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  1. PowerSurged

    Soviet Containers - Finally a High Roller!

    Just finished another directive opened 11 boxes and wow 70 whole tokens!
  2. PowerSurged

    What is ur fav ship?

    Battleship: Jean Bart (Fast ship, fast speed, fast reload, good AA) Cruiser: Hindenberg (A little tankier than most, decent HE, good AP, hydro) Destroyer: Kitakaze use to be my favorite. I always felt like I could win a gun fight vs any other DD, torps weren't terrible, and I could burn down most other ships but lately I've been playing the EU DDs and wow they are fun! You kind of have to play a bit standoffish with them (spot the dd run away let teammates shoot them, if they smoke up drop torps into smoke don't gun fight them in the open at the start) and the torps don't do a ton of damage but you can drop a lot of them over the course of a match if you stay alive. Carrier: #RemoveCVs
  3. PowerSurged

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    God help you if your a bottom tier DD. T8 dd vs T10 cv? Your gonna eat rocket planes till your dead and there's nothing you can do about it. Its not fun.
  4. PowerSurged

    Directive 1 tokens...

    Just opened 7 boxes... 70 tokens ugh.
  5. PowerSurged

    Is Wargaming censoring CV haters?

    I don't mind radar you can play around that but what you can't play around is a T10 Midway CV dunking on you in your t8 DD (even Oland with defensive AA can't stop it). First strike half your hp gone and you shot down 3 whole planes! Thats not fun or engaging.
  6. PowerSurged

    where to spend my coal

    That's probably fair as I don't own Yoshino its just based on my experience shooting at them. But a lot of the reviewers/CC's far more experienced than me have all seemed pretty meh on the ship and when I play a BB I always seem to get really good salvos on them even when they turn away. In more experienced hands maybe she's better.
  7. PowerSurged

    where to spend my coal

    I'd avoid Marceau and Yoshino. Marceau has slower shells than Kleber and Yoshino is a floating citadel (like old Pensacola but at t10 I always take even super long range pot shots at a Yoshino lol) with meh guns. Not really sure any of the premium captain's are worth it either over a new ship other than the OP Russian one. Thunderer is good if you like ranged pew pew.(Good AP and HE) Not really great at brawling. If you don't already have it Georgia's suppose to be pretty solid as well (I think I might get it when the coupon's reset). I'm betting one of these new German ships end up being for coal as well so saving isn't a bad thing either unless your coupon's gonna expire.
  8. PowerSurged

    Thank You Wargaming

    Yeah anyone who paid cash for the Moskva perma camo should get the new Heavy cruiser perma camo. Doesn't seem right not to :(
  9. PowerSurged

    New Dev Blog is disappointing.

    Ugh it feels like they are over nerfing ships that don't need it and kicking poor Henri to death. I really hope they give us free demounts after this. I've got the legendary on my Monty (which was already a little iffy) and I'll ditch it after this.
  10. PowerSurged

    Your next coveted ship?

    Coal: Was considering Marceau but it turned out to not be that amazing compared to Kleber so I'll just get Kleber at some point, so now I'm thinking about getting Georgia, maybe when the coupons reset. FXP: Smaland was a bit of a let down, too expensive and I'm not sure the trade offs are worth it for radar compared to Halland. A little tempted by Friesland it looks fun or possibly FXPing Ohio. Unknown currency ships: Agir and Siegfried seemed interesting till the WIP version of Agir got the nerf bat and it turned out the guns were meh. For now I'm just hoarding about 2mil FXP and 250k coal and sleeping on it. Either something new will be announced/buffed (please buff Agir) or it will all burn a hole in my pocket and I'll get Georgia, Ohio, and Friesland during a weekend bender LOL edit: Oh yeah and I completely forgot about the German Captain. I dig playing my Hindenberg and GK (manly sec spec!) but thats a crap ton of coal for some captain bonus's.
  11. PowerSurged

    First Coal Purchase - Jean Bart or Salem

    Preach it. I too am a Jean Bart fanboy. Its my favorite BB and one of my most played ships. You really can't beat the reload and speed boost combined with decent AA. You can really dunk on folks who make mistakes. Oh you think your safe turning while I reload? BOOSTER TIME!
  12. PowerSurged

    I just love my new Georgia!!!

    I don't have Georgia yet but I love my secondary Kurfurst. If you drop BoS and EM you can swap some stuff around and still get fire prevention (works great on Kurfurst): PT, PM AR BFT (or SI) AFT Man Sec Fire Prevention
  13. PowerSurged

    Guide to European Tokens

    Was debating about getting Smaland so I could get 5 completed missions (for the camos) and I expected I'd probably get enough tokens for Skane but I'm 200 short after completing all of the directives :( I got so many 10 token boxes it was silly. Guess I'll hoard my FXP for now then grr.
  14. PowerSurged

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    You know what that might be it. I got boxes yesterday with codes.
  15. PowerSurged

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    Weird the codes were accepted but no boxes in game.