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    SIAP: Hardcore/Simulation Game Mode

    This is the primary reason I'm posting the idea, to gauge the demand for something like this. I get what you're saying and I appreciate the feedback. My suggestion is more of a stripping away of visuals in the game mode more than changing game mechanics to make it more realistic. I guess if I had not added the word "simulation " it would've made more sense. So the game mode would just be a hardcore mode and just remove graphical representations of shells in the air, torps, and hide the hp bar of yours and the enemy ships but keep the damage model and ship hp instead of what I originally suggested.
  2. jablack33

    SIAP: Hardcore/Simulation Game Mode

    I get what you're saying. The game has its flaws and trying to add on another mode with changes to the game mechanics would cause problems. My counter to that is, most of my suggestions are simply to strip away graphical representations in the hardcore mode. What if all the other mechanics changes I suggested were scrapped and the mode just removed visual representations of the shells, hp bar, and torpedo indicators, but the damage model and all other game mechanics stayed the same? And again, this would be an alternate game mode, not a change to the overall game, so those that choose not to won't have to play.
  3. jablack33

    SIAP: Hardcore/Simulation Game Mode

    I'm not suggesting realism is THE answer for the game. Just suggesting it as an optional game mode for those that would like to play it. You wouldn't have to play it at all.
  4. Hey all. Been playing WoWs for a while but I'm new to the forum, so sorry if this idea has already been suggested and I've missed it. But would anybody be interested in a hardcore/simulation-type mode? Some of the features I've thought about that would go into such a mode would be: Lessened Graphical representation of shells - shells fired are less visible and no color difference in shell types. Players would have to adjust fire based on shell contrails and splashes. Remove torpedo markers - torps can still be spotted in the water by their wake and roster tail that's already in-game, just removed the red/white triangular indicators. Remove Ships HP bar??? -To balance this, the ships would probably have to be more durable. Or remove hp all together and base ship destruction off of damage to specific parts of the ship or overall damage. Not sure how feasible that would be. I've gone back and forth with this one. Would be kind of exciting to not know exactly how close your ship is to being destroyed. Reduced or removed signal flag effects- this one is self explanatory. Reduced map size - with all of the changes above, players may have a tendency to avoid engagements. Decreasing the map size would compensate for that and force players to engage and not hide. What are some other suggestions that you all have if any and you think this is a good idea.