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  1. skull_122_steel

    Aquila Suggestion

    Bearns main gimmick is its fighters, Aquila's main gimmick would be the speed of its planes, as Its aircraft are fighters not dive bombers
  2. skull_122_steel

    Aquila Suggestion

    See I put that in, and my computer said it was spelt wrong, I [edited]hate spell check sometimes
  3. skull_122_steel

    Aquila Suggestion

    We are sooner or later getting the Aquila in game, there is really no point in not adding it even if they never add an Italian CV line. These are just my ideas on how she can work/ gimmick she could have. If tier VI, she should have RE 2001 CB as aircraft (as I'm pretty sure they could take off from a flight deck but the TA 152 are also CV planes so who cares), as the Italians had no self-made rockets for planes, she wouldn't have any attack squadrons. Also, because the Re's couldn't carry torps no torp bombers as well. she would have skip bombers with 2 100 Kg sap bombs per plane, two planes per attack, six planes in a squadron. as well, she would have AP dive bombers with a 250 Kg bomb, two planes per attack, six plane in a squadron. If tier VIII, she should have G 55s as aircraft. As the G 55s could carry a torpedo she would get a torpedo bomber squadron. one torp per plane, three planes per attack, nine planes per squadron. the armaments for the other squadrons remain the same but they have one more aircraft per attack and three more in a squadron. The main gimmick for her that I would want her to have, is the SAP skip bombers. I see them as an inaccurate shot gun to use against lighter ships while the AP bombers and torps are for the heavier ones.
  4. skull_122_steel


    I have 760k free xp from op so I'm not too worried. it just sucks
  5. skull_122_steel


    So, I have heard some conflicting things about the Prussian. mainly that you will have to regrind the FDG in order to get her. but for other replacements/ line splits you didn't have to, you got both the new ship and the old one when the split happened. so, I was wondering which it is for the Prussian
  6. skull_122_steel

    Black Friday Boxes

    so today I got the 2018 BF boxes because they had ships I wanted in them. I got the 10 pack and received the Mat, Tripiz, Asashio, and Atago. Plus 14 days of prem and some cammos. over all I feel that I wasn't cheated so there's that.
  7. skull_122_steel

    Atlanta Suggestion

    So there is no deigning that the Atlanta has been power-crept. it no longer has the pen to do much other than start fires and it's main gimmick of being a fly swatter isn't really there anymore(though it's AA is still good just not as good) my suggestion is simple do one of two things to return it's gimmick -Give the Atlanta 15-20 flak bubbles or - increase the damage of the flak bubbles by 50%
  8. skull_122_steel

    Simple request

    thing is I have, back when Ops were new to the game I played Newport and I loved it, easy 4-5 star every run. the problem with it now is the Randoms don't seem to get that you have to leave the boarder and go to the enemy if you want to win. that's how we did it in the old days anyways
  9. skull_122_steel

    Looking for people for Aegis

    Does anyone want to grind the ever living hell out of Aegis, Because I'm done with people in Randoms and Newport sucks. I'm going to be using my Arizona to grind FXP for the Nelson
  10. skull_122_steel


    Does anyone want to grind the ever living hell out of Operation Aegis with me, because I'm done with Randoms and Newport sucks [edited]
  11. skull_122_steel

    Free XP question

    you can play it anytime if you can get seven people to div up with you, it's still one of the best even after WG made it harder/less rewarding(I don't actualy remember what they did I just know they removed it for a while because people where getting 15K+ EXP per match in it)
  12. skull_122_steel

    Free XP question

    considering Newport is a trash tier op I'm more than likely not getting the 900k extra FXP I need so going for the nelson seems like the best choice
  13. skull_122_steel

    Free XP question

    the miss will be missed
  14. skull_122_steel

    Free XP question

    but if I get the Nelson I could grind Nari with a powerful ship and get tons of FXP that way(I used the Arizona in aegis to get they FXP I have now)