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  1. cmjohnson207

    Nuclear Submarines?

    I think everyone is getting to far ahead, i am thinking of a special tier X 1950s submarines like the Nautilus and K19 and Dreadnought S101 the FIRST nuclear submarines, not the 90s submarines
  2. cmjohnson207

    Could we have US BB Radar?

    hi so i have been noticing that the US BBs have no radar, but other trees have other gimmicks like for instance Russians have faster but limited dcp, British have rebuildable ship health regen, Germans have hydro, French have speed boost (on a side note i know I left out Japan and Italy because idk if the spooter plane for japan is better than regular spotter and Italy don't have much to bring (sorry Italy lovers)) since ex Missouri had radar, Iowa could have Nearly the same radar and a better one for Montana and a worse one for North Carolina what are our thoughts on this?
  3. cmjohnson207

    Screen flickering

    yes but this only happens when Im battling and when Im in my planes, my screen flickers 90* left and right repeatedly for a moment then goes to normal then back again, I cant play aircraft carriers in battle except for Public Test (:/) could some one plz help me, i really want to play CVs but this stupid glitch is ruining it would love on how to fix this thank you
  4. cmjohnson207

    Ship Suggestion: USS Summer

    so I kind of had a thought of a mix of a fletcher and a gearing What I mean is a gearing armed with fletcher gun layout eg: fletcher armament: 5x1 127mm and gearing 3x2 127mm this ship combines the two 5x2 127mm I am also thinking of a special torpedo layout: single launch, narrow spread and wide spread (clearly a kind of dumb thing but bringing a very unique addition to WoWs) clearly this is a fake ship, but a unique design is having a trend in WoWs
  5. cmjohnson207

    Greek Cruiser Georgios Averof?

    well, i guess I am guessing that a bunch of you would want the Georgios Averof right? I am kind of guessing tier VI due to a number of reasons that you may guess, so i wont torture you with anything but, the real question that I am suspecting you will answer Do you want to have this ship in WoWs? also what kind of specs should she be if she is coming? would like to know thks ;)
  6. cmjohnson207

    Tier XI

    hi all... so I have been thinking about this for a bit. some people are not liking the TX gameplay. I kind of thought of a new "Special Tier" that you can get via TX. I am kind of thinking about going to the present IE. modern destroyers cruisers, (some nations) battleships, Aircraft carriers some people are going to hate this but, WG released submarines not too long ago. and I kind of thought that we need something to go beyond the TX. naturally, we are going to have missiles, so everyone is gonna think that they are OP, well I have a few counter for that. for one thing, once you detect an enemy, you are going to shoot missiles if it is out of main armament range. when you fire your missile, you have to keep your intended target sighted, if it disappears, the missile will lose its "lock" and destroy itself in midair, or get shot down by enemy AA. The tracking system the enemy center is going to work kind of like the secondary's if a missile is targeting you, you would get a notification like "enemy missile incoming" where the detected and incoming fire alert is. the missiles are going to be slowed respectively, also the missile will have a chance of missing, gotten destroyed by enemy AA, scrammed that can make it miss, confused by chaff, which will automatically deploy when the missile gets 10km away, or a bit farther. I honestly think that IF this WERE to get into the game, I think it will be ok thanks all, any ideas would be helpful here
  7. cmjohnson207

    Nuclear Submarines?

    at this point in the game, anything paper is going into the game so ye :/
  8. cmjohnson207

    Nuclear Submarines?

