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  1. Wardog_Noir

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    Yeah, don't feel even the smallest bit of remorse in uninstalling this game if the NTC goes live. I've been free to play since 0.8.0 anyhow and this idea will hit my limit on what stupidity WG can dish out and still keep me as a player.
  2. Yeah... this whole NTC thing's going to be a solid no from me. Been with the game since closed beta weekends but I wouldn't feel bad about uninstalling if this goes live. I feel absolutely zero drive to re-grind the ships I've ground up to all over again once, let alone six more times minimum. I've got this pesky little thing called a life, family, and work to do in the meantime. I'll be upset a bit about the sunk costs involved with the game to this point, but I've been free to play since the new year and 0.8.0 anyway. It'll be less money going down the drain from now on. Ironically enough, I do have to thank WG for introducing me to another warship game that I've been playing a lot more in recent weeks. Azur Lane's been very fun, especially given that it's easy to play for free and the grind is far less involved.
  3. Wardog_Noir

    Old Pensacola vs. New New Orleans

    If WG ever offered a premium Salt Lake City at tier 7 with the old Pensacola stats, I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Never liked New Orleans at all, and poor Pensacola got nerfed way too hard when they dropped her a tier. You used to be able to dance in that ship at around 10 or so kilometers and bait all the incoming fire from battleships hunting "easy" cits. Now she's like a horrible combination of all the worst features of a light cruiser and the gun handling of a battleship.
  4. Well, speaking as someone who's been in this game for a fairly long time, I can tell you right now that this whole idea does not sound the best way to go. Ignoring the whole issue with Cesare alone, you and the developers are now looking at changing a long-standing policy of not directly premium ships. I really think you underestimate just how much that policy played a role in players deciding whether or not they were willing to pay any form of money for premium ships. We could expect under performing ships to get buffed at some point in the future, and the rare over performing ship would get put in the off-limits from sales list. It was a simple and understandable system, and clearly drove Christmas container sales over the last few years with players dropping serious money for a chance at forbidden ships. Now you're telling us that you're looking at changing your policies significantly. That scares the hell out of me, because I have far less trust now in purchasing premium ships your company releases from this point on. You're now telling us that due to poor balancing on your part, you are willing to directly change items sold to the public so that they are no longer performing as good as they were advertised and sold as. You've got community contributors concerned about this policy change. You've certainly got a large number of average players up in arms on all sides of the issue as well. This is a very poor decision at the worst possible timing in this game with the carrier rework in progress. I don't know about all the other players, but I don't think I'm going to spend any money on premium ships in this game any more given these policy changes. Given your preliminary decision to only offer refunds in doubloons, I can't justify cash purchases at this point. Global changes affecting all ships the same way are one thing, directed nerfs to premium ships are a slippery slope you should be extremely wary of going down. As far as Cesare goes? I think you really should put this idea on the back burner for a while. The carrier rework is still a mess, and you're looking at months of patches to get the issues ironed out. The game's meta is in a massive flux right now due to all of these changes, and what was once considered overpowered tactics, skills, or ships are now questionable. Focus on the carriers for right now so that you can actually come back to this idea at a later date with relevant data. Cesare's got terrible AA firepower and if we're looking at one to two carriers per side in matches from now on, she's going to be balanced out due to match making throwing her into tier 6 and 7 matches frequently. The weak side armor's another easily exploited weakness, this ship will give out citadels left and right if not angled properly. My feedback to you is this: Put this whole idea on the back burner and focus on the massive changes you've already started to implement into the game. The carrier and skill tree changes need time to be solidified and properly balanced first. Focusing on newer maps would be nice as well, but finish the current rework balancing first.
  5. Wardog_Noir

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    Excellent review there, Mouse. Thanks for letting us know there isn't much to miss by passing on this ship. A heal might have made it something to consider taking out versus Baltimore, but there's no reason to spend that kind of money on a ship offering less than the tree ship in almost every important measure. Wargamming's plans to change their policy on directly nerfing premium ships makes spending any money on a ship a hard pass right now as well.
  6. Wardog_Noir

    Why do you still play this game?

