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  1. DavyJonesLocker

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    For those who have gotten the "All in One" bundle.......What did you do with the Commander Yat Sen????
  2. DavyJonesLocker

    Forum Signature

  3. DavyJonesLocker

    Are battleships going to be obsolete ?

    feels like they are already done. sucks to be killed by a dam fiji with a 43% on ranked. my fault i guess but im not gonna play a bb until its fixed
  4. Hello, I was in my armory and it says "you already have this bundle" for the new soviet bundle. I dont have the bundle or any of the ships, could someone please explain this issue?
  5. DavyJonesLocker

    Question About the European Tokens?

    nawww it will be alright lol
  6. DavyJonesLocker

    Question About the European Tokens?

    the answer is nope, no free xp, just wasted 100K :(
  7. So i have saved up enough European Tokens to cheat my way thru the Euro tech tree. Sorry lol My question is can i use my free XP to research the Oland and use my tokens on the oster? Or would i have to use tokens on the Oland and then the Oster? Thanks
  8. DavyJonesLocker

    What ship would ______ Be?

    I'm Bored. Let's have fun! Match a celebrity, politician, or anyone with a ship, ship class, or nation.....GO Example: Gordon Ramsay would be the Smolensk due to his fiery personality and he is always shouting a you very close. or Betty White would be the Albany. It's older than dirt itself and the ship is legit white.
  9. naw he died in the beginning lol
  10. I was playing a ranked battle and in this game our team was loosing from the very beginning. We didnt play very good at all, we had no teamwork, and i admit i didn't play good either. Well near the end of the battle one of our salty dead captains spoke in the "all chat" revealing our positions to the enemies. Didn't really matter cause we were going to loose, but miracle do happen sometimes.... Anyway after the battle that guy messaged me and harassed me. I put a ticket in cause i learned to NOT to do that after i did that myself before....(Im very sorry for doing so). But i would like to talk to you guys about this because it is important to know that some players are either just plain bad at the game style, others may be new and learning, or even trying out new ways to play. We all have bad days and good days while playing this game. I'm not perfect in this game, but after 652 battles in random i have achieved a 51% winrate and a destruction ratio of atleast 1. Again not the best, but i understand in general how to play. Its pretty key to understand that you should NOT harass your fellow captains after a bad battle, like we dont want to turn World of Warships into World of Tanks because its fun to actually chat with the enemy team. 1. dont be salty 2. dont tell the enemy your teammates position Simple as that and just enjoy the game.
  11. DavyJonesLocker

    General rant about being purple, chat ban with memes

    Agreed, Thank you for having a peaceful comment
  12. DavyJonesLocker

    General rant about being purple, chat ban with memes

    i wasnt behind friendlies
  13. DavyJonesLocker

    General rant about being purple, chat ban with memes

    yeah no......we have different view points on this then. I dont believe that it is my fault due to the fact that just like in real life, we all have to pay attention to our surroundings while we drive (or in this case steer a ship) a vehicle on the street to make sure no one or no thing is about to hit us or cause a problem......... but i respect your reasoning too
  14. DavyJonesLocker

    General rant about being purple, chat ban with memes

    thx bud
  15. DavyJonesLocker

    General rant about being purple, chat ban with memes

    i fired them because nobody was even near him at the time........