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  1. I'm pretty sure concealment expert will remain a very good skill for most builds. There's always a few where it's not really needed, but I don't see it losing much importance with the nerfs coming to it. All of the AA skills on the other hand? That's a bit harder to tell right now. None of us can really predict the new meta with the carrier rework being so unfinished. Some of the skills might still hold enough value to take, or they might no longer be worth the points. If we really do see carriers in every match, I could see the value in running more survival builds than anything else. Being under constant attack by planes means there's a good chance to be on fire or flooding a higher percentage of time during the match and minimizing the damage taken would be ideal. I definitely see catapult fighters becoming more common so far, those look to be reasonably effective at fighting off carriers while not requiring significant builds. I'm personally not sure if running AA builds will be worth it after 8.0. Losing all of the range extension mods and skills really cuts down on overlapping fields of fire, along with forcing the planes to keep in your defense aura long enough to take more damage. I will agree with Notser's one point on the sector selection looking relatively worthless right now, and see no value in keeping manual AA after the update. AFT is starting to look a little weak as well, it'll be good for secondary builds but might not be worth the points anymore for AA builds for some players. It's hard to tell right now, there's too many unknowns to really decide on any thing yet. All we can really hope for is that WG is generous with free skill resets the next few updates.
  2. Wardog_Noir

    Your very first Premium was?

    Man, going all the way back to closed Beta... Think I remember getting both Atlanta and Warspite for gold I'd bought at the time. First one I spent cash for specifically was Tirpitz when she initially dropped. Looking back at it, I had no business getting into that tier yet with my lack of skills and was one of the great Tirpocalipse contributors. Every single one of those ships is a pretty solid member of my fleet these days. I still get nostalgic for the old turn radius we used to have for a time in Beta whenever I play Warspite, she's a lone example of how good maneuverability used to be long ago.
  3. Wardog_Noir

    Auf Wiedersehen, PEF

    My PEF is officially mothballed as of today. All of the missions and campaign tasks related to the winter event have been completed, so I can finally wash my hands of this ship. It all comes down to the guns. The penetration is subpar, the turret traverse is glacial, the reload is painfully slow, and the dispersion is too inconsistent. Any two of these would make her an acceptable premium, but all four combine to make playing this ship an exercise in frustration. I've gone through enough Raptor Rescue battles in the last two days to nearly tear my hair out in frustration at this ship. It can go from getting a quad cit volley on a cruiser at over 10 km to whiffing a broadside cruiser at 3 km in just one game. I knew it would be a mediocre ship from the beginning, the reviews alone made it obvious, but this ship is honestly beyond bad right now. It need some kind of buffs, take any two of the issues listed above and you'd probably end up with a good ship. I'm no stranger to making bad ships work, I liked the old Pensacola and actually prefer Duke of York to KGV, but this ship... About the only good thing to come from having PEF in port now is that I don't have to worry about getting it in a crate later, and it's probably saved me 750K free XP. If Kron's guns are anywhere near as inconsistent as this ship's are, I want nothing to do with it.
  4. Wardog_Noir


    Count me as another person against it. I tried loading it onto a new gaming laptop I bought this summer and the game crashes to desktop each time it's launched through the WGC. I reinstalled twice, and checked to make sure all my drivers were up to date as well; still not working at all. I ended up digging through the internet to find an older stand-alone launcher for the game and it works just fine. So WG can count me as another person who doesn't care for WGC at all. It's not ready for mandatory use yet, and there's literally no reason to get rid of the stand-alone launcher that works just fine.
  5. Wardog_Noir

    Radio detection ruin the gameplay for destroyer.

    Funny, the only ships I use RPF in are my destroyers. That skill's simply not worth the points to me in any other ship. Now, if the OP is talking about radar instead... Meh, it's situational at best and probably going to take a hit to its use once 8.0 drops. I'll personally be running that cat fighter for a little while just to deal with the horde of CV players, wouldn't be surprised if a lot of players did until WG unborks AA guns.
  6. Wardog_Noir

    If I were to buy the PEF big package for the steel...

    I had it done in less than a week, while doing the Nerves of Steel missions at the same time and knocking off snowflakes. It honestly didn't seem that difficult to me, but your results may vary.
  7. And WG continues to find new and exciting ways to shoot themselves in the foot. Somehow I doubt we'll see any changes to Stalingrad or Kronshtadt's fire duration any time soon, so this is a very questionable change for these two new ships. By all accounts, they were pretty well-balanced before these changes. Are we going to see an explanation for this, or is this WG just being classic WG again?
  8. Wardog_Noir