    Starting to ask myself this question each time I log in or read the Dev Blog...
  7. Wardog_Noir

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    Okay, let's start off with the basics. You're not seeing the big picture. If we were talking in person, I'd probably be saying a few things about your intelligence. But that's not for here. All of the changes you've mentioned, with the exception of the Cesare? Those are all class-wide or mechanics changes to the game as a whole. Those have all been part of the game since day one, and have been something more or less expected. The real issue is that WG has made a history over the years of not directly nerfing premium assets. Class specific nerfs or mechanic changes were one thing, directly nerfing released premium content is something else. They bent their unwritten rules into a pretzel with the changes to Khron and Stalingrad, and are now looking to throw those rules right out the window with Cesare. Do I personally care too much about the Cesare getting nerfed? Meh, the ship itself isn't too important to me. No tech tree for the Italians plus the lower tier nature of the premium make it a relatively unimportant part of my fleet. It wasn't worth investing heavily into building up a highly skilled captain. The fact that WG is now looking at directly nerfing content they've advertised and sold for certain traits. People have spent real money for items they've expected to hold certain value. Suddenly getting told that these items are going to be changed after money has changed hands and not getting offered a full cash refund is poor customer service at best. The fact that they're willing to change an item they haven't even officially put on the overpowered and banned from sale list tells me one thing: Nothing is safe from changes anymore. This change in policy scares the hell out of me. If it doesn't do the same to you, you're a fool.
  8. Wardog_Noir

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    Well, this was a sudden kick right between the legs... WG is really trying to burn bridges these days, aren't they? Going against a wise tradition of not nerfing premium ships directly really affects my desire to spend ANY further money with this company. The 8.0 changes? I've been a beta player for this game, it would eventually see some kind of balance. Creating a "class" of ships after the fact to nerf two already released premiums as well as a highly anticipated one currently being put on hold for questionable reasons? That raises a few red flags to put it mildly... The gold only refunds for premium carriers? I bought mine with gold and don't have an issue personally, but understand the issues with those that spent money. Still haven't decided if they're worth keeping at this point. This proposed change to Cesare? Congratulations to Wargaming. You've officially hit my last red flag. If this does happen, you're proving that absolutely zero trust can be given to anything you say when advertising new content and that any real money purchases can be changed after the fact simply because you messed up in creating that monetary content. Doing so removes every single bit of confidence and trust your customers have placed with you. Perhaps you might be able to salvage this latest public relations screwup of yours by offering a full monetary refund for everyone that bought the affected content, but I don't expect you to do so anymore. This change goes through? My wallet is closed. No jokes. No lies. No exceptions whatsoever. Not only will I stop spending money in this game, but I would tell people to not play it due to the untrustworthy nature of the producer. WG has burned far too much trust at this point, with all of the screwups they've done. Offer a full monetary refund, not gold, if this does happen, or expect your customer base to vanish from lack of trust. Might even look into reversing charges at this point, truth be told. Losing access to this game won't ruin my life. Sad thing is this isn't even getting into the whole mess of giving the Glorious (Fictional) Soviet battleships the traditional Russian Railguns and unusually thick armor to bounce all AP shells while angled...
  9. Maybe it's because I was a Beta tester, but I'm seeing this as a good chance to experiment with the new mechanics. The free skill respecs and retraining into new ships has really given me an incentive to test things out for the next few days. I've made it a point to test different builds in strong AA ships to get an idea of what a good build might be with this rework and test out some weak AA ships to see how bad it is for them. Funny thing is that I haven't really seen much problems with facing carriers as of yet. That might be due to remembering how bad it was to face carriers in closed beta and the early open beta days, I still had strong AA builds on most ships for years just due to how strong they were back then. Initial impression is that building for flak bursts is probably the smarter idea, and not worrying too much about chip damage from the DPS of AA fire. That might change once carrier drivers get good at using their planes and dodging flak bursts. Manual AA doesn't feel like a worthwhile skill at the moment either, I usually select the side facing the expected direction of the enemy carrier and leave it there unless I need to adjust position later. Rapid switching doesn't provide any real value in my experience. Carriers feel a bit more limited now. The problem that a lot of people have now, especially destroyer mains, is that you're pretty much guaranteed a carrier in all matches now. People have forgotten just how the game was supposed to be played when you had carriers providing spotting to their fleets and are having trouble adjusting to the gameplay. Before, you maybe had one carrier to worry about every 5-10 matches, and they could cover most of the map with squadrons if they were good. Now you've got one or two squadrons max per carrier, and one of those is probably a stationary fighter squadron. I've had a few good matches staying near my allied fleet and providing spotting while shooting from smoke or cover in destroyers. If things get hot, I can pull back a km or two so that I've got additional AA cover from a cruiser or battleship. Guns feel more useful while torpedoes are best used for targets of opportunity or denying an area to the enemy given that planes can't spot them anymore. Just today I've spent about 400K free XP to get a couple of destroyers I'd been thinking about for months, getting them fully outfitted as well. In both initial test matches, carriers were not a factor to me. I'd died due to mistakes on my part due to either radar/sonar spotting and stupidly staying in smoke too long. There's definitely a few adjustments needed for carriers. AA needs to be adjusted so that all ships have a bit more measurable level of defense, and I can see why WG is looking to drop flood damage and time in the next patch. Carrier torpedoes are more or less a death sentence now if they initiate flooding on multiple attack waves. I think there will probably need to be some kind of penalty to pushing the F button if you've got unexpended weapons on a squadron to abort an attack. Possibly sacrifice a percentage of the squadron on return to the carrier or increase the replenishment time of aircraft that return to the ship with unused bombs/torpedoes/rockets. Given iChase's latest video, a lot of players are going to be spamming one-and-done attacks now. WG will probably need to introduce some kind of penalty to reduce the incentive to do so. I don't see any reason for some of the carrier nerfs that some players are claiming we need. Spotting is a fact of life for all ships when facing them. Play smart and look for escape plans. Demanding that carrier spotting be nerfed into maybe being put on the mini-map just demonstrates that some players are unable to adapt and overcome. Removing the attack planes with rockets? Some player are upset there's a counter to their preferred ship type. WASD hax is overpowered no matter what player uses it.
  10. Wardog_Noir

