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  1. skull_122_steel

    Bad boys bad boys. What you going to do when they come for you?

    The US Government is looking into a law to ban loot boxes and P2W features(whether they have the power to do so is up for debate but I personally think they don't). This is the only thing I think WG may have to worry about.
  2. skull_122_steel

    Monaghan AA build in Dynamo

    Well she is an American ship they all tend to have useable AA builds.
  3. skull_122_steel

    Yubari in the "Best" tab in the Arsenal

    I can't think of any tier IV cruisers with better AA suites
  4. skull_122_steel

    Brit DD Plans

    NONE. mainly because I don't really like destroyers but parlay because I'm saving all my stuff for Italian cruisers.
  5. skull_122_steel

    Concealment Expert Changes

    it would help balance out radar spam though but I can see why it wouldn't need a buff
  6. skull_122_steel

    Concealment Expert Changes

    fair enough but I would rather see buffs to the current skills and some more added to make CE a harder choice. one buff that comes to mind is making RPF be able to spot ships using their radar inside your vision range(the thing that goes down during a cyclone) for the duration of their radar
  7. skull_122_steel

    Concealment Expert Changes

    I personally am going for a sec build for the KM BBs and a AA build for the USN BBs(replacing manual AA for CE). I feel like the sec build is the better option for the KM because you don't need IFHE as for the USN I always want to be prepared in case I run into a tier X CV I wont be killed easily. I under stand that CE is a powerful asset if used right but the majority of people who use it on the battleships use it for the reasons I said
  8. skull_122_steel

    Concealment Expert Changes

    you should always hear others opinions on things it makes you grow as a person and you gain more knowledge doing so
  9. skull_122_steel

    Concealment Expert Changes

    though that may be true I am almost always close enough to the enemy that even after my gun bloom I am still spotted because I don't camp like a [edited] and then complain when by team dies
  10. skull_122_steel

    Concealment Expert Changes

    as I see it now CE is a skill you take when you want to camp behind all of your allies in any other ship besides a DD or CL/CA. If your playing your battleship right you should be spotted for most of the game because you are constantly firing your main guns at the enemy concealment is really a none factor. This is coming from a battleship main.
  11. skull_122_steel

    Cause 150K damage in a T9/10 Cruiser in one battle?

    that may be true but it has much worse DPM compared to every other cruiser at that tier so I would place it a bit lower
  12. I love it, especially as a cruiser because it means I don't have to play it as long.
  13. skull_122_steel

    Tier IX-X BB Curve and over all balance

    while the OP is an idiot I personally believe that all ships classes besides CVs are pretty balanced but some are harder to use than others. Battleships are very noob friendly but a good player can't do much more with them than the noob while DDs are hard to use in the hands of a good player they're monsters.
  14. skull_122_steel

    Did they nerf the Montana's dispersion?

    make a post asking a question someone replies with a anwer you don't like instead of being reasonable you get salty welp this should be fun
  15. an interesting idea to fix a problem that isn't there