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  1. Funny thing I noticed right when I was finishing up the collection, apparently you can only have one collection active at a time for the normal three crates a day. I had the Yamamoto collection active, but noticed that the HSF one was not set to collect. I changed that and then noticed that the Yamamoto one had gone inactive. Have to wonder if that's a bug or working as intended by WG.
  2. I did say nearly overpowered, and that is based off the third party stats we can see. Which goes back to the major issue we're seeing in this topic again - WG not disclosing their official stats and players being forced to use unofficial and potentially incorrect stats to judge things for themselves. Like I said earlier, don't have the KGV yet and I tend to try and avoid fighting RN BBs unless I'm in another fire starter, torp boat, or penning them with large AP from long distance. The whole point of even bringing up Duke of York is that I've been disagreeing with your recent review conclusions, based off the data you've presented in the reviews. Compared to past reviews, these aren't adding up quite the same.
  3. So it's not as good as a nearly overpowered ship? Okay. I don't have that one yet, so its performance doesn't really play into my thinking when I play the DoY.
  4. More or less. I took one look at the campaign requirements and knew it would come down to buying DoY or skipping them if I wanted to have any free time this holiday season. Just glad I'm one of the players that doesn't regret buying that ship and have had pretty good luck with it.
  5. Probably because the players have no idea what stats you're using to balance the game, and are stuck going off third party information. As we're stuck with limited information, all we can do when presented with balance changes wonder what's going through the minds of the people in the balance department. Seeing as your players have made multiple suggestions on ways to fix problems with the game that have been implemented, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least share some of the basic performance stats we see in third party sites. That information might both help us understand your reasons for changes, and maybe come up with more useful tips on fixing this game. And it's attitudes like this from representatives of the company that make me wonder why I continue to spend money here. Going off what little information we are given, the balance in this game is terrible for several lines of ships and your company's insistence on "National Flavor" is starting to show major issues with both gameplay options and balance. We're not stupid and your balance department isn't perfect, maybe some of the suggestions made by players should at least get some internal testing going on. It might not be a bad idea for WG to actually acknowledge that on occasion and mention that it will be tested. I honestly don't care about how in tune the coders are with the game, when what really matters is what the end users do with what they're given. If you're not balancing around your average players, you're inviting more balance issues like we've seen the last two years. A while back I'd have disagreed with this attitude, but I'm starting to lose respect for the quality of her rating system after a few of her recent reviews. Duke of York is not as bad as she claims it is, given that many players can make the ship dangerous to fight against. Roma and Musashi? Looking at the raw numbers presented in her reviews, there's just not enough in my eyes to rate them as good as she has. I'm no unicum player, but I've been around long enough to know when I see something good or bad in new ships. It's getting to the point where her reviews are good mainly for the raw statistical information, and you should form your own opinion based off that.
  6. Can I shut off badges?

    Not really a fan of the badges getting shoved in my face after getting sunk either, it's way too in your face and takes up too much room on the screen. There needs to be an option to turn it off or at least change to where it was about a quarter of its size and in the corner of the screen. Even better, just get rid of the kill shot element of it and just let players put their badges on the sides of their ships somewhere. I personally wouldn't mind seeing my badge on the sides of my ship's funnel. Actually giving us a way to personalize our ships wouldn't be bad, you could look at whatever ship it is and say "That's my ship."
  7. Honestly, I think that both the USN and IJN lines could use a bit of going through by WG to make them somewhat more competitive with all of the newer nations. They're the oldest lines in the game and are really showing their age with the evolving meta. Some ships might just need a small tweak or two, while others need a good looking at. As far as USN ships go, obviously carriers are a complete mess. I'm not a huge player of those but even I can tell they need to be brought more in line with the IJN ones and carrier mechanics in general need huge changes. Battleships could at the very least use some minor changes to armor or gun performance, not to mention secondaries that aren't nerfed into the ground. Some of the higher tier standards might need to look into new top hulls and even some German style fake engine upgrades for a little more speed. Cruisers are going to finally be getting looked at soon, but I'm honestly not expecting much good from the changes. We'll probably be seeing more nerfs than anything else, and that's the last thing any cruiser needs right now. If anything else, cruisers need survivability buffs so they aren't the punching bags they are right now. Destroyers really just need gun arcs that aren't sub-orbital at longer ranges, and a few slight changes to their torpedoes to make them a good fallback weapon wouldn't hurt either.
  8. WG might be best off dropping a few options from super containers, simply because a lot of the rewards feel very underwhelming given how rare the containers are. Got one a few days ago and I was all excited for it until I went to click the open button. Told myself not to get too hyped, it was probably going to be garbage. Surprise, surprise, it was. I really didn't need another 50 copies of a camouflage I'd already had over 250 of and was only now starting to use up. Super containers should be rare flags, free or elite XP, gold, and the occasional module or ship. You know, things that are actually considered valuable.
  9. DoY isn't for everyone, simple as that. The first two matches in her after I bought her were painful uptiers where I saw myself agreeing with Mouse's garbage boat rating. The ship felt like it was holding me back and unable to contribute at all. I reassessed what I'd done in those matches afterwards and came to realize the real problem was me not playing the ship to its strengths. Not surprising to be honest, my highest non-premium RN BB at that point was Iron Duke and that ship isn't one I've enjoyed much at all. The next few rounds with DoY, I stepped back from leading the charge and went to a second line fire support role. It started to feel like a night and day difference and DoY was getting more comfortable to use. HE spam on the enemy battle line along with occasionally nuking the random CL or DD gave me a chance to get used to her quirks, and the hydro's a nice surprise for the unexpecting DD that thinks they'll get a surprise torp spread off. It's given me a chance to slowly work my way closer to the main battle line and play a bit more aggressively. She's honestly a ship I look forward to playing now, and I'm a bit annoyed that the campaigns I'm working now require tier 8 plus ships because this ship's clicked with me now. Not to say this ship doesn't have flaws. The reload is far too long given the caliber at that tier, and either another heal or better dispersion would really make her a competitive ship against the other options at tier 7.
  10. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Hmm... Think this might end up being a wait and see boat. Fast turning guns and good concealment are nice, but there's a lot of downsides given the price point at that tier. Poor AA and secondaries, questionable gun accuracy, and that citadel are enough to make me a little cautious. I've got enough bad memories of that high citadel in my Iowa and Montana to make me a little trigger shy on this boat given the current meta.

