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  1. Why do you play Midway in ranked???

    You do know at R10 people are actually just trying all the tier X's they have right? From R6~10, you will face these players, but you can always dodge CV MM in queue.

    This is not a historical game, it's a sci-fi one. So enjoy all the technologies and ships invented by Minsk Shipyard.
  3. Because Khab deserve a nerf, that's why no complain
  4. Developers comment on Henri IV's gun

    WG: they say German DDs are bad, let's announce the Grozovoi so that they forget about the Z52. (BTW, I think Z52 is a great ship in 063 now, pretty fun to play) WG: they say British cruisers are bad, let's create another line which is even weaker so that they forget about the British cruiser line. IMO, lines announced after OBT that are balanced are German BB/CA lines, Soviet CA lines (yes, they are strong, but are not OP, they can be countered).
  5. Look at WoWP, that's the future of this game.
  6. Why WG do not nerf Khabarovsk?

    Do you see that Soviet Flag? That's why.
  7. Very impressive. The moment I saw you decided to rank out on CN server against those hackers, you got my admiration.
  8. Enter the battle Press "Enter" Hold "Ctrl" and move the mouse to the chat you will see a small "X", left click it to turn chat off Note that the quick command cannot be turned off
  9. If I play DD in solo queue, I usually turn off chat at the beginning of the match, cuz I just don't trust I will get any support when capping, solo queue usually means I play for myself, don't even care about winning. If I division with my friends in a DD, then I will 100% try capping since I'm sure I have support.
  10. Is 6.3 going to be the last straw?

    They drink vodka while they are programming and balancing, what do you expect?
  11. 0.6.2 Bug Reporting

    I'm not sure if you WG is aware of this issue, probably temporarily suspend this map?
  12. 0.6.2 Bug Reporting

    In "Hotspot" map, three points domination mode, even the team or enemy team capture the cap, the total points do not increase at all. Ends up have to sink all enemy ships or sink enough enemy ships in order to win.
  13. But, do you think "DDs smoke the entire fleet, and the fleet just sit in and fire" fun to watch? BTW, smoke strategy is still very popular, and a bit hard to counter. I'm pretty sure the GK team knows how to play like that. Although it seemed a bit too brutal, by seeing someone came up with another new play style, which was dynamic compare to sitting in smoke and countered the smoke strategy effectively, I really think it's not that bad. Plus, the all GK YOLO strategy doesn't fit all maps, probably because last night they only played one map, that's why it seemed "zero strategy".
  14. Hindenburg's play style has changed quite a bit compare to when she was just released. Here is my suggestions. Captain Skills (row-column): 1-1, 1-2(or 1-3), 2-1, 2-3, 3-6, 4-1, 5-4 Mod: Main Arm Mod 1 Aiming Sys Mod 1 GFCS Mod 2 DCS Mod 1 Gears Mod 2 Concealment You mainly use HE, you will be impressed how many fire you can set, witherer in 5 min is not impossible. Use AP to punish any CAs, BBs who show you their broadside. As long as you angle yourself, not many BBs want to shoot you actually, unless you are actually the only target they can shoot.