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    This is incredible. Really. It was already difficult to attack a DD. You could'nt see them and you loose a valuable time doing not so much damage to them. It was really difficult to hit the cruisers... and now this? really? I was right when I decided to sell the Saipan. I'm deleting the game right now, not wasting my time with you.
  2. I'm really getting tired of this. Just want to play a little and its so frustrating. It doesn't matters if you reduce your effective attacks to 1 (just one) per squadron, and if you try to drive the planes far away before pressing "f"; they all die. I'm loosing entire squadrons as they are just nothing. I can't do efficient attacks, and now I'm wasting more time just spotting!!! If there are 2 ships (doesn't matter the type) there's a high probability I won't do any damage. (with my tier X Midway fully upgraded and with a Captain with the maximun skills, 19) -.- I really liked playing just CVs. I already sold my old saipan, as I don 't think im willing to loose more time with this.
  3. Tried again today. Better, I kept more planes. There are certain ships, BB, against wich I can still do nothing. For example, tried a raid against the last enemy ship, a Salem. I tried to torpedo him, and he killed 6 out of 9 planes before I had time to drop the torps... Why that? why can't I have at least an opportunity against a player? By the other hand, made a DD explode in the first 2 mins of battle. I can understand somebody being mad about that... to wait 3 mins to play 2 mins... But you cannot take out the carriers for that. I keep loosing a lot of planes after pressing f. I'm very conservative and even being in yellow (at least 6), they all died while going back to the carrier after achieving just one attack. About the limit of planes: There must be a sanction for using unwisely an asset, but that equals to take out all the guns of a boat. There's no comparison. Anyway, thanks for trying to fix this.
  4. Tried today and.... I've got several issues. There's no way you can try to play this being so frustrating. How is it possible to lose so many planes with just one attemp to attack? I'm doing less than half the damage I was dealing before the hot fix. I think it's ok to fix the "f" problem, but you went too far.
  5. So the captains from the USA branch will loose our Ap bombs? And the japos are getting them??? -.-