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  1. 00barroso

    Missed opprtunity WG.

    But what isn't advertised is that while being the "same" ship the difference being a "B" ship that for example: Multiple camos for Scharnhorst or other they aren't compatible with "B" ships. "B" ships CAN'T complete missions, challenges, etc... of their non-"B" counterpart despite being the "same" and being advertised as such. That you are "supposed" buy a ship you already have that can't complete missions, challenges, etc... That if you don't already have this ship you are buying a ship that can't complete missions, challenges, etc... Also while NA is normally associated with only North America i should add that most of the countries in the Americas region(if not all) are associated with the NA region so... saying "that a $27 ship is "less expensive"(Fem. only stated the price not saying if it is expensive or cheap)" could be argued depending on the country; and i should add that yes they could be used for snowflake-styled events but while the most valued resource in the game currently being steel buying these ships in the assumption that you would get steel for them(only T10(for now at least) get SuperContainers(that is a "gamble"(surprise mechanics according to EA))) is very ill advised since considering the varying value of steel according to last year snowflake event, Dev Blog, PTS, player speculation. I should add that English isn't my first language, and i apologize for my bad English.
  2. I was going to buy a ship in the premium shop with a cupom and because i chose the wrong payment method now i don't have it anymore; it disappeared.....
  3. The new T9 "DD" Friesland penetration value in HE looks wrong; it says 19mm of pen when it should be 20mm(120/6)
  4. 00barroso

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    I'll take Ovechkin number 3
  5. So i think WG stealth nerfed the TX Midway in the preparation for the new update because before the preparation for the update the dive bombers had a pretty good hit rate and after the "update" my bombs had a pretty high miss/no hit or even only 1 hit rate. thoughts?
  6. 00barroso

    My Response to WG REEEWORK Survey.

    I'm not saying that i don't have +/-200k damage games; I'm saying that i have that with the one of the most powerful CV in the game(Midway) an i still lose money
  7. What recent changes to the game did you like least of all (in the two latest Updates — 0.8.0 and 0.8.1)? The fact that cvs are very under powered and AA is lethal, your planes are made of wet cardboard, the fact that your wing just evaporate in contact with some ships AA and you get deplaned very fast if not careful, the fact you cant choose the size of your wing, the fact that the AA system is quite unbalanced and ships AA can still hit your planes outside of their AA range and behind islands, the fact that even WG recognizing the air spotting inside the AA range problem they made it less worse so that you can see ships before you get in the AA range but you dont have space to turn back without taking damage................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... and worse of all WG said you can dodge flak but you cant dodge flak(you can dodge some flak but not all) you are flying your wing and you see in your front black clouds of flak an explosions and on the left and in the right how do you dodge that if you press F your wing gets deleted you can dodge that with bombers and torpedo bombers but you cant cancel your attack so i say [edited].
  8. 00barroso

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    I would like to join the clan; My current clan is quite inactive and having people to division with would be rather nice.
  9. So the REEE-work(thanks Yuro) is quite bad i mean right now the only cvs worth the trouble are the Midway and the Lexinton(when MM actually puts you against your own tier...... and it's not full of AA ships and they are not all bunched up) also after the hotfix(that only made things worse) made rocket planes useless and all other planes meh at best things are looking quite grim i mean rocket planes have now increased "readying" to shoot time and against most dds you need to have RPF or shoot them on the second pass to be successful also turn and shoot is broken now and you can only fire in straight lines; Air detection is now mostly inside the AA range of ships meaning that to spot a ship to your team is to take damage and you can't dodge flak(i mean you can try if you attack but then you can't disengage) AND that cost is 1000 credits for each plane you lose and being de-planed is still a thing and finally now that they increased the height that the planes need to reach to stop taking AA damage if you press F your entire wing gets deleted but if you have a successful attack(WG said something like this"we want to reward successful attacks and discourage returning you planes inside inside the AA umbrella of an enemy" but is useless because in both you take damage anyway ) your planes get deleted anyway.
  10. Also i don't think that the cvs are capable of doing a good amount damage when you consider the amount of AA,Uptiering and that some planes cant maneuver well to avoid flack; i think that cvs should do 30% less damage against Destroyers, 34% more damage against cruisers, 55% more damage against Battleships and 67%more damage against other cvs(also or remove cvs immunity to fire/flood damage or give it to every ship). And perma-spotting is still a thing(now is worse with the amount of cvs per game + radar + ....................................)
  11. This is the short version of my thoughts on the actual state of the rework:
  12. Can't do damage my planes are instantaneously deleted and also(picture). P.S. any suggestions ?
  13. 00barroso

    So the Irian* cost is 26,664 doubloons?

    It is an kutuzov without smoke(or chapayev radar), with literally the same base camo and with bad torpedo angles
  14. 00barroso

    So the Irian* cost is 26,664 doubloons?

    It never is X3 ; also how does the choice between doubloons, premium time and free xp work? it has a standard value?