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  1. Helmut__Kohl

    Premium Ship Review #146 - Pyotr Bagration

    Thx for the review. What holds this ship back for me is the lacking performance of the AP against BBs at longer ranges, as you get lots and lots of shatters. The generally lacking HE DPM makes you feel a bit toothless in these situations. If you could really just stick with AP, like you can on Stalingrad, the ship would be amazing.
  2. Helmut__Kohl

    A bug in the Alaska armor?

    Don't be ridiculous. How often do you think that will matter?!
  3. Helmut__Kohl

    A bug in the Alaska armor?

    36 or 90 mm will not make a big difference, if it is about penetration on BB shells without overmatch...
  4. Helmut__Kohl

    A bug in the Alaska armor?

    36mm would still be enough to not get overmatched.
  5. Helmut__Kohl

    A bug in the Alaska armor?

    This. OP has failed hard.
  6. Helmut__Kohl

    Exeter Earn-able Starting March 15

    It was moved to March 1st.
  7. Helmut__Kohl

    So, the Alaska....

    Nose is 27mm and Deck is 36mm, so the 460mm shells have no advantage over the 406mm.
  8. Helmut__Kohl

    So, the Alaska....

    Letting a single fire burn is no issue. Having to use your DCP is. Also we are talking about 15% duration here...
  9. Helmut__Kohl

    So, the Alaska....

    BoS will only give you -15% duration. FP will save you from multiple fires. Since the superstructure is limited to 1 fire with FP, you very rarely even see a multi-fire on your ship. Even with BoS, you will not let a multi-fire burn and will use your DCP, which makes you vulnerable. FP helps you keeping that DCP for when you need it.
  10. Helmut__Kohl

    So, the Alaska....

    More important than the reduction of fire chance, is that it limits the amount of fires on the superstructure to 1. You have to aim for the waterline, as the citadel is still somewhat low in the water. When they show broadside, you gotta aim for the middle of the ship (at the waterline). When they angle, you should aim for the nose.
  11. You can try to pressure them though, if they are about to wreck your own precious potatoes.
  12. Helmut__Kohl

    So, the Alaska....

    Just get FP. It is a good skill for DM as well.
  13. Helmut__Kohl

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    Very true. My wallet is closed.
  14. Be aware of this before you spend money: Baltimore will have 10.0 radar and 9.9 concealment next patch. Wichita will have 9.0 radar and 9.5 concealment. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/flooding-and-radar-changes/ So Wichita will have to get much closer to the caps, but will be be outspotted by DDs. On top of that it only has T7 guns, less HP and worse AA.
  15. Helmut__Kohl

    Jean Bart's RL booster+ Expert Marksman=Poor DDs

    You mean Expert Loader and yes it should speed that up too, meaning something like 3 seconds or less to switch ammo. But right now you want to be shooting AP at DDs anyway.