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  1. Saipan & CVs-Brother/Sisterhood

    There are 2 different AP Bombs their are the Americans which need more armor to make them detonate. The GZ's fuses faster and detonates with less armor to set them off. As for CV Snipes, about the only time to try and do in a T7 or T8 is if you are double up tiered and the bulk of the team is for instance T9 and you are in a T7. Then a snipe might, I say might be an option. But you are really better off spotting for the team and working on taking out the other CVs planes and holding the Strike back till AA is beat up on the attacking ships. Communication with your team is key, so know when a ship has had a bunch of AA striped from it. Then you work on attacking it.
  2. How about William M Callaghan - the first captain of the Missouri as the replacement name for Mr Segal.
  3. Just get rid of events already

    Corgi was happening like 3 times a year on 3 day weekends. So it not like it is every month. Plus there were prizes up for grabs. With Niko gone so is the Corgi Fleet Probably. So there you probably don't have to worry about anymore. So just go back to complaining about Radar, Ships that do not render fast enough or sometimes it seems at all when they fire, DDs with Torps that can't kill other DDs, CV being the bain of everyone but the CV drivers (I drive em too), did I miss anything?
  4. How is this remotely fair?

    Being I play both, here are some tips for the DD side. 1. Lay as large a smoke screen as possible. 2. Once in Smoke, if planes are near you turn off your AA (Press P) it lessens the chance you will get located in smoke. 3. Do Not Fire from Smoke, your tracers are a dead give away to your position, a really good CV driver can get a approximate location and even drop bombs you. 4. You see torpedo planes move to the furthest part of your smoke from the torpedo planes. (check for the one that will drop broadside to you and be past either the end torpedo points. Then get skinny for the other set. 5. You launch torpedoes, move to a new position and don't sit still, your torpedo trail gives away your position just like the gun tracers. Do all that and even Fem will have a tough time getting you. Cheers!
  5. It is about the camouflage and the 10 point commander.
  6. I was thinking with a Kitakami you could run that Corgi Gauntlet and sink them all in 1 shot. Torps would only work on ships whose Captain Name started with Captain_Corgi.
  7. That would have been fun with - KITAKAMI!!!!
  8. For me it is Missouri aka the Mighty Mo. 1. I have model I built as kid still sitting on my bookshelf. 2. I have visited the Mighty Mo, when I went to Hawaii in May in 2008. Finally history of the WWII in the pacific theater is a hobby of mine. So that is why I have the Missouri, the fact that is prints credits is a bonus. It is a fun ship to run.
  9. Last Time I got Clear Sky's was in the Independence. In a T6 game. Above T7 there are also the all the Spotter and Catapult Fighters you also have to clear out. It needs tweaking.
  10. Detonation Change in 7.2

    Just remember now it will take 2 torpedoes, first one jacks you health the second can detonate you. So it can still be done with one salvo. So same effect, so I will just continue to laugh when I go up. DDs won't be happy still 2 shells land they can still go up.
  11. Detonation Change in 7.2

    Whiner's will whine. I always laugh when I go up in a glorious explosion. Whiner's won't be happy till they are gone altogether.
  12. Happy Birthday LWM.
  13. Roma Goes for the Hug

    That is priceless. He is in full reverse so he can't out run or our maneuver Well Done!.
  14. Send someone to the Pit of Misery

    Weekend is Guilio Cesare Time!!!!!
  15. Next time check the details to see how many bombs landed. I am asking this cause I am curious.