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  1. I already bought her
  2. There is nothing directly you can do against BBs lolpenning your bow. It's all about your positioning. Carefully choose location where you will not grab too much attention, use Islands and kite. You should run range mod and be able to hit BBs and some cruisers at max range. When necessary engage them in brawl, basically anything can evaporate to your 8" SHS AP shell.
  3. Shoukaku is one of most strong CV along with Taihou and Hakuryu in the line. 222 is very balanced powerful load out which has capability to grap air control and of strike power. To get upper hand over Lexington's AS Load out, you need to be able to use strafe and engage denial strafe whenever you need and must be able to use it tactically. This skill is also required for tier 9 and 10.
  4. Ofc my friend, a spotter plane mod is definitely worth 200k XP ;)
  5. Haha that's good one. Tbh, I get best result in terms of WR and Damage when I play most selfish. I radar for myself to get DD kill. I spot DDs with fighters to ensure kill for myself. I pop up smoke for my damage and survival. I pop of DF for my own safety.
  6. Where is USN CV Load out rework or ANY KIND OF CV REWORK???
  7. WG, we seriously need to talk about one of your customer group: CV players. Yes they are minor, yes they are often hated among other "mains" but we are still your customers. We buy your products and we use your products. We are not less valued than BB main nor we do not spend less money than Cruiser main. Yet you guys never treat us the same as others. You guys said 2016 will be a great year for carrier, however we all remember CV's got rather in a worse situation. - Internation balance was broken - terrible UI and Bug which comes all the way from CBT and Alpha didn't get fixed at all - skill gap became larger - no new CV except for 1 single ridiculously broken premium. - refuse to address problems Great, how can we get worse? Yet you guys did it again in 2017 - Introduction of Kaga made any tier 7 regular tech tree CV completely pointless to play except for grinding. - Current state of Graf Zeppelin and her release made it very clear that none of you guys at balance department have a single idea how carrier is played or should be played. - The promised CV rework isn't coming at all. We haven't heard a single word about it. Don't get started with the supposed "UI-rework" in the yearly of this year which was basically just swap of RMB and LMB - You promised USN CV balance rework in few patches all the way back in June 2017(QnA 15th June 2017), we still got nothing. Ranger and Lexington are still in their pathetic state. - Another year without new CV branch, suppose we are probably getting no CV rework again this year. - All the problems from 2016 are still existent and didn't get addressed at all - Even larger skill gap through fighter engagement denial This isn't amusing at all, WG. We are customers, yet you neglect, ignore and offer unfinished products to us. You should seriously reconsider what your priorities are. New branches are cool but you are completely ignoring the fact that you are taking promise to your customers very lightly. Even if you have no idea how to fix CV, there are tons of I mean really TONS of very good and decent player made rework CV proposals. You have no excuse here. Address your promises and problems first, then bring out premium CV or whatever money grabber you want.
  8. You see you need to but 2ndary build German BB captain in there. That's actually the WG's intention how to play GZ :kappa:
  9. 1) fix the AP bomb and bring her down to tier 7 (ofc also the price) OR if we wanna keep her on tier 8 2) fix her aircraft survivability and fighter DPS 3) fix AP bomb 4) give her better load out. 212, 222, 204, 304, whatever but not 203 5) don't try to sell 111 Lexington for 50 bucks 6) STOP GIVING GIMMICKS. Just give her damn plain 222 load out with no gimmick, no crazy drop pattern, whatsoever
  10. No player of sane mind will try to drop all 16 torps in his Hindy and no DM of sane mind will go into 6 km of Torpedo range to begin with
  11. Which is partially true. If half HPed Zao tries to torp me in DM I would just eat her before my breakfast. If a full HP Zao tries to torp me because.... reasons... maybe he want "it's just a flesh wound" so badly then you most likely will get 1-2 hits or sometimes even eat a full torpedo salvo. It just happens sometimes with Zao. With Hindenburg it happens quite rarely but Hindenburg also eats huge chunk of damage even without showing his full broadside
  12. if you are getting out torped by Hindenburg or Donskoi or whatsoever (except for Zao because her Torps are.... REALLY FAST) constantly, your brawling skill is just abyssal. At this point It's not about DM but poor player skill. Des Moines is one of King in Brawl. You can evaporate almost anything at close range.
  13. ofc the drop timer is making the AP bomb useless but considering AP bomb GZ gives up any kind of Destroyer killing weapons completely, to compensate that stronger AP bomb is quite reasonable.