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  1. skull_122_steel

    Axis vs Allies for Coop

    France can be on both side because they spent most of the war in a civil war between the free and Vichy french.
  2. skull_122_steel

    ST, changes to test ships

    Yeah but you have to remember the Italians have 0.5-2x the reload then other cruisers. while 10% was to low the full 33% is to high I was thinking they were going to buff it to like 15-20%
  3. honestly I'm not one to be talking. I have played in over a year and a half because of a dead computer
  4. Or the people who refuse to adapt and hate any change that may change the meta because they don't really know how to play the game
  5. skull_122_steel

    Huanghe Question

    Well I do have the Molotov and Graf Spee. I was mainly wondering if it was and good because it looks like a fun little ship. Should I get the Anshan instead?
  6. skull_122_steel

    Huanghe Question

    Is the Huange available for purchase in the tech tree and is it worth it if you plan on using her mainly in opts
  7. skull_122_steel

    +1 for the new port WG!!!

    That has to be one of the coolest port ideas I've seen
  8. skull_122_steel

    California HYPE

    but all of them are the sisters of the main class(California is the sister of Tennessee, the main class), so I think they are just testing to see if the class would work
  9. skull_122_steel

    An Idea For CVs

    Ok bad Idea got it
  10. skull_122_steel

    California HYPE

    Welcome to the hotel California.
  11. skull_122_steel

    Looking at another T6 cruiser for Ops

    It's a good ship I have maybe 20-30 games in it and have 75K xp on it Its a good fire starter and it's AP can destroy enemy cruisers and even battleships if you and for the upper hull.
  12. skull_122_steel

    What would it take to get you playing again?

    A working computer because the one I used to play on died and doesn't work for gaming any more
  13. skull_122_steel

    An Idea For CVs

    So I think we can all agree the CV rework was handled poorly, But from what I've seen the main issue people have is that CVs have no direct involvement in shooting down enemy planes. All they can do is pop a fighter and hope the planes fly through it. So I have an Idea, Does anyone remember the old strafe mechanic that fighter squadrons could do. Well my Idea is this, Instead of making attack run you could choose to strafe, Rocket planes would do the most damage while Torp bombers will do the least and when the DB and TB are the same plane the difference in the length of time the strafe last