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  1. Helmut__Kohl

    Jean Bart's RL booster+ Expert Marksman=Poor DDs

    You mean Expert Loader and yes it should speed that up too, meaning something like 3 seconds or less to switch ammo. But right now you want to be shooting AP at DDs anyway.
  2. Helmut__Kohl

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    "To address this, we have increased the reload time of the main caliber guns by 1 second (from 3 to 4 seconds) and torpedo tubes by 20 seconds (from 136 to 156 seconds). These changes will minimally affect the unique features of the destroyer, while bringing its statistics to the same level as other destroyers at its Tier."
  3. Helmut__Kohl

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Thx. Looking at it objectively, in the first 20 sec it is still the same - 3 quick salvos. 20 seconds should cover most windows of opportunity. IF that opportunity lasts full 30 seconds (but not 40), you will be missing 1 of 4 salvos. Doesn't sound like big nerf, if you time it correctly. Maybe the 30 seconds were more forgiving in that regard (timing).
  4. Helmut__Kohl

    Jean Bart , Yea or neh?

    It is rather simple. You use it in the situations where your guns are most effective. That means you use it when: You are shooting DDs You have a nice broadside target
  5. Helmut__Kohl

    Jean Bart , Yea or neh?

    The AA will never stop a TX CV though, and the main part of it consists of smaller fragile guns, that are easily taken out by HE.
  6. Helmut__Kohl

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    @LittleWhiteMouse It seems the reduction to 20s active time on the reload booster has changed your verdict from "overpowered" to "gudbote". Can you tell us more about that? How did it change the overall experience, that you could now get out 3 salvos in 20 seconds and not 4 salvos in 30 seconds anymore ?
  7. Helmut__Kohl

    Jean Bart , Yea or neh?

    Had 3 battles in my JB so far. Reload booster feels ok at 20 sec, but is hamstrung by the lacking accuracy of these 8 guns. Secondary loadout is the same that Alsace has, but the good guns are all in the back. That doesn't fit the bow-in playstlye very much. The low HP pool combined with the vulnerability to HE is a problem. Overall the ship isn't bad, but it is not terribly strong either. At least as long as the AA is not relevant.
  8. Helmut__Kohl

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    Flamu Notser
  9. Helmut__Kohl

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    This is a fun ship for people who know what they are doing. @LittleWhiteMouse nice to see that you have a differentiated view on ships like this. Personally, I would even go further and say that she is actually a strong ship, if you know how to really use that reload booster to your advantage. The lack of cap control is workable in Randoms (no way in competitive though).
  10. Helmut__Kohl

    Premium Ship Review #109 - Stalingrad

    Sigma is not equal to accuracy. It just says how reliable shells will hit towards the center inside your given dispersion. Moskva with Legendary Upgrade is still way more accurate overall. The term "Battleship caliber" is misleading here, because the difference 305mm actually makes at TX is not that big. The major advantage of BB AP is the ability to overmatch DD and CA hull armor. At this tier, 305mm cannot overmatch any CA hulls but Minotaur though. Since normal penetrations on DDs will be removed soon, that means Stalingrad doesn't have that BB advantage, because the caliber is simply too small compared to actual BBs. The increased penetration is only relevant against BB broadsides, because Moskva can citadel cruisers at any range too. Stalingrad actually profits most from the improved angles on its AP, not from the caliber. Especially once DD AP damage is reworked.
  11. Sorry, but that makes me think that you suck in WoT too.
  12. Helmut__Kohl

    Le Terrible: Short Review

    I like to have both, proper cap-controlling DDs as well as super-lightcruisers. Different ship flavors and odd ducks is what keeps the game interesting.
  13. Helmut__Kohl

    Le Terrible: Short Review

    This thing is super deadly for a T8 DD, if it fights enemy DDs on its own terms. 6.7 concealment combined with that speed and maneuverability enables you to engage with your Harugumo DPM and then disengage again. You can also hunt down wounded DDs and finish them off like no other ship (if you spec RPF). But still it is lacking that most important cap control in the end.
  14. Helmut__Kohl

    Premium Shop: +50% doubloon offer (daily shipments)

    Did you login ? You can only see it when logged in.