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  1. It’s easy to tell if it’s your aim or the game now that we have IJN CAs with DD dispersion and 2.05 sigma. <10km with Zao should be able to score multiple citadels on CAs on every single perfect aim. If you only score overpens with only 1 citadel, it’s 100% bad aim the player, not the game. Try that test and see.
  2. CV can be in the game, if we can actually aim all our AA guns like our main guns towards the planes and shoot them down, and be counted towards the total damage and kills we have done. CV rework has the CV side changed to action shooter type with working HP bars like the surface ships, but apparently our AA system is still just a variant of the old RTS type, with a large amount of ships having non effective AA guns, which feels like playing a cruiser with most of the main guns broken vs a battleship.
  3. CCloak

    Aim Hackers or Code Cheats

    Hit rate can be inflated significantly if a person shoots nothing but BBs.
  4. Objectively, fame among battleships differ significantly from region to region. That is the only objective fact. Anything otherwise is subjective and bias. In the east for example, the only battleship name people are likely to remember is Yamato. Dreadnought? Iowa? Bismarck? Hood? I heard none of those at all until I started playing World of Warships, while I know there was once a warship named Yamato since I was a kid, and I am not even a Japanese. To be honest though, the first BB line is grind back then in early 2016 was the USN line, the moment I saw the Iowa (and NC) class model the first time, I was in love.
  5. CCloak

    Over Penetration??? wth IS THAT???

    If it also means 1 battleship player having to fight 10 destroyer lives per player , sure.
  6. CCloak

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    All the ship’s AA power is reshuffled in 8.0. The old AA ships may or may not be good anymore after the rework. And most important of all, Def AA no longer matters. A ship with no Def AA can be a better AA ship than those with one. Yes it is strange that z52 is a better AA DD than Gearing or Groz, but that’s how it is right now.
  7. CCloak

    Player Numbers After Patch 0.8.0

    Asia saw an increase of players during the morning right after patch. Then went back to normal, no increase no decrease. Next week will normally be a little higher for Asia(and NA since some Asians main in NA) since players of a certain region will be on holiday for the whole week.
  8. They do indeed die very fast to flak damage, anyone who tried the new CV would know that. However, many of us later on also found out that if you do see a big flak wall that you cannot dodge with planes on the red, one press of a F key would save all those wounded planes, which basically meant unlimited planes for the CV. To properly assess and give opinion to any game balance issue, you have to understand how they work, which means actually playing the class and feel how and why they are broken. Or else, your opinions would be erroneous and these kind of erroneous opinions was indeed why the old Graf Zeppelin end up so horrendously broken in the end.
  9. It is important to study all the new AA values of every ship, because some ships that had God tier AA now has garbage AA and vice versa. The new AA values are very confusing to read, as we have to realize now that they no longer stack. The rules are completely different than anything we understand before. Def AA no longer dictates the AA role of ship, now you can see weird things like Belfast killing planes much faster than Altanta/Flint with Def AA up as the 3km and within AA of Altanta/Flint is very pitiful compared to Belfast.
  10. The unlimited plane part is an illusion of the unlimited ability to launch planes regardless of how many you actually have. You can have only one bomber plane and still launch, but the damage per minute is severely crippled in comparison. Plane respawn is actually very long, so every single plane kill counts. It is just that the initial reserve at high tiers are big enough to almost suicide two full sets per type(a total of 5-6 full squads) so from surface ship view, it’s like unlimited plane launch. In reality, once your flexibility on bomber choice decreases(which will happen if a battle drags on), your capacity to deal damage would be crippled as most bomber type are not universal to all targets. For example, if you are in a DD heavy late game, and you are stuck on AP bombers, you do very little damage as a pure damage dealer. The thing about game balance is that, you cannot just pull one perspective and ignore the other perspective. Your definition of risk only involves the safety of the mothership, while my definition of risk is all about the planes, and the susceptibility of running out a critical type of bomber in a given battle. You don’t want to be stuck on rockets when it’s a BB heavy late game, or AP Bombs on a DD heavy late game.
  11. CCloak

    Fixing Battleship AP

    Cossack only has 4 torpedoes max. It is very incapable as a BB yolo rusher. If you cannot even remember how many torpedoes every destroyer available in this game has, you aren't really that qualified to speak game balance. I played this game since the start of 2016 in the Asia server, and I can memorize almost every parameter of every single ship, which allow me to understand and analyse their strength and weaknesses of my ship against my enemy ship until I semi quit the game starting last black friday, which made me start to lose track of the newer ships.
  12. CCloak

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    1. Musashi is very weak to any kind of surprise rushes or brawls because of the very slow turret traverse and the slowness of the whole ship. Not just DDs, but even CAs like Henri IV and Hindy can rush down a full HP musashi if he was caught with his pants down(same scenario to how DDs rush Muasahi, sneak through islands or in storm brawls). It’s a common thing in the late game, the smaller ships scale better in power with lesser enemies remaining than the big battleships. 2. PEF is considered bottom tier for a T6 BB. She may struggle to even fight against Kongo. Stark contrast to the GC, which is a tier lower and will have no issues taking on any T5-T6 BBs or any DDs trying to rush her. There is no valid discussion if you use PEF as an example, since I consider her more like a weak T5 than a proper T6 ship. And I do like her at times, when I forgot Warspite and Bayern exists in the game. 3. You cannot rush any BBs with DDs in the open waters. Any sane BBs would starting turning away and kiting before you reach him and you will be the only one paying the price instead. Even T2s(the best at doing it) will struggle to rush down South Carolina if SC responds quick and preemptively(means very high situational awareness), and T2s are the tiers where BB already never do more than 10% AP to DDs(DD hull armor value too thin to make angling affect AP fuse).
  13. CCloak

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    You watch Flamu. Didn't you watch Flamu's comment on the Worcester? His opinion: "Worcester, ultimate mid range specialist. Bad at long range due to slow shells, bad at close range brawls due to no torpedoes." You let a DD get within 2km of your Worcester, which should never be the case with both radar and hydro available. Any DD(and frankly, any BBs and CAs) will kill you at that range, regardless of your actions. It is legitimate that the new IJN gunboats might be too good with their guns, but it isn't going to out trade a Worcester in a 1v1 pure dpm battle assuming equal skills.
  14. BBs can’t really citadel Hindys at close range when giving broadside. Hindys do possess turtleback which are effective at bouncing off the citadel and get over pens in close range. As said you can only try to aim lower to bypass the turtleback but even then it is unlikely to one shot a Hindy(and he will cripple you hard with Yolo torps).
  15. It’s actually not always that low(unlike Russian shells, which never seem to lose velocity as much). The shells are small and light, and they lose velocity very quickly over range. At the max range of these guns, the arcs become more Worcester like(hence mini Worcester with smoke), and if you already got accustomed to such rainbow arcs, it is actually a strength in my opinion. It’s a dynamic shell arc system depending on what you need.