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  1. thanks but i got like 700 days and i am just gonna let it slide.
  2. Spooky39

    Is NA server down

    Because I can't get on.
  3. Spooky39

    Is The U.S. Line of BB's Godmode?

    The there are 6 USN BBs you should be afraid of. The Massachusetts, Georgia, Montana, Vermont,NC, and Ohio. Because they HIT hard in the hands of the right player. The rest of the USN BBs are Meh.
  4. I am a main BB player, that said i do as much I can to support my DDs and rain down hell to the red DDs.
  5. Spooky39

    Regarding santa's refunds.

    umm why? just be happy what you got. Unless you want 3 to 4 years of progress erase.
  6. Spooky39

    Speculating on Future Coal Ships

    Grab Thunderer... trust me you will love her.
  7. After I get OHIO I am done with RB. Not worth it.
  8. As the title says.... I am looking forward it.
  9. Spooky39

    NERF Manfred von Richthofen you sadists

    Players: Nerf this.. Nerf that... Wahhhhh I can't win... * Rage quit*.... Me: *drinking coffee with a shot of whiskey* smh.....
  10. Spooky39

    I know ya'll think California is OP...

    Her speed and long reload are what hurting her. Funny thing is my Kansas and Minnie does better.
  11. Spooky39

    Is Jean Bart the play for me?

    She a Brawler like Massachusetts, make her a secondary build and watch the show lol.
  12. just grab both.. and if u can afford to get the Mass, and Alaska too.
  13. Spooky39

    This is why you secure your kills

    The way i see it... if you don't secure it... best believe me... I or someone else will. Its open season once a player let it go.
  14. Spooky39

    I Don't Much Like It But It Sure Likes Me

    she plays at better then Atlanta for sure.