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  1. Spooky39


    it works thanks
  2. Spooky39

    SO about California

    She already in the testing phase. But her reloading time is like 35 sec so i am only gonna use it for Co op. Lets hope they change that.
  3. Spooky39

    SO about California

    Is there a Time table to bring her out to play? Would love to add her to my collection with the Colorado, WV, Arizona, and Texas.
  4. Spooky39

    JB or Thunderer?

    I got Thunderer and her guns are really unforgiving, I pity the bots and players on the receiving end of it.
  5. Spooky39


    the ocean is too glass and dark. its like i am sailing in Oil. Can we go back to the ocean we had before this patch?
  6. Spooky39

    Coal ships choices.. choices....

    I grabbed the Thunderer, thanks for the feedback.
  7. I got a chance to get the Thunderer, Georgia, Salem, Jean Bart... which is the best and why?
  8. I did both and still same results, it just these two ships.
  9. Help me out here fellas... Why is it when I use Iowa or Montana in Co op, and Randoms. I lose money? I see the high service fee for these ships no matter how high of damage i cause to the red team and yes I use the flags too. However when I used Mushy or Alaska and I make nice profit? It make no sense.
  10. Same here, I see no reason to redo everything. its just a stupid move .
  11. Thanks that all I am asking.
  12. I read and reread the topic in the news, read all the comments but there is one thing that never stated. Are we REQUIRED ( force )to sell all our lines and or is this optional? Because I am not or want to regrind everything, I just got my Montana a month ago and it took me 2 years to get her. Thanks for your time to read this :)
  13. Spooky39

    Terrible dispersion on Iowa

    I did very well with my Iowa, got over 70K and even a few cats along with an instant delete of my enemies. I even did it with my Alaska and KGV. So, its pretty much how you play them and how you aim. Trust me it will get better as you get to know your ship.
  14. Spooky39

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    USS Sim... garbage DD, one hit the steering is out, a second hit and your deleted.
  15. Last night I finally got the Alaska, Yay me. But I will tell you all this. I will not do the 1 million free xp grind again. The 300K was ok, then trying to get Missouri at 700K and miss it by a day, so i ended up getting the Mushy instead. The 1 million was painful, full of colorful words, and then some, but in the end I got it. The only way I ll do it again if they offer Enterprise CVN 65 or one of the Forrestal or the 1980s Iowas , by then it be like 2 to 10 mil free xp then lol.