    hi so nuclear Submarines... to be fair I have thought about this for a bit, now just remember that this is just an idea ONLY. so, what submarines should we do. well... I am thinking of a few First nuclear submarines US - USS Nautilus - worlds first nuclear submarine USSR - K19 - first USSR submarine Britain - Dreadnought (S101) (not to be confused with HMS Dreadnought Battleship) I also thought of a somewhat cool but kind of annoying feature of nuclear submarines. For instance. if the submarine's engine is knocked out, there would a percentage of a out of control nuclear "runaway" that can last for at least 30 sec in order to get the main core back online (with or without the engine being fixed so that this wont be a annoying problem to players), while the "temporary runaway" is on going, there would be some things that will happen to the submarine. green nuclear waste around the edges of the screen and slightly flickering and a Geiger counter going off a little, like as in a a few sound bits, this will affect the systems in the submarine such as longer torpedo reload time, worse steering handling and speed increase/decrease. so yea, this is probably not going into the game, but hey, just an idea going out, noting bad is gonna happen
  9. How about a semi Frankenstein British battleship that has a kind of hull, main armament, speed, about the same armor as the hood, gun lay out as gneisenau, and secondary's and structure as warspite. I am talking about the HMS Renown. Renown was laid in 1916 , she and repulse set a record on being the fastest capital ships upon completion. she didn't see action in ww1, but was overhauled twice in between. during ww2, she was part of the group to hunt the graf spee that was sinking merchants at the time. unfortunately, she couldn't be able to find the ship. She was part of the British squadron that was sent to the Norwegian campaign and came across the Scharnhorst ang gneisenau, she received minor damage but also critically damaged gneisenau in return. She was later part of the search group to find the Bismarck, although the ship did find Bismarck's supply ship. after this she was sent home for repairs and upgrades. after this, she was sent to protect the winter convoys to Russia, then transferred to protect the carriers for Operation Torch. after this, she was sent home to have her aircraft removed and her AA upgraded and added. After this, she helped send Winston Churchill back home. She was sent to the pacific to help in Operation Cockpit and bombarded enemy positions at the Nicobar islands and Andaman islands. She continued with other operations until she was relieved by Queen Elizabeth. She was sent home for another refit but was cancelled. She hosted a meeting with King George Vi and President Truman, and after this she was scrapped and survived a few days longer than the carrier Furious. The Renown that I would like to see in the game is the 1939 refit. The reason for this is because I believe that hood and warspite had a baby and had a extra cromosone from gneisenau. I think she can do well in the game as she will have pretty much the same things as a a regular tier VI regular British battleship but in a tier VII slot right next to hood. naturally, hood would at least be 2 or so knots faster than renown, but dreams can be dreams I guess.
  10. History: D class cruisers are a improvement on the Deutschland class Panzerschiffe (armored ships) (pocket battleship). Hitler approved the project but wanted only the armor to be increased and not the armament. this gave the ship a displacement of 20,000 t. one out of two were laid down but was cancelled 5 months after the keel was laid. It was also determined that an enlarged version to challenge the Dunkerque class ships, hence the Scharnhorst class battleships. Ersatz Hessen's main armament is similar to graf spee. the secondary armament has a 4x2 arrangement is the 15 cm secondary guns in enclosed mounts found on Bismarck. and it might have the same kind of torpedoes that the graf spee had, but it is unknown. this ship is a predecessor of the Wows Agir (tier 9) so i would think that this could be a tier 8 ship because its a improvement to the graf spee and I believe that it will fit right with this tier.
  11. so after some looking at comments and thinking, I am doing a final experiment where I am going to put out this ship into the suggestion and the entire reason why I think it should remotely be in here. I am also seeing that 1930-50s ships is what you would want to see. lets do USS Wisconsin and USS New Jersey The reason why I want to have these two ships is because USS New Jersey is the most decorated battleship in the US Navy and the USS wisconsin for being the last battleship (although she was commissioned before Missouri). As well as since the game is adding paper ships, I think that these things are going to bring some historical balance to the game despite that what I am going to do is not what you people are going to want. USS New Jersey I think that, although I don't really want to do this but we need some thing to go that has uniqueness. USS New Jersey was commissioned 1 year after pearl harbor (December 7, 1942), she served WW2 with distinction, including shooting down numerous planes, destroying a trawler and the destroyer Miakaze. She served with Halsey as fleet flagship. After Halsey dropped his flag, Jersey continued to perform shore bombardment and carrier escort for the rest of the war. New jersey was decommissioned in 30 June 1948 and place in reserve. 2 years later, the Korean war broke out and New Jersey was Recommissioned to perform shore bombardment on enemy troops and positions. On her first mission, she was struck by a shore battery and and killed one crewman, new jersey shot back at the battery and wiped it out. Throughout the conflict, she fired towards shore and protecting carriers until the end of the Korean War in 1953. She was decommissioned in 21 August 1957 and place in reserve. now here we go into the "nitie gritty" Vietnam War, due to US aircraft losses by AA fire, the US defense thought of bringing a Iowa class ship back to take out enemy installations and movements. After modernization, she was commissioned and sent to Vietnam to once again provide shore bombardment. she went on after Vietnam to be decommissioned and the modernized and recommissioned for the 90s era, the decommissioned for the final time and set as a museum. I think that New Jersey could be added (well, if) as the Vietnam era modernization. The reason why is because we see in the game that Iowa and Missouri has their WWII confinements. Naturally, I am doing something that going to piss people off, but I feel like that this is a necessary evil we have to do once a while. Since New Jersey doesn't have AA ,except for the 5 in guns, but she has some other "unique things" on her. her radar and electronic warfare has been either upgraded or put in, so there could may be a special consumable where, upon activation, could scrambling up enemy aircraft targeting systems and dispersing the payload when it gets dropped. but being with AA ships is more likely choice for her to stay alive longer. and Im thinking of the paint scheme to be Type 10 grey with the 62 in big lettering USS Wisconsin USS Wisconsin was commissioned 16 April 1944, she served in WW2 with providing shore bombardment and carrier escort. She was decommissioned 1 July 1948. Korean War broke out and Wisconsin was recommissioned to help friendly troops with covering fire. when she went home, she was served as a test for a new dry dock that can accommodate all Iowa's. she was kept activated as a training ship. On 6 May 1956, she struck the destroyer, Eaton (Fletcher class destroyer (WWII)). She was brought into dry-dock to have her bow replaced and Kentucky's bow would replace Wisconsin's bow. she kept on cruising until she was decommissioned on 8 march 1958. Wisconsin left America without an active battleship since 1895. While berthed in Philadelphia naval yard, an electrical fire broke out an damaged the ship enough that she was in the worst condition in all of the Iowa class before her 1980 modernization. USS Wisconsin was recommissioned as part of Reagan's 600 ship fleet in the 80s and 90s. during her conversion, she was removed of her 20mm and 40mm guns and 4 of her 5 in guns to make room for the newer weapon systems. her modernization included, MK 141 quad cell launchers for 16 harpoon anti-ship and tomahawk cruise missiles and 4 20mm Phalanx CIWS as well as upgraded radar and fire control systems and electronic warfare systems. her aircraft included 8 RQ-2 pioneer UAVs (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle). I think that Wisconsin could be added (even if) as the Gulf war era modernization of the Iowa's. the reason why is again, paper ship are going into the game and we need historical ships to counter this. I am thinking on having her modernized equipment, except for the missiles, but the CIWS and secondary's could be pretty venerable, so putting survivability to these is a top priority and I am also thinking of also having new jerseys scrambling up enemy aircraft targeting systems and maybe having a consumable to scramble ships that have radar. she would have the type 10 with grey and big 64 camouflage and maybe with ceremony banners and flags as kind of separate camo or option hope yall enjoy!
  12. cmjohnson207