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    I'm kind of in the same situation as well. Got over 800K in free XP just sitting around and waiting right now, and the original plan was to wait and see with Alaska before deciding between her and Kron. Alaska would probably have to be a terrible ship for me to skip her for anything else, in all honesty. Logically I know that the Kron's not exactly a popular ship and has a questionable armor scheme for her tier, let alone offensive abilities; I also know that WG's real reason for pulling her and Musashi is that they want to start charging more free XP for tier 9 ships. They're using this as a chance to make people blow money on gold to convert XP and get a rare ship before it's gone more or less for good. Let's be honest and admit the chances of getting any of the tier 9 free XP ships in a super container is literally just this side of zero, and ignore that possibility of getting any of them that way. I'm also not gambling with the Santa crates this year, the odds of getting any ship is too low for my blood given the prices. I know that getting Kron is a bad idea when I can just get Alaska once she releases, even if I've got to convert a little XP over. Got plenty of gold saved up and I'd probably be a day one adopter of her if the reviews are good enough. However, part of me's really thinking about grabbing Kron anyway just because she's about to be unobtainable. Another part of me wouldn't be surprised if we see something like the Jean Bart's release with Alaska being available for both free XP and cash. WG's already experimented with the idea of cash for tier 9 premiums and they know they'll sell Alaska like hotcakes if they do it that way. That'd be a real tempting purchase as well, saving the XP for moving down some lines and training up some captains. Another thought weighing on my mind is that I can easily earn around 40K XP a day if I really tried, and being away from my family this holiday season's going to give me a lot of free time the next couple of weeks to play. About 600K XP isn't impossible to earn and convert if I were really tempted to blow the money on gold in order to have both ships by New Years.
  9. Wardog_Noir

    Ships for dubs sale this year?

    That's the event I'm personally waiting for. Combine that with a sale on doubloons and premium time? I'll get another year of premium time then and maybe pick up Boise along with a couple of the IJN battleships for elite XP grinding. Last year was a really good deal when they loaded up the tech tree with premiums for a few days, I picked up quite a few that I was on the fence about for a great deal. I felt it far less stressful and random than the crates.
  10. Wardog_Noir

    PSA: Black Friday Crates (7.11)

    Well, looks like WG is helping me save money again this Black Friday... I'll take the free crates and be happy with whatever comes in them. Only one of those ships I don't have is Asashio, and it's not exactly something I really care about one way or the other. Just got Massachusetts for 30% off anyhow. Who cares about a black camo scheme that performs the same as the standard premium camo?
  11. Wardog_Noir

    Interchangeable USN BB and CA captains

    You can make a battleship and heavy cruiser captain somewhat interchangeable if you use a generic build. My 19 point USN captain is currently built for battleships, but I've put him on Indy more than a few times for the elite XP benefits. Most skills used in the builds for both types of ship are okay for swapping a captain around. It may not be optimal for the ship, but you can make it work.
  12. Did a check of the eligible ships I had for the Snowflake event. 105 ships currently in port eligible, and I might be tempted to rebuy a few older ones if the steel's worth the cost. Gonna be a lot of coop games...
  13. Kind of interesting how much news has been dropping in the last day. A lot of it's been disappointing, but this particular announcement's got me interested. It's nice to see WG realizing how many people don't have the time or inclination for clan battles or ranked. Not quite sure how to react to the whole purchasable campaign announcement though... I'm curious how much steel we'd be getting per ship in this. 10 might be a good random guessing point, and I'd doubt WG would give away as much as 50 depending on the tier of the ships. Think I might be burning a few economic flags and camos with Missouri over the weekend to build up a little extra credits for buying back some older ships, just in case. Should be able to bank an extra 20-30 million fairly easily over the four day weekend.
  14. Wardog_Noir

    WoWS Dev Blog: Balance Changes (American Battleships)

    Wow, really hoping WG has another round of buffs in mind here somewhere... What they've announced here is really pathetic, yet not really surprising from them. Ok, the premiums not getting any of the buffs thing is unsurprising. They're actually decent performers and I'd expected as much from the initial announcement at the event. I wouldn't mind a faster reload for Texas or Arizona, but can live without it for now. A-hull steering buffs? Not really helping the ships out much after the first few battles here, WG... Pretty much any player's going to have earned the XP to get the upgraded hull by then or spent the free XP just to get out of the stock POS. Steering does play into that, but I'm usually more interested in the extra health you get from an upgraded hull along with the occasional upgraded weapon system. Steering upgrades for the first few battles really aren't going to be a big factor for most players. The super heal is a very minor buff as well. Not many players can get the full benefit of it and HE spam from light cruisers melts these slow battleships down like nothing else. The improved heal's probably just going to make them into bigger damage farms with how slow they are, and the poor accuracy of most of their main batteries makes it difficult to defend against attackers. A faster loading heal like what Massachusetts has might not be a bad idea to look into in all honesty. Besides, this super heal really doesn't stack up anymore thanks to the British mobile shipyard heal. Then we get to New York, the one ship that we can actually say has been meaningfully buffed. A 31 second reload definitely helps this terrible ship out, but still does nothing to address the terrible gun angles caused by the boats still on her decks. Kind of funny how WG made it a point to remove all boats on Stalingrad's deck when she's in battle, but haven't made that a standard feature through the rest of the ships in game... New Mexico still needs a reload buff at the minimum, Colorado's still a dumpster fire of a ship, and North Carolina needs something to make her competitive with the other battleships at her tier.
  15. Wardog_Noir

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Finally got the coupon. Massachusetts is very nice so far, definitely worth 40 bucks. Only downside is that she needs a unique captain build to really get the full benefit of the secondaries.