    I guess we'll have to disagree on that, I think the DoY was money well spent. She's a good training ship for the line from KGV on up as far as I can tell at this point, and I've had several great games with her. Probably helps that I don't have the KGV yet to compare the experience. All WG needs to do with this ship to silence all the complaints is to fix the reload to be a little faster. Then either add one more heal to her or give her a better dispersion than the KGV. Boom. You've either made her a premium KGV or created another New Mexico/Arizona situation where each ship has their own unique strengths.
  12. If this is true, I'm not too surprised. There's been enough debate about the value of Musashi for the suspected price that even WG might have realized they'd be losing more sales than they'd like.
  13. I'm sure my survival rate's somewhere in the 30-35% range, yet I'm at around a 54% win rate. That should tell you how much value I place on that stat. Ideally you want to stay alive long enough to contribute to your team through the end of the match, but if you see a situation where you know you'll sink though you can take down a vital part of the enemy's team or offense, sometimes you have to just suck it up and sacrifice yourself. Had more than a few times where I sank early in the match but still scored on the top of the list just because I spent my ship wisely. I'm not saying to be blindly aggressive, but don't be afraid to take a hit if you know you'll get the better deal out of the engagement. It's something you pick up the longer you play, especially if you're agressive.
  14. Does Salty Chat Offend You?

    I don't get bothered too much about salty players most of the time. Usually just sail well clear of them or roll my eyes at the armchair admirals trying to tell the team what to do. Last night was probably one of the few times it got to me. There were two armchair admirals complaining about how poorly the team was doing, and that we needed to cap right now. Granted, we were down all three caps and did need to push in to secure the win, but the enemy team was too well positioned to just rush in. We secured the first cap shortly, think the enemy had let that one alone too soon honestly, and then pushed in on the middle cap. It didn't take long to control that one either and we were taking the lead in ships by that point. The admirals didn't seem to notice or care, too busy saying this was the worst team ever. I had a few seconds free finally, so I checked to see what ships those two were in. Would anyone be surprised to find out they were already both sunk early on? I made a comment on that, got them both all salty at me obviously, and then went on to help take the last cap before chasing after an enemy Bismark and Henri. The admirals started making noise about a Zao heading for one of the caps; one dev strike later, another player comments "What Zao?" Now they're saying that the Montana's going to die. To be fair, I knew I was going to get sunk. Didn't care, in doing that I'd chased the Bismark and Henry so far away from the caps they weren't going to win the game. Another player sank their Shima and it was GG. Any guesses on the final scores for the admirals? Not going to lie, I used up a lot of reports for the day on those two though.
  15. Maybe it's because I don't have the KGV yet and have had a few battles to get used to DoY and her quirks, but it doesn't seem that bad to me now. Earned a kraken with her and British HE is still stupidly overpowered, plus the hydro's proven itself useful multiple times so far. Makes me wonder that if I'm enjoying the "nerfed" version so much, how OP will the "better" version of the ship be with a little early experience. Yeah, the slow reload's punitive and needs to go; plus the missing heal is easily noticed at times. I could see this ship getting a small buff at some point, but would no longer consider her a garbage ship as seen in the reviews. I honestly think the CCs gave her that rating mainly because they like experiment ships being tested in game, just like the old cruiser hybrid the DoY was planned to be. It's not the same-old, same-old. Problem is that experiment ships don't always work out. The cruiser hybrid DoY would have been something new and challenging, but it also would have been complete garbage in game. It would have been quickly focused down on by every torp boat and HE spammer in game simply because it would have been a ship filling a BB slot in game that couldn't heal any damage. It would have had no staying power at all, and would have been an easy target to gain an early lead on ships. WG could have adjusted it a bit by playing with the consumables and simply offering the option for a heal instead of hydro or DFAA, but they ended up taking their usual route of overreaction instead. Nothing new there. All they need to do is fix the reload, maybe give it back that one heal, and we'd probably be seeing new reviews saying she's a good boat. That or we'll see CCs still missing the cruiser hybrid and using that as a bias in the reviews. Really doesn't matter to me, I think the DoY was worth the money and will serve as a good captain trainer for the line. Already took my Warspite captain from 12 to 14 points in maybe a dozen games just by abusing the bonuses from the purchase and XP flags.