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  1. BattlecruiserOperational

    My Sub Skepticism has changed, thanks WG

    I'm quite enjoying the gameplay, too. The torps don't seem to be sidewinders anymore, and the sub vs. sub combat is a lot of fun. The visuals are great, you really feel like you're stalking if played right, and depth charges are scary. Two thumbs up from me; someone who likes to criticize WG a lot.
  2. BattlecruiserOperational

    German destroyer: what are their place?

    Z-52 is and has been the worst T10 DD for a while now. I play it, because I'm a masochist and it looks nice?
  3. BattlecruiserOperational

    Euro Navy 2 Arc Bundles the dawn of P2W era of WOWs

    it's not P2W, it's pay to get there faster. You have a way to acquire said captain through the campaign. Essentially it's comparable to buying premium time, which only gets you to point B faster. You don't win more because you paid money, you only win sooner.
  4. BattlecruiserOperational

    Moskva and permacamo

    I'll take back the steel for my Black as well please. Stuff like this is one of the reasons I took my last 6 month break from this game, and it doesn't look like it's getting any better.
  5. again, you act like people haven't been made aware of this numerous times by now. That does not change the fact that it's underhanded and just plain bad business. More and more people will see this and stop financially contributing a company that uses bad business practices such as this proposed move.
  6. BattlecruiserOperational

    New Tier 8 Italian BB spotted: IMPERO

    SAP on BB guns could be VERY tasty. Smoke with the massive firing penatly will be borderline useless however...
  7. Idk about you, but to me bending over and taking it, is not my idea of growing up. I also never understood why self proclaimed white knights exist on these forums. If this is how it'll play out, then once again WG is screwing over their paying customers, allowing their very existence. I'm not surprised by anything anymore, but that doesn't make this any less underhanded.
  8. BattlecruiserOperational

    Pan EU DDs are OP

    congrats on your game. I stand by my comment.
  9. BattlecruiserOperational

    OP ships

    Smolensk. Ship needs zero skill to play, and the floor is so low to do 'well' with.
  10. BattlecruiserOperational

    Lack of Hit Detection

    I've played 2 games just now back to back where my Yamato's shells clearly just pass right through the enemy ship without even detecting a hit. I have no packet loss, no lag. Is this something the devs are aware of? I probably only noticed it now, because I usually play more spammy ships. When you get perfect shots with this thing though, and then the hits just don't even register, it's a bit more noticeable and annoying.
  11. BattlecruiserOperational

    Best destroyer?

    I would have to give the title of best commonly available DD to the Daring. Very closely followed by the Grozovoi.
  12. BattlecruiserOperational

    What are European DDs Like?

    If you like doing little damage and not being able to do things destroyers would normally do, then this line is for you! Seriously though, save yourself the trouble and play a real destroyer. Shima is a better tech tree torpedo boat, and Daring is a way better gun boat. Gearing is a better hybrid.
  13. BattlecruiserOperational

    Pan European Destroyer Dispersion

    The dispersion per gun mount isn't higher, but because of how far apart your 2 turrets are mounted from each other, you get that feel when you gun at something while you're broadside. It's just another downside to this line.
  14. BattlecruiserOperational

    Pan Euro DD's purpose?

    I can't speak on your performance, but I do think the ships may have something to do with it. I'm certainly not a bad player, but playing these ships just feels like a handicap. You cannot do typical destroyer things as good as other destroyers, and your gimmick also happens to be the least reliable source of damage in the game. All the enemy has to do is accidentally push any of the WASD QERF buttons and your perfectly aimed and predicted torpedo salvo misses. The more spastic the enemy player, the more like you are to not get anything done. This line needs either a significant speed buff, concealment buff of at least 200m, or smoke. A gimmicky fix could perhaps be getting the super engine boost from the T10 fxp ship. You need to be able to disengage.
  15. BattlecruiserOperational

    The *only* thing wrong with CV; no dogfights

    the removal of player controlled fighter squadrons is the only thing they've done right. It led to nothing but !@#kblocking each other while not doing any damage to evemy ships, completely defeating the point of a game that is about sinking ships, not shooting down aircraft.