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  1. why do you need even other options??? They were not competitive and viable at all to begin with. but muh AS shuts down enemy CV Seriously looking at all those avg. CV players in randoms, they get themselves shutdown by non AS load out good CV captains so there is no point of taking AS. What's the point of taking AS when your avg. plane kill is lower or similar than non AS load out captains
  2. but that's because WG refuses to balance the CV without gimmick
  3. and that is a big aspect of prem ship and one of main reason why people buy prem to begin with.
  4. well ARP ships aren't really premium compared to HSF....
  5. look here
  6. WG has been releasing/testing a lot premium ships lastly but none of them are CA (Cruisers with gun caliber 8"+) and on top of that CAs has the least amount of premiums. Let's look at current statues of premium ships: BB: Mikasa, Ishizuchi, Mutsu, Ashitaka (WIP), Kii, Musashi (WIP), Arkansas Beta, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Massachusetts (WIP), Missouri, König Albert, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz, Imperator Nikolai, October whatever, Warspite, Hood, Nelson, Duke of York (WIP), Giulio Cesare, Roma (WIP), Dunkerque, Jean Bart (TBA) = Total 24 + 1 (cuz TBA Jean Bart) CV: Kaga, Saipan, the E, Zeppelin(WIP) = Total 4 CL: Katori, Yubari, Iwaki Alpha, Albany, Marblehead, Atlanta, Flint, Emden, Diana, Aurora, Oleg, Murmansk, Krasny Krym, Molotov, Admiral Markarov (only exclusive in Russia in special way), MK, Belfast, Huang He, Perth, Duca D'aosta, Abruzzi (WIP), De Grasse = Total 21 + 1(cuz Markarov is special) DD: Tachibana, Fujin, Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, Shinonome, Harekaze, Smith, Sims, Kidd, Black, T-61 (WIP), Gremyashchy, Okhotnik, Leningrad, Campbeltown, Gallant, Aigle (WIP), Anshan, Lo Yang, Vampire(WIP), Blyskawica = Total 21 CA: Atago, Indianapolis, Spee, HSF Spee, Prinz Eugen, Stalingrad(TBA at least in 2018) = Total 5 + 1 (Stalingrad) Look how small choices are for heavy cruisers. Considerung HSF Spee is same as Spee, choices become only 4 + 1, not to mention Eugen is basically copy and paste of Hipper and Stalingrad is actually a battlecruiser and not heavy cruiser. Those who like heavy cruisers and don't want to pick up 6"+ gun IFHE mandatory ships have literally almost as much choice as CV players. And you know how small CV player base is and how much larger cruiser players are compared to CV players. So I ask WG whether we can have some more premium heavy cruisers. E.g. USN t8 prem CA: Wichita (since WG moved Balti down to tier 8, I can see Wichita being a prem t8 USN CA) MN t8 prem CA: C5 SA1 - basically charles martel without planes but heavier AA RM t8 prem CA: any of Zara class sistership RN t6 or 7 prem CA: York
  7. Wait until 2018. They won't do a ranked season this year due to CW
  8. AS load out shouldn't be there to begin with nor does Strike. Why do you think good players will take stock load out for Ranger despite of it having 1 less squadron. AS and Strike are both straight out broken for multiple reasons. For Lex they take AS not because it's good but because 111 isn't simply usable anymore at tier 8 and besides Lex get's 1000 lbs HE which makes the AS somewhat capable in terms of damage. Again 202 and 013 load outs for Ranger and Lex shouldn't be there to begin with. 112 is fine against anything but Saipan but then Saipan beats anything. You just have to play defensive and passive with your planes and become opportunistic.
  9. a) If Midway goes alive with current planes except for TB which will become tier 8, Midway gets the most burst firepower and the best fighters capability in the game. Current 212 is already quite capable of gaining air control even against 422 Hak. Midway's fighters are no joke. That's straight out unbalanced. Midway's fighters need a nerf with 222 load out. b) Mid tier USN CV's don't loose strike power at all because 013 load out for Lexington and Ranger isn't viable option to begin with for any CV player with sane mind. Any CV player with average fighter skill will be able to shut you down completely and farm clear sky. 112 option will give you better chance against most load outs. Midtier USN CV will have less theoretical damage output but gain better practical damage output which is far better. Bogue will get improved strike power with 111, Indy doesn't get any changes in her firepower but will gain access to tier 7 DB. Essex with 212 will be able to compete with Taihou equally without having to be very sneaky and defensive with fighters.
  10. USN CV' TB won't get any upgrade t8+. Essex and Midway will have the same TB as Lexington. The actual problem is not only TB but Fighters. Midway's fighters are currently capable of obliterating Hak's Fighters very easily assuming both CV players have the same skill. That is actually keeping current Midway from being completely useless compared to Hak. With Midway getting 222, she will be capable of strike power equivalent or actually even better (cuz AP bomb lulz) ,with blessings of RNG, than Hak. This means Midway's fighters should be nerfed in order to able Hak to have a chance against Midway.
  11. I was in the div with him and several games after with other div mate. It only happens on mountain range other maps didn't have problem. Comp seems irrelevant and it only happens when someone write in division chat.
  12. it's tricky but still quite doable if you have some experience in CV. besides they have ridiculous speed so even if your drop isn't perfect, you will hit several torpedoes
  13. that's why I only play Groz when dived up with CV. I ask my CV to drag planes/fight above me so that I can use DF effectively
  14. I run SI because I use DFAA almost everytime when it's available and mostly I end up using 3 in regular duration matches and all 4 in long matches.
  15. Hey Folks, I just want to share my Grozo build for you. It's a full AA build and it's specially meant to give CV players a giant F........ Personally I play my Groz only when I'm dived up with a carrier since this build gives up CE thus causing inferior cap contestability. However if you have a CV in your division, he can spot for you ahead thus nullifying your worse concealment on cap contesting. So far I had great success. Captain Skill: You literally take every skill that is relevant to AA. I would get BFT, AFT first followed by MFAA and SI. You drop CE for maximum AA but if you want to compromise, drop MFAA and pick up CE instead. for remaining 2 points, that I don't have, pick up AR to cover lacking gunnery support skills/upgrades. Here also basically everything that is relevant to AA. AAM 1, AA mod 2&3, DAAFM 1, SGM 2, CSM 1. If you don't have DAAFM 1 take PM 1. Also You don't have to take AAM 1 but personally I want to preserve as much AA as possible for entire match, hence I picked it up. Here are some results: Have fun shooting at planes :)