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  1. 00barroso

    Possible CV Death Squad Meta

    It wouldn't if the first strike was form the CV AP rockets nuking the CV hp and making it run away or start angling.
  2. Well technically now that they added Slava using the range mod would make it even more accurate the longer the target is; A 2x Slava + a M. Richthofen division could make a top tier CV Death Squad. Sorry for bad English it isn't my native language. Edit1: [Snip]
  3. No, I will not "bare with you." Ever. You'll have to get naked by yourself, you twisted frikking perv you. Keep talking like that, and I won't even "bear with you." I agree with you, it's what i said they'll keep doing it, and keep doing it, and keep doing it from now on.
  4. The whole problem isn't everyone getting it for free and people who paid for it getting mad, the problem is WG being like give it to everyone ..................... except who already have it; if they gave the camo to those who already have it we would receive 5k as compensation automatically. Edit: Especially now that most wouldn't buy a camo(game economics) perma camos were interesting 2 years ago; I bought mine with a promotion, 50% of the price so you get a twofor.
  5. it's what they did back then. but we are in the present now so i rest my case.
  6. there's a single one of 5 tokens left; they only did 9/10 edit: previous 9 https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/05/410-free-soviet-tokens-and-trophy-camos.html
  7. I did the reset in my soviet cruiser line it's the most value you can get out of this .............. situation
  8. kinda. i meant we did it once, we'll will need to do it again for Nevsky, if they do it again we'll need to grind again and again and again.
  9. I thought that they would reconsider but.... If you have Moskva you'll lose around 240k XP and around 20M credits, if you have Type 20 you'll lose 5000 doubloons. Now that's the weird part that most don't understand this isn't a complaint against people who don't have the Type 20 getting it for free it's quite the opposite, WG is gifting it to all people EXEPT people who already have it. Now if you buy a camo that you already have you get a doubloon compensation so this explains why they are shafting customers(or soon to be ex-customers) by don't giving them the camo like everybody else.... what i don't get is why they don't like money, their notion of monetization is very wacky i don't think that their sales department has any real life experience but i'll digress. And to think that from now on this will be the norm. Everybody knows that WG thinks that the Soviets should be the strongest, most prolific nation in game, and they'll stop at nothing to give it the strongest paper navy; and to think that every year you'll need to regrind ships because of their eminent removal and this situation all over again. P.S. And now they are selling steel (probably every semester)
  10. So apparently in the RU region those who have the T6 Cruiser Admiral Makarov will have it removed and substituted with T8 V. I. Lenin(who is a regular Lenin with a special camo and boosted base credit gain) if they "subscribe into this тариф(tariff)" service : and if you subscribe to this service you will be able to receive 25 doubloons per day.
  11. 00barroso

    Next Coal Ship

    It was announced during the Kings of the Sea stream that the next coal ship would be a German BB; and that could be T9 Ludendorff or a 457mm BB that was rumored since T8 Odin will be available in the dockyard. But with the Soviet cruiser split Moskva will become a coal ship meaning that the next coal ship will be a Soviet Heavy cruiser not a German BB(unless they release T9 Ludendorff in 0.9.4) Since they seamed say it in a sarcastic manner T9 Siegfried could be the one... Could you clarify @Hapa_Fodder? Sorry for any error. English isn't my first language.
  12. I give up. Don't give up This part is the important one Meaning that since they are giving some of us(those who haven't) the Type 20 while leaving who already purchased it at an loss(on purpose) and just to make it clear because some people have a hard time understanding Moskva isn't a free premium that WG is giving us; We already paid for it it costs around 250k XP and around 19,500,000 credits and since we aren't getting Nevsky as compensation we'll be down another "around" 250k XP and around 19,500,000 credits meaning that getting a free ship that we already own will cost us around 38,000,000 credits + around 7,000,000 credits in upgrades for Nevsky, around 500k XP and 5000 doubloons for some; Yes a free "very special" premium ship that you already own(if you have the Type 20(really we're only getting a "+"-50% post battle)) And An Enormous Loss...
  13. According to WG we kinda should get Nevsky but we won't; we'll need to research T10 Nevsky and for the Heavy line the T8, 9 and 10
  14. We kinda lose it we lose the T10 Researchable because it becomes a Special ship; and in WG terms Donskoi an the ships below are Light cruisers Moskva being the only Heavy cruiser meaning that after the Light - Heavy split there will be 2 lines the Light with Nevsky and the Heavy would have Moskva but they will substitute her for Petropavlovsk so yes we'll lose the T10 we had Researched i literally am saying as WG said that we will have to research them again. So i don't get why people are getting a worse deal and smiling while i am here thinking so i wasted my time and money for nought for coal that i already get anyway just by playing. I mean don't you value your time...
  15. Isn't paying to obtain any advantage over the other?