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  1. Dev Blog - ST. Massachusetts changes

    Having owned all USN battleships in game to this point, I've only got one thing to say. No thanks. That 1.7 sigma more or less kills the ship. Improved secondary range is nice, and desperately needed across the whole line, but a brawling battleship isn't the greatest choice in the evolving meta. Survival builds are starting to look more useful, and the upcoming Asashio release isn't going to make people want to drive around in battleships for a while anyhow.
  2. Well, at least some of the cruisers are looking better now. Though I'm not too sure if those changes to Cleveland will fix her at all. The best fixes for her would probably be better concealment, more armor, or doing the impossible and increasing her shell velocity or cutting their drag. Then again the light cruiser line as a whole isn't looking too hot until tier 10. Buffalo? Meh, think that boat's still a solid sell once the split happens. At least Baltimore's looking good again. Almost as if she were dropped down from tier 9 with minimal changes like many players suggested in the beginning... She's looking like a solid keeper now. Pensacola's still not there. Getting her real guns back helps out a bit, but that ship's in desperate need of some WD-40 for the turrets. The real trick to playing her current form is to combine both her good agility and great gun handling to keep on target while dodging at mid to long range. If this current change gives her back her turret traverse, great. Otherwise she's probably still going to be a trash boat and in need of further buffs.
  3. Tier 10 space camos

    The only one where I'm really taking a hit is with Des Moines if I get it. I've already got the permacamo for her, which is why I'm not completely sold on it yet. Don't even own the other two ships yet, so it's not a huge hit to the wallet when I buy them.
  4. Tier 10 space camos

    Can't say I'm a huge fan of the increased cost for the space camo, but I'm probably going to end up getting 2-3 of them anyhow. Republique is surprisingly fun to play as the Paris, and I'm not a fan of the standard French battleship permacamo to begin with. I feel it's worth the hit to the wallet just to have a permacamo that doesn't make my eyes bleed for that ship. Moskva just looks dead sexy in the space camo, and I've clicked with that ship already in less than 10 space battles. With just over 2 million free XP to burn tonight, I may bite the bullet there to get her. Des Moines is the one I'm not 100% sure on yet. She looks better in the space camo than her regular permacamo, but I still struggle with that ship at times. Can't really justify any of the other space camo right now. Some really don't look all that great, some of the ships they're for aren't anything special, and others are for ships I'm nowhere near obtaining and any camo expense would be a waste of time and money.
  5. The few times I've tried the channel run, I've always made it a point to tell everyone on the team I'm about to do something really stupid. Granted, that's usually a late game Hail Mary try or when the enemy's distracted elsewhere. Think there's maybe been about a 50% success rate at most, so it's usually a last ditch effort.
  6. It's all but mandatory in my eyes. Doesn't matter what ship you're in, knowing how many enemies are targeting you is vital information. It's also very useful to be aware of the torpedo trick, and be able to use it to your advantage on both sides. There's times I've made it a point to switch to torps on destroyers early in a match, and never switch to guns when targeting my victim. If my cruiser or battleship sees the targeted number drop suddenly for no obvious reason, I'm going to assume torps are on the way and react accordingly. Detected but not targeted by anyone? Be cautious, but you're currently mostly safe. Targeted by one or two enemies? I'd be looking at escape plans shortly unless I know I can take them. Targeted by three plus? Time to GTFO and go dark.
  7. Just started playing them today. It's not the greatest mode ever, but I'm not going to complain about it. A chance to test drive some tier tens with 19 point captains? Yes, please. Once the XP conversion event happens, I might be picking up a new tier 10 or two depending on how these ships feel. Might even bite the bullet and grab some of these space camos for them. Moskva really does look good with that camo. On top of that, I'm not going to say no to all the easy elite XP either. Figure I'll be burning a lot of my XP boost flags while this is still available too. It was really nice getting 30K elite XP from one match earlier tonight.
  8. Asashio Poll

