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  1. Why You Won't Get West Virginia '44

    Honestly, that whole proposal just isn't going to work. The current premium WG is working on is just a blatant cash grab for an old stock hull, and I don't see them jumping to put a 1944 West Virginia in game either. Given their latest posting on it, I'd expect to maybe see that ship in game sometime before the heat death of the universe. But let's go into how I see the situation. The main issue with putting in a modernized West Virginia at tier 7 is that a lot of people forget just how much Colorado sucks at that tier. If you look at that ship's performance on any server, it's just about dead last in every metric. Given how many fantasy upgrades WG has given the French and German battleship lines (non-historic speed improvements, fictional refits), I fail to see how they can't admit they've power crept both the original battleship lines into obsolescence. Colorado needs to be improved first, then we can start talking about throwing in West Virginia as a premium. First thing I'd do with Colorado is give her a new top hull, using Maryland's final wartime fitting. Don't do anything special for secondary range with the 5"/38s, just have them there for better AA protection. That'll give her some much needed AA power so that the battleship in the supposed AA-focused line isn't beaten so badly by a ship in a line that's supposed to have bad AA, the Gneisanau. The second step would be bumping her sigma back up to 2.0, Colorado was never overpowered back when she had this sigma and I want to use this as a balance point for the premium ship. With these two changes, we might need to look at her HP again to see if it needs adjustment. I would not touch her heal at all though, this could be another soft balance against the premium. Finally, I would look into using the proposed upgraded engines the Colorado class was supposed to get in their planned 1930s refits that never happened. Have the upgraded engines push the ship's top speed up to 23 knots, because let's be honest and admit 21 knots is just too slow to be competitive at tier 7 anymore. If the French ships can get fictional speed improvements, there is no reason not to at least look at legitimate planned upgrades here. The whole point of this Colorado rework is to improve a terribly performing ship and give players a taste of what they can expect with the North Carolina. Now that we've got a rough starting point for the line ship, let's see what we can do for a premium. There's really only two designs that would fit here, the Lexington battlecruiser and West Virginia. Personally, I'd love to see a Lexington just because of how different it would be from a Standard. That being said, let's stick with the easier to balance West Virginia for now. I suppose you could use a Tennessee as well, but that ship would need some major buffs to be competitive at tier 7, just like West Virginia would need at tier 8. It does sound interesting to an experienced player, but really doesn't work out in the long run for the masses. West Virginia would be in her 1944 fitting, primarily to limit her AA slightly compared to Colorado. Her secondaries would be given the Massachusetts treatment so that we'd have another brawler in game with a different focus than the tech tree ship. To balance this, I'd give her a 1.9 sigma with a slightly smaller dispersion to start testing with. West Virginia was historically one of the most accurate ships in the navy, and I'd like to represent that with a smaller dispersion. The idea would be to use her sigma as a tweak variable in testing so that she's just a little less consistent than Colorado. She might end up with 1.8 sigma in the end, which is fine. West Virginia will have a HP lead over Colorado due to the rebuild in exchange for giving up the improved heal. West Virginia would be slightly more stealthy than Colorado due to the smaller superstructure. She would have a top speed of 22.5 knots due to the bulges installed after Pearl Harbor and would have a smaller turning circle given that the bulges would improve her length to beam ratio in favor of better maneuverability. Boom. Two ships in the same class that are both competitive yet different from one another. You've got the standard USN tech tree battleship that's been given a much needed refreshment, and you've got another brawler premium ready to go kick some teeth in. WG? That tier 6 West Virginia you're toying with right now? I'll never buy that, ever. I guarantee there's a lot of other people saying the same thing as well. That stuff I just finished writing up there? You'd have a lot of interested players there, I think.
  2. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Wow, yet another downtiered old stock hull battleship premium... Let's see if I've got any interest in buying this one. Oh yeah. HELL NO! WG, you have got to be out of your damned minds if you think this is going to be popular. WeeVee's only been one of the most highly requested USN ships since back in beta, and nobody wanted her in this form. Hell, I wouldn't even force this hull on Maryland if you were that hard up to use the old A hull. Post refit WeeVee could be done at tier 7 with the right balancing nerfs, and Mouse's idea of a heavily buffed tier 8 is somewhat tempting. The tier 6 recycled A hull? There's a reason I've refused to buy any IJN premium battleships and that's because I remember how horrible the stock hull grind was on these ships before those hulls were removed. Only reason I've even got Musashi is having way too much free XP when she came out and felt that a second ship to grind XP on would be great for my Yamato captain. I'll be honest, you couldn't pay me to play West Virginia in this form. Too many more stupid decisions like this from WG are going to keep on pushing players out, and I'm starting to get to the point where enough's enough too.
  3. If I remember right, she did get a couple of slight buffs once the CA line dropped. The rudder shift and turret traverse were buffed a little closer to old Pensacola levels, which were buffs I appreciated given the loss of a ship I'd had a guilty pleasure in enjoying. That being said, WG would have been better off improving the reload given the New Orleans. Indy's reload feels like it takes an eternity now. I can get some good games out of her now and then, but that takes a lot of luck and a 19 point John Doe. Both USN CAs at tier 7 have pretty much been power crept out of any real viable use. New Orleans is destined for the scrapyard in my port once the sale ends tomorrow, her 14 point captain will probably end up in the Fletcher once it's unlocked. Indy? She's good for the daily XP bonus if nothing else.
  4. Alaska as a steel ship? WG really might want to have a talk with whoever thought that was a good idea. That would be a bad idea to end all bad ideas. Considering just how highly sought after Alaska is by the players of the game, making that ship available only for steel would be a giant middle finger to the customers. Free XP ships take a significant investment in either time or money to earn as it is. Stalingrad? Another Russian paper ship with limited historical interest at best. The ranked reward ships? Completely understandable given how they were originally released. Alaska just doesn't make sense going this route. WG has to know just how popular she'd be at tier 9. I'm not going for torches and pitchforks yet, but will definitely be watching the developments here closely. It's going to be playing a major role in any decisions I make for future purchases in game, that's for sure.
  5. Worst premium you've ever purchased?

