more nothing less. It is the Holiday Season.
  13. Wednesday at 9pm Eastern Standard Time (I wish they would just do away with Daylight Saving). I will be in the Giulio Cesare (T5) BB looking to get sunk. The prize, I have 1 Kidd Loaded Package I am going to give away. So you know who I am you know when and what I will be driving. This is open too all so look for me gcangel82 starting at 9pm, I will announce at the beginning of the match I have a ship to give away. I am not going down as easy as normally would in a Corgi Event, it will continue on match after match till I have the Kidd given away. So tomorrow night come and get me! And as usual Team Kills do not count!!!! Gary C Angel (gcangel82) Deputy Commander of the 7th