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  1. WhiskeyAplhaTango

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    No it's not your fault if you are ignored by WG in reference to Cv testing. If you believe the same ppl that troll you ig and post in the forum i can't change that, that's your belief, but i can say i am not one of those ppl. Just as you perceive yourself to being attacked ig due to playing a Cv can u imagine what it's like for a DD, Ca or even a BB who is the target of a Cv? It feels like harrasment, wave after wave of planes constantly attack and there is nothing you can do about it. You are experiencing ig the backlash to WGs implementation of game mechanics that currently don't satisfy a large portion of the Wg community. Playing a game is meant to be fun obviously and currently for a lot of ppl it's not, hence the posts, all i can say is try not to take it personally. Btw i much prefer the old meta, much rather die to cross torping than the current endless wave of aircraft.
  2. WhiskeyAplhaTango

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    Try playing a CA or DD in the current meta, and i don't mean just once. BBs are much more capable of shooting down planes compared to CAs now even if the CA is AA specced and has a higher AA rating, regardless ppl aren't happy with new meta and calling ppl whiners doesn't help. There's a prob with the game and it needs to be addressed.
  3. WhiskeyAplhaTango

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    Why is it u play CVs and rarely play BBs or CA or even DDs anymore? do you have fun playing anything other than a CV? i doubt it looking at your stats!
  4. WhiskeyAplhaTango

    How should I spend Provision Tokens?

    Thx Ensign_Cthulhu & DocWalker
  5. WhiskeyAplhaTango

    How should I spend Provision Tokens?

    Just wondering how u get the 3k dubloons as i already own the Murmansk?
  6. WhiskeyAplhaTango

    Do you play more naval games on pc?

    Naval Action is pretty decent, covers the age of sail, open world where u can join a clan and engage in fleet battles. Quite tactical although i haven't played for quite some time.