    Duca d'Aosta. Don't remember why I bought that piece of garbage, but I'd give it back to WG in a second if they offered gold for it. It's a useless port decoration compared to the much more viable Cesare. Haung Meh would be another one for that list, but that one was a christmas box prize and I still haven't taken it out of port. The ten point captain will be useful if I ever go down the PA destroyer line though. Only reason I'm keeping either is to not "win" them again next holiday season.
  6. Coming off a few quick co-op rounds to get a feel for the new ships, I've got a bit of an idea on how they'll perform now. Pensacola's going to need some buffs in the next few updates, I think. Her concealment and turret traverse are going to need to come up somewhere between where they are now and her tier 7 stats just to make her a middle of the pack performer. I sacrificed reload for the turret traverse mod after the first round and that made her guns somewhat more bearable, but not enough to keep her on target when turning hard. The next step would be to throw a Doe on her to try out the improved expert marksman, but I'm saving them for better ships right now. New Orleans feels a bit better right now even with the hit to concealment and loss of her radar. It's probably due to being tier 7, that's just about the sweet spot for cruiser play in my opinion. Don't think she'll be anything impressive though, she's still remarkable for being totally unremarkable. I'll give it a dozen or so randoms to be absolutely sure before deciding if she's a keeper. She might end up getting scrapped given that Indy's just gotten a buff that addresses some of my complaints about her. Baltimore really didn't get hit too hard in enough critical areas to hurt her too much. Guns are still brutal and she's got enough armor to take a bit of a beating. I'll probably do the same as with New Orleans later on to see if she's worth putting a Doe on, but I'm liking her so far. Losing that heal didn't help, but she still feels solid. Buffalo feels nice. She's a solid ship with just about all the tools you need to lay down a beating. Only had the one co-op so far with a fair number of cruisers, but she did great against some battleships in the game too. The only thing I can think she needs is a slightly faster reload, maybe about a second or so. You really feel the difference in RPM once you come off Baltimore. I've got the range mod equipped right now, but might have to test the reload one and see if it hurts her any.
  7. Free Gift E-Mail

    Not going to lie, I was a little annoyed with the camo "gift" as well. You look at the picture in the email and figure it'll be something halfway decent. I'd thought it might have been either Smith or Campbeltown given that both were low level ships that had been out for ages. Neither would have been big loses to WG given the cost and that would have been a nice loyalty reward. Seeing as they'd done it in the past with Albany and Emden, it didn't seem too out of place. Five camos? Nice, I guess. Might be useful to some players, but not really to those of us trying to burn off over a thousand earned and gift camos. Personally, I've held off buying premium camo on some favorite ships for over a year just because I had so many freebies to use up.
  8. Expert Loader(John Doe)

    I've got the skill picked for Doe as well, and he's currently sitting in New Mexico as my go-to premium battleship captain. It's proven itself useful several times so far when the inevitable destroyer pops up out of nowhere, or if I'm facing bow on battleships. I didn't pick that skill up until the 18th or 19th point though. It's valuable, but not critical to my builds. Some people would say to shoot what you have loaded for destroyers, but I can take the fast reload time to get a feel for what that captain's doing and plan for a better salvo. I wouldn't pick up the skill for any other captain unless it's the boosted version though.
  9. Somehow I torpedoed myself ?