    ship suggestion no more

    well, look I am bad enough that I am a potato at it. ok. I don't exactly know how to do any of this because I am new at this. so naturally, my talent is not needed here, so ill just go away and leave the suggestions to you guys that has more experience on this and Ill just be on my mary way in life. why even put a effort on trying if everyone else doesn't want a not so serious idea so, you can do what you do, and I just stay away and leave this to more experienced people like yourself. and no, I am not mad, just disappointed and just watch. That will be better for everyone
  13. cmjohnson207

    ship suggestion no more

    I would put a more detailed description, but I am not up for much hopes on the potential idea that this will go into the game. I am putting these "suggestions or proposals" and a not so serious suggestions for the community. naturally, you can make better suggestions than I can, so I am letting the professionals that know how to do this Which is why Ill be going down with my ship and hope you have a better time than me So good luck Admiral of the Navy, the suggestions are in better hands with you.
  14. cmjohnson207

    ship suggestion no more

    im not angry, Im just disappointed with myself that I am trying to bring back a sliver of history in a "not so serious ship proposal", I have tried to make a ship suggestion, but I obviously failed that in a spectacular way. I tried to go for a "general description on the ships" and that gotten farther. but you know people are people. there is a reason I am saying that this is a ship idea, nothing more, nothing less, just "general specifics" from wiki. which naturally and kind of expectantly gotten pooped on. so just putting a ship in a WoWs description got shot down. tried a putting a idea on the table worked for a bit. so when I tried Iowa class, people pushed me too far. so I am going down with my ship and going into the sea along with other ships into the dark to only be remembered by few.
  15. I thought of a experiment of the other two Iowa Class battleships that aren't in the game but people are saying that I am spamming useless info for the ships. I want to let you know that I don't have a clear idea if and even a remotely if, these ships are going into the game, I made New Jersey as a Vietnam era kind of battleship, Wisconsin in the 90s era. I tried doing an idea on what it might look like for a battleship that may go into the game, that backfired, so I did the other posts to keep things in general, because I don't expect these things to go into the game whatsoever, I don't mind that they aren't going to even a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000...1% chance, I just wanted to put a ship idea that has enough description that you guys/gals can see without going fully into the details for Wows. Clearly, people don't like that too, so this is my final suggestions USS New Jersey in Vietnam era and Wisconsin in 90s era. Thank you captains for destroying history to be remembered This is my last suggestion, congratulations, a job well done