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  1. BattlecruiserOperational

    Strongest tech tree ship in the game

    I have fond memories of the Fiji, as many others do seemingly. I also find the Akizuki really strong.
  2. BattlecruiserOperational

    So, Ranked Battles...

    I'm done with ranked. What an utter waste of time. First and last time I'll play it unless they triple the amount of steel you get. Otherwise [edited]pay me to play this piece of crapgame mode. I'd rather punch holes in walls than put up with this [edited].
  3. BattlecruiserOperational

    "Crap" is not an allowed word in chat.

    I'm not surprised at all. A certain very common ABBREVIATION which goes along the lines of lm AY o, is censored and auto'corrected' to 'lmbo'. How sad is that? When being PC goes too far.
  4. BattlecruiserOperational

    Chat Bans during ranked

    I told some guy the truth and his feelings couldn't handle it so I'm chat banned once again right now, but it won't bother me in ranked. Nothing important have to say to these 'players'.
  5. same. No need for these goofy looking captains. I'll pass on these just like I would on the weeb ones.
  6. BattlecruiserOperational

    Would you still get the Bourgogne?

    I personally have no interest in it, because the Alsace did me wrong. But I've heard of some people absolutely loving it.
  7. BattlecruiserOperational

    Containers not dropping collection items.....

    I believe you may have to purchase one initially to enable or activate the collection. From thereon out they will drop in daily containers. That's how I did it anyways.
  8. BattlecruiserOperational

    Containers not dropping collection items.....

    seems right. I'm lucky to get 1/3 on the daily ones, and then it's probably a dupe lol.
  9. BattlecruiserOperational

    So Slava is to be a 'Premium'

    why would that be? You chased up a tech tree that has the same advertised feature all along to get the one ship which is the polar opposite? Kremlin is easily the best battleship in the game right now.
  10. BattlecruiserOperational

    A question for Khab owners...

    PM > LS > SE > AFT > IFHE > AR > SI on Tsar Alexander. I have tried dropping IFHE, but I find my overall damage drops too much if I do that. Ohh and I forgot to mention, that I exclusively run a heal Khab.
  11. BattlecruiserOperational


    yeah, the level bombs are easily the worst of the 3 T10 variants. And that's the special quirk to these RN CVs, too...
  12. BattlecruiserOperational

    Pobeda, Slava, whatever.....

    Last I saw it played, the thing that made it OP and most likely bad for the game, it's long range accuracy, hadn't been addressed at all. Unless that changes, I expect this thing the source of many 'QQ' threads.
  13. BattlecruiserOperational

    What is going on with Match Making ???

    what's wrong with it? Nothing. It'll stack teams in order to try to keep you as close to 50% as possible. It is rigged and it's designed to be that way.
  14. BattlecruiserOperational

    Soviet T10 BB Problem

    aren't we glad that accuracy really isn't a problem with the Kremlin now that we have it?! The numbers on paper really don't translate into the ship in game, because this thing has been much more consistent, even at max range, than the supposed sniper, the Yamato, has ever been for me.
  15. BattlecruiserOperational

    Kremlin in a Snapshot

    I do think the sides are vulnerable, but that can, in most cases, be avoided just by proper play. Still my favourite BB and is putting in work in ranked for me so far!