    It happened to me today, actually. I was in my Kidd, firing a torp salvo on three clustered bot enemies with no allies in range. Figured it was a perfect shot, except some genius in a North Carolina came out of nowhere and decided he wanted to flank them from behind... I land one torp in his side and instantly go pink. Okay, seems a bit extreme but I'll deal with it. Next thing I know, I'm taking his flooding damage and see my name flash up at the bottom right killing myself with a torpedo. Thankfully, it was only two games to work off the pink status, but I think this new system might need a little bit of adjustment. It seems a little too quick to ramp up the punishment compared to what was in the game before.
  10. Is fire prevention any good?

    In truth, the fire chance per shell doesn't drop by a flat 10%. The formula used to calculate the true fire chance is [Fire Resistance Coefficient] x ( 1 - [Damage Control Modification 1] - [Fire Prevention] ) x ( [Projectile Base Fire Chance] + [Demolition Expert] + [Signals] - [Inertial Fuse for HE Shells]) = Fire Chance In reality, you're dropping the chance of fire by maybe 1%. The big benefit is the combination of the two superstructure sections. I personally feel that the skill is too costly for what it does, but there are others who swear by it. The choice is really yours to make, if you think it's worth the points versus other skills.
  11. If WG buffs the turret traverse to be more in line with what it is at tier 7, the ship should be okay. That feature combined with its maneuverability is what allows it to be functional in the right hands. Dropping it down to tier 6 really doesn't change things for Pensacola with the mercy of it no longer seeing tier 9 ships, it's not going to magically make that ship overpowered. Having ten 8 inch guns at tier 6 isn't that big of a concern to balance given that quite literally every other cruiser at that tier has torpedoes with the sole exception of the other USN cruiser. I'm one of the odd players that likes the Pensacola where it is now, the tier 6 version may not be viable depending on where WG goes with it. I want to like it, but there's a good chance I'll be selling a few ships once the split goes through depending on what happens.
  12. R.I.P. Space Battles

    It got me two more 19 point captains through using some saved flags, and let me test out a few tier 10 ships I was curious about. Zao and Minotaur aren't exactly anything to rush toward right now as far as I'm concerned. Moskva and Republique? Yes. All in all, I can't complain and hope WG has something similar planned for next year. Building up that much elite XP so quickly was perfect in that event.
  13. Dev Blog - ST. Massachusetts changes

    Having owned all USN battleships in game to this point, I've only got one thing to say. No thanks. That 1.7 sigma more or less kills the ship. Improved secondary range is nice, and desperately needed across the whole line, but a brawling battleship isn't the greatest choice in the evolving meta. Survival builds are starting to look more useful, and the upcoming Asashio release isn't going to make people want to drive around in battleships for a while anyhow.
  14. Well, at least some of the cruisers are looking better now. Though I'm not too sure if those changes to Cleveland will fix her at all. The best fixes for her would probably be better concealment, more armor, or doing the impossible and increasing her shell velocity or cutting their drag. Then again the light cruiser line as a whole isn't looking too hot until tier 10. Buffalo? Meh, think that boat's still a solid sell once the split happens. At least Baltimore's looking good again. Almost as if she were dropped down from tier 9 with minimal changes like many players suggested in the beginning... She's looking like a solid keeper now. Pensacola's still not there. Getting her real guns back helps out a bit, but that ship's in desperate need of some WD-40 for the turrets. The real trick to playing her current form is to combine both her good agility and great gun handling to keep on target while dodging at mid to long range. If this current change gives her back her turret traverse, great. Otherwise she's probably still going to be a trash boat and in need of further buffs.
  15. Tier 10 space camos

    The only one where I'm really taking a hit is with Des Moines if I get it. I've already got the permacamo for her, which is why I'm not completely sold on it yet. Don't even own the other two ships yet, so it's not a huge hit to the wallet when I buy them.