    This ship suffers from crippling overspecialization, simple as that. Anyone not driving a battleship is going to have nothing to worry about with it and will eventually nuke it once it blunders into range. However, I don't thing it's going to change the passive battleship drivers and make them more active. WG might be thinking that, but I can tell you otherwise as a relatively aggressive battleship driver. Normally, destroyers don't scare me due to understanding the power of WASD hax and actually paying attention to the mini map. If I know there's a destroyer within 10 KM most of the time, I'm going to be wary. Might pop off a fighter plane as redneck hydro, but I'll be changing course and speed frequently and looking for island cover. The problem with Asashio is that I know any smart driver on that ship's going to be hunting for me if I'm in a battleship, and they'll be trying to hit from where there's nobody between us to prevent me from knowing about his torps. Having about 4-5 seconds reaction time for a potential wave of 16 torps will make me play more cautiously until I know where the Asashio is on the map, and preferably dead. 15-20 KM away from the Asashio, I won't be scared of it. There's far too much time between launching torps and reaching me for them to be either close together or aimed where I'm heading at that point. Anything between about 12 KM and detection range of the Asashio basically puts a battleship in the kill zone if there's no other ships between to spot. Any destroyer driver worth his salt's going to be trying for that shot. WG really should rethink putting this kind of premium in the game simply because it can't be removed if it ends up being another overpowered ship. I don't see it happening, but the risk is there. My response if WG brings it in like it is? Been getting bored with battleships lately anyhow, and destroyers are honestly just as simple to pick up once you learn a few tricks. Once that gets boring, I'll start grinding cruisers again. Those are really the most screwed over line in game anyhow, and the most challenging to drive. That and I do like the incoming buff to Pringles and really do want a Hindenburg.
  9. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    It's kind of a shame, I'd have wanted to maybe buy two or three of them. However, that price combined with the fact I already own a few Type 20s, and they're not giving any real benefit to justify the higher price really drops the desire to buy any now. Sorry WG, not this time. Too rich for my blood.
  10. To the Op, I can only say you don't want to do this. Normally jumping from tier 3 to tier 8 game play is a terrible idea, throwing in that these new cruisers aren't exactly impressive at the moment makes it an even worse idea. Let's put it this way, I did something similar with the Russian destroyer split and used enough free xp to ensure I'd get both tier 8s. Think I've used one of them maybe three times since that split, there just weren't enough skilled captains to spare and I lacked the experience to play those ships at that tier. I could probably get into them now, but still don't feel eager to try again yet. It might sound appealing to jump up so high while saving XP and credits, but trust me when I say you'll regret it in the long run. Grinding up the line as far as you can beforehand is your best bet. We'll get a far better idea of what the split will entail once WG makes the official announcement on how it'll be done and you'll be more experienced on the line too. The split probably won't drop until 7.4 or 7.5, so that'll give you plenty of time to grind up a fair bit. Additionally, the released specs on all the changed and new ships aren't exactly anything to be drooling over. The USN cruiser line's not exactly leading the performance charts right now, with most except Cleveland and Des Moines being all but bottom feeders. Baltimore's not hurting too much now either. That being said, what we've been shown of the retiered ships and new ones doesn't show things getting much better at the moment. The light cruisers are using the same rainbow arc guns currently mounted on Cleveland, so good luck hitting much past about 12 KM. The heavy cruisers are currently getting mauled with nerfs and will be hurting once launched. This may change between now and then, but WG has a history of sticking with their plans despite player experience saying otherwise.
  11. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    Okay, let's talk. A.) Radar cruisers. There are three lines with them in game, from tiers 8 and up. One of those lines makes it near suicidal to chose radar instead of smoke, and the vast majority of them are played with smoke mounted. That leaves six tech tree cruisers and two widely available premiums to watch out for, along with the lone battleship and a few destroyers that might chose to mount it. Quite frankly, it's not difficult to check the team listings before the match starts and come up with counter play tactics. Hydro is a good tool, though mostly for defensive situations in the event of incoming torpedoes if well predicted. If it picks up a destroyer, that destroyer player has either taken a large risk in the hopes of large rewards, or simply screwed up. It comes down to the player knowing what they're playing against and planning around the challenges presented. B.) "Emotional perception"? Cute. No, I was looking back at what you've posted here to gauge your take on the issues presented in this topic. You've taken positions favored heavily by some destroyer players, so the logical conclusion would be that you have a bias in favor of that particular class. I'd have confirmed it with your stats, but given that you've got them set to private, I am unable to do so. This is not for stat shaming by the way, merely to try and understand your point of view. The only tools available to do so are looking at your previous posts, simply because before this topic I had absolutely no idea who you were. C.) Yes, some of the caps in game are small. That's why it's usually a good idea to have a proper escape strategy whenever entering one to contest