    Level headed Feedback on the patch

    Have to admit, I went into this rework feeling a little apprehensive. I didn't know if carriers would be as overpowered as they were in closed Beta or if things were overblown. Early impressions are leaving me with the only reaction being a big "Meh" right now. I've played four matches so far to get an early feel of things. Three with my Atlanta in various builds, and one with Alabama to see how it is for battleships. The first Atlanta match was with zero AA skills selected, only using the module to boost damage. I went on one flank with about 3 other ships and basically played a loose AA defense picket for them all while sinking a couple of ships. The ship could defend itself and proper DFAA usage let me shoot down a few planes from the two tier 6 carriers. Got taken out eventually by a surface ship, but that's Atlanta life when you're not island humping. AA didn't feel like it was really performing strong enough, so it was time to try another build. Round two had me picking BFT and Manual AA, and going up against two tier 8 carriers in Two Brothers. Again, I went on one flank with 3 other ships and used the same tactics. One of the enemy CVs was more or less throwing planes at the Bismarck with me and completely ignoring that I was within AA range. More or less took his torp planes out of the match for a while in short order. I ended up dying again to surface ships while in the open, but felt that AA was doing better at that point. The final test was with a full meme AA build with tier 6 carriers again. Think I took out a few planes on his first squadron, but spent more time fighting surface ships in that epicenter game. I captured all the control points with a few other ships and managed to help take down one of the enemy carriers before dying to surface fire again. Ended up as the top performer for the match despite not really doing any AA work, and really wishing I hadn't traded away IFHE for manual AA. The Alabama match was with a 19 point captain that traded away CE for more lower tier skills along with a reasonable AA build. The enemy carriers didn't even try to attack me and we ended up losing through attrition. The initial impression I'm getting is that ships with good AA might not need to invest heavily in skill points as of right now. The DPS chip damage you get from all three auras might not be worth investing in for those ships. Flak damage looks to be the best option at the moment, just due to how much burst damage you get. CE is also looking like it might not be mandatory for battleships anymore. There's so many planes flying around now that an extra 1.5 km or so of concealment won't do much for you when you start shooting. Those four skill points might be best used for a different build than we're used to. The meta's still developing now, though. Who knows how it might be settled in the future. Going to have to try some ships with less powerful AA to see what happens with them next, as well as a few different destroyers. Carriers don't feel overpowering to me yet, I'm really feeling the skill and module changes more than anything else right now.
  11. I'm pretty sure concealment expert will remain a very good skill for most builds. There's always a few where it's not really needed, but I don't see it losing much importance with the nerfs coming to it. All of the AA skills on the other hand? That's a bit harder to tell right now. None of us can really predict the new meta with the carrier rework being so unfinished. Some of the skills might still hold enough value to take, or they might no longer be worth the points. If we really do see carriers in every match, I could see the value in running more survival builds than anything else. Being under constant attack by planes means there's a good chance to be on fire or flooding a higher percentage of time during the match and minimizing the damage taken would be ideal. I definitely see catapult fighters becoming more common so far, those look to be reasonably effective at fighting off carriers while not requiring significant builds. I'm personally not sure if running AA builds will be worth it after 8.0. Losing all of the range extension mods and skills really cuts down on overlapping fields of fire, along with forcing the planes to keep in your defense aura long enough to take more damage. I will agree with Notser's one point on the sector selection looking relatively worthless right now, and see no value in keeping manual AA after the update. AFT is starting to look a little weak as well, it'll be good for secondary builds but might not be worth the points anymore for AA builds for some players. It's hard to tell right now, there's too many unknowns to really decide on any thing yet. All we can really hope for is that WG is generous with free skill resets the next few updates.
  12. Wardog_Noir

