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  1. PowerSurged

    Nine days - the clock is ticking! Strasbourg

    You guys were right about doing the Battleship damage one on the last section. Way faster. Shame Strasbourg isn't a better ship though. Jean Bart it is not shots go all over the place lol.
  2. PowerSurged

    Nine days - the clock is ticking! Strasbourg

    Anyone have any good tips on the final leg of the campaign for grinding stars quickly? Right now I'm doing ship damage, top 5 xp, and spotting with a DD but its real slow goin in randoms. Wondering if I'd be better off spotting in co op matches for speed. Scratch that just speed boosted into spotting range in Smaland (co op match) and they had already started firing by the time I was in spot range. So no spotting damage grr.
  3. PowerSurged

    Help me choose a FXP ship.

    Don't forget you could use the FXP to reset lines for research points (IJN Gunboat seems to be cheapest and its a fun line to replay anyway). I don't have Agir but Siegfried is a really fun ship, its pretty tough for a cruiser and its got 6 of the most accurate BB guns in the game (could bullseye a dime with those things lol). Littlewhitemouse's review seems to suggest that Siegfried is the better of the two ships and is more unique due to gun size.
  4. PowerSurged

    Halloween 2020 mode rewards are extremely weak.

    I'll probably try it but I was kind of looking forward to grinding for a t10 camo :( Without that to chase hardcore grinding of a mode where folks are backstabbing each other doesn't sound like my thing.
  5. PowerSurged

    Akizuki vs. Kitakaze

    Since the IJN Gunboat line is the cheapest XP wise for research points I kept both Akizuki and Kitakaze with 19pt captains so I can reset the line FXP to Akizuki then play through the t8 and t9 for a line reset.
  6. PowerSurged

    A Theory About Weekend Battles

    I don't know how anyone can stand to play ranked right now. 4 matches just now and the BBs and most of the team would just run for the map edge and sit there while the DDs fought and died for caps. Literally had battleships go for J10 its insane.
  7. PowerSurged

    What Ships?

    Honestly play what you like as the meta can always change but some of my favorites from the tech tree (and what I think are pretty strong picks) would be: Daring UK DD line (Best all around DDs) Halland EU DD line (Fast torps, good guns, heals and uber AA) Des Moines USN Heavy Cruiser (Fast firing 203mm, 27mm bow, 10km long lasting radar) Petro RU Heavy Cruiser (Stalingrad that sits low in the water. AP blap city) Yamato IJN BB line (Overmatch! Citadel EVERYTHING! Its a classic due to its overmatch)
  8. PowerSurged

    What do your stats say about you?

    Mine say I’m bad at playing CVs but I enjoy eating planes lol I’ve played a lot of Halland it’s a blast in randoms.
  9. PowerSurged

    Halland captain skills?

    I've been loving playing Halland. I use this build on the special captain and its fantastic: PM (only 2 turrets and I've actually had them broken so went PM instead of PT) LS AR SE TAE (your out 1 heal due to not having SI but your spitting torps like crazy) CE RL (radio location is super useful)
  10. PowerSurged

    Who is your best Captain(Funny)?

    I have Shigeru Miyamoto as my Amagi captain lol. I already had 19pt captains on my other main IJN ships so he ended up on Amagi but I almost died laughing when I pulled him.
  11. PowerSurged

    Preparing for 21-Point Commanders - a PSA

    This will be really painful for more casual players. I mean I've got 19 point captains coming out my ears but even then I'm constantly spending my elite captain xp training up captain's for all sorts of tech tree ships I want to keep so I rarely have more than 1mil elite xp sitting around.
  12. Yeah I just alternated between GK and Jean Bart seemed easy enough but I didn't do it all in one day. Now the torp damage one was perfect for my Halland with the special captain. Torp reload speed build lets goooo! Had a couple of 200k matches went right by.
  13. PowerSurged

    The band played on.

    Crimson Tide's soundtrack is pretty great. (or any Hans Zimmer track. The Rock is pretty good too) Sometimes you just want a big epic score.
  14. Nevermind I'm tired and didn't read answered my own question LOL.
  15. PowerSurged

    Dipped the toe in the Sale crates....

    Just remember these boxes are gambling. For every person who posts they got something great there's 5 others who didn't get jack. Don't blow the rent money on loot boxes. More so for the Black Friday ships since they will probably be sold directly again.