it. D.) Yes. That is a risk in this game you should be thinking of whenever you start a round. You are not invincible, no one in the game is, and can be outplayed at any moment. At that point, any ship under fire from the enemy team will find itself with limited options. Personally, I'd be hoping to have speed boost available and rely on WASD to run for safety. There is never a guarantee on escape though. E.) So you have issues with people offering examples of counter play or known situations and ways to try and handle them? Well, we're all entitled to our own opinion. F.) Hard or soft counters can be overcome by better play or luck. There is rarely an absolute outcome to every situation in this game. G.) I hate to say it, but thanks for proving my point. A lot of what you're saying in your last three paragraphs is running along the lines of "limit battleships and make things easier for destroyers." It's honestly a good thing that neither the battleship or destroyer camps are running this game, as either one would probably drive it into the ground within two months. By the way, I do happen to agree with you on battleship AP needing a fix against destroyers, the double dipping is blatantly unfair and needs to go. The 33% damage pens against angled or bow/stern in destroyers? That's a whole other issue that I suspect WG will be discussing internally and hope they will come up with some form of balanced decision. On the other hand, I feel that battleship HE also needs a going over against destroyers. One of the reasons why many battleship drivers stopped using it until relatively recently was the relatively high chance of the shell hitting a module and doing no HP damage to the destroyer in place of simply destroying the module. It was widely seen as being better to at least do some chip damage to a destroyer rather than running a chance of only taking out a module. AA guns were often the module hit, in case you were wondering.
  12. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    No. What is silly is focusing on the counterplay done by the few radar cruisers in game. There aren't that many in game, and countering them isn't that difficult. You should know, just based of what I've seen of your posts, given your preference for destroyer play. You out spot them by a significant margin in a destroyer and ask for focus fire to take them out of the game. I've done that myself many a time because I know battleships and other cruisers would love the chance to erase a target like that. Oh, and you get points for spotting damage at the same time. Team play's really powerful in the right hands. But it's behind rocks, you say? Okay, so it could possibly spot you for up to about a minute. Odds are that the radar cruiser's guns are out of the equation just because it's hugging islands, or you can take your ship where it can't aim. You get out of range if you can, or hide behind a rock yourself. Once you've gone dark again, you're free to reposition to engage again. Of course, this is all ignoring the fact that destroyers should be food for cruisers. Just like you will say battleships should be food for destroyers, or cruisers for battleships. Of course, the caveat to that is a well-played ship can defeat its counter. The biggest problem with this game is that it's evolved into a constant fight between the two camps of battleships and destroyers. Every change in each patch is claimed to be a huge nerf to one side or another - the final straw to put that class in its coffin. Both sides continually argue for massive buffs to their favorite ships and nerfs to their counter. As an example, I feel that cruisers need a number of buffs and I'll be honest about it. But I also feel that IFHE should be changed to where it only affects guns 139 mm or smaller. My opinion is that the skill as it currently stands makes heavy cruisers redundant as it gives light cruisers roughly equivalent penetration with far higher DPM in most cases. We can't all have our cake and eat it too, there has to be some compromise on all sides.
  13. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    Here's an unpopular opinion: There's too many battleships and destroyers in games. I've been in many matches where there's been five of each on each team and all of those battles sucked in terms of enjoyment. No players wanted to actually move forward due to fear of being deleted by either battleship shells or sudden torpedoes. You compare that situation to the rare one where everything lines up perfectly to give you a match almost completely filled with cruisers or nothing but cruisers, there's a complete change in the game. Everyone enjoys those games just because they're free to move and fight without fear of getting deleted. Those matches are decided by who outplayed the other players, not randomly getting blapped by something you had no chance against. I'm all for capping both battleships and destroyers at 3 per side, just to bring more flexible cruiser gameplay back in. If that means we'll have longer queue times, I don't mind. Most times I'm waiting maybe 30 seconds at most anyhow.
  14. Yet Another Find by R/V Petrel

    Given that these ships are at least two miles below the surface, the likelihood of any scavengers getting at them is just this side of impossible. They'd be spending far more money getting to the ships than they could get selling the steel. Fortunately, these war graves will remain untouched. I know there's been some talk of raising one or two planes from Lexington, with the permission of the US Navy, but that's only because there are no surviving examples of those planes anywhere else on the planet. Even that is at most idle talk at the moment, though.
  15. Yet Another Find by R/V Petrel

    At the rate that ship's going, there won't be many lost shipwrecks left in a few years. Paul Allen's R/V Petrel has located the USS Juneau, lost in November of 1942 during the Battle of Guadalcanal. She's about two and a half miles down, and I'm honestly surprised they found anything significant remaining of that ship. By all reports, she went down violently. Here's a relevant news article.