    Your very first Premium was?

    Man, going all the way back to closed Beta... Think I remember getting both Atlanta and Warspite for gold I'd bought at the time. First one I spent cash for specifically was Tirpitz when she initially dropped. Looking back at it, I had no business getting into that tier yet with my lack of skills and was one of the great Tirpocalipse contributors. Every single one of those ships is a pretty solid member of my fleet these days. I still get nostalgic for the old turn radius we used to have for a time in Beta whenever I play Warspite, she's a lone example of how good maneuverability used to be long ago.
  13. Wardog_Noir

    Auf Wiedersehen, PEF

    My PEF is officially mothballed as of today. All of the missions and campaign tasks related to the winter event have been completed, so I can finally wash my hands of this ship. It all comes down to the guns. The penetration is subpar, the turret traverse is glacial, the reload is painfully slow, and the dispersion is too inconsistent. Any two of these would make her an acceptable premium, but all four combine to make playing this ship an exercise in frustration. I've gone through enough Raptor Rescue battles in the last two days to nearly tear my hair out in frustration at this ship. It can go from getting a quad cit volley on a cruiser at over 10 km to whiffing a broadside cruiser at 3 km in just one game. I knew it would be a mediocre ship from the beginning, the reviews alone made it obvious, but this ship is honestly beyond bad right now. It need some kind of buffs, take any two of the issues listed above and you'd probably end up with a good ship. I'm no stranger to making bad ships work, I liked the old Pensacola and actually prefer Duke of York to KGV, but this ship... About the only good thing to come from having PEF in port now is that I don't have to worry about getting it in a crate later, and it's probably saved me 750K free XP. If Kron's guns are anywhere near as inconsistent as this ship's are, I want nothing to do with it.
  14. Wardog_Noir


    Count me as another person against it. I tried loading it onto a new gaming laptop I bought this summer and the game crashes to desktop each time it's launched through the WGC. I reinstalled twice, and checked to make sure all my drivers were up to date as well; still not working at all. I ended up digging through the internet to find an older stand-alone launcher for the game and it works just fine. So WG can count me as another person who doesn't care for WGC at all. It's not ready for mandatory use yet, and there's literally no reason to get rid of the stand-alone launcher that works just fine.
  15. Wardog_Noir

    Radio detection ruin the gameplay for destroyer.

    Funny, the only ships I use RPF in are my destroyers. That skill's simply not worth the points to me in any other ship. Now, if the OP is talking about radar instead... Meh, it's situational at best and probably going to take a hit to its use once 8.0 drops. I'll personally be running that cat fighter for a little while just to deal with the horde of CV players, wouldn't be surprised if a lot of players did until WG unborks AA guns.