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  1. Yeah its why I was wondering if IFHE is even worth it anymore (for randoms). Not so sure about not needing more AA though. Seeing a lot of CVs in randoms and getting hit through defensive AA.
  2. Not really no. I don't think CVs are fun to play against (if a CV decides your going to die you die) more so if your playing Destroyers. On the flip side playing AS the carrier isn't that fun either because once folks see a CV they blob up into massed groups which isn't fun for the carrier or the other players in the match.
  3. Frankly shutting the forums would be a quick way to kill the game. A lot of folks don't use reddit.
  4. PowerSurged

    Premium Shop in May: Battleship Roma

    Ok last time we had an event like this we could hit a participate button on the site and get the collection items in game? Is that not the case now? I can't find a button on the site. So this is only a real money collection thing then? Ah nevermind I found it here https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/may-missions-2019/
  5. PowerSurged

    Russian BB Captain builds?

    Stock BB build: PT EM, AR SI, BoS CE, Fire Prevention At least it seems that way to me. I mean I guess the argument could be made to drop EM for Jack of all trades or high alert on some of the boats or possibly PM/expert loader. But they seem like pretty straight forward battleships not secondary builds or anything special.
  6. PowerSurged

    Are premium camos worth it?

    If you plan to play the ship a lot yes the T10 perma camos are definitely worth it. Kind of turns it into a T8 premium ship as far as credit farming goes. You will generally make decent money instead of just breaking even or losing credits. I wouldn't buy one right away though. Play a dozen or more matches in the ship first to make sure its going to be one of your favorites. I also don't think its worth spending money on perma camos for non t10's unless you just really enjoy the look of it. Under T10 perma camos don't increase your credit gain much and there are event camos given out pretty often (like the most recent ones for USN/French Cruisers T6-9 during the Space event).
  7. Is there a consensus on IFHE Henri post Russian battleships? With them having 60mm deck armor is it really worth it anymore to take IFHE? I just got Henri so I'm new to the ship and was trying to plan out my captain.
  8. Yeah I think everybody has ships they just don't click with. Montana/Republique/FDG 50% WR if I'm lucky. Yamato/Musashi/Jean Bart/Rich/Bismarck(had 65% with almost 200 games go figure)/Amagi though? 60%+ WR. I think I had 60% WR in Monarch but Lion was awful and Conqueror meh maybe 53%. Also can't for the life of me have a good match in Midway. I did the Lexington grind post rework with about 55% WR but Midway? I can't break 50% kind of gave up lol.
  9. PowerSurged

    Midway General Impressions Post 0.8.1

    Agreed I haven't been having a good time at all with Midway. I either get an ok match do 100k damage after losing massive amounts of planes or I get a bad game where the reds are stacked near Mino's and such and its near impossible to get more than one strike off. And win or lose I get yelled at "screw you cancer CV player" and reported. The stars have to align for you to feel powerful otherwise it feels like your just suiciding planes into giant blobs of AA ships that are stacked together and being reported and raged at for your troubles.
  10. PowerSurged

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    Balance wise I'm not happy at all with CVs. In some ways they are depending on tier underpowered and other ways overpowered (In a way not fun for other players or the CV player). Its also causing matches to turn into large AA blob of ships vs other large AA blob of ships and thats not fun either. With that said I'm right there with you when it comes to toxic players. I did the Lexington grind post rework and have a few matches in Midway and the community has turned extremely toxic toward CV players. (more than before) Seeing reports after a match in a CV just because your playing a CV isn't fun its toxic and awful.
  11. PowerSurged

    Musashi/Yamato - concealment still worth it?

    You still don't see CVs every game so CE still useful and Fire Prevention helps VS everything so that's what I'm sticking with on mine for now.
  12. PowerSurged

    US CAPT Skill after CV Rework

    So any of you guys with more experience in Midway have any advice on ship upgrades? Just finished Lexington grind noticed the aim time seems longer but not that different. Current upgrades: Air Group mod 1, Aircraft Engine Mod1, Torp or Attack time? (I can't decide I feel like planes don't last long enough to use extra time anyway), maybe more HP for attack aircraft? (since they are the weakest or maybe dive bombers since they spend more time over target?), Flight Control mod 1 (seems more important than concealment), Air Group mod 2 (for more hp). Current Captain skills: Air Supremacy, Torp acceleration, Aircraft armor, Demo Expert, Sight Stab, and CE. I figure I'll either go back for Improved Engines or Improved Boost/Last Grasp for final 2 points.
  13. PowerSurged

    Should I go down the French or British battleship line?

    I didn't really like the UK BB line till Conqueror. Monarch was alright but rest were very meh and Lion felt inaccurate and Conqueror is all about slinging HE. French line on the other hand was fantastic. Lyon 16 guns! Rich good bow tank, AA, decent secondaries. Alsace is almost like having a better Iowa with good secondaries. Republique wrecks cruisers with its great pen. Not to mention Jean Bart is a monster. If I was picking between grinding one of those 2 lines French BBs are a no brainer.
  14. PowerSurged

    In which computer fo you play World of Warships?

    Haven't had the cash to upgrade in a long while. Probably end up building a new one next year but I haven't decided for sure. If I upgrade I'll have to replace the mobo anyway might build new so I can keep this one intact. i5 4670 8gb ram 970gtx Samsung 750gb SSD and WD 640gb 7200rpm Runs WoWS pretty good though 1080p/60fps.
  15. Nice I really appreciate them announcing their planned currency type costs ahead of time. Gives folks time to save up!