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  1. SE was 4 point skill before rework and they brought it down to 3 point skill at 0.6.0. Ofc it deserves nerf.
  2. We just need courageous resistance here in WoWS too as they have in WoT
  3. RN BB tier8+ received DF
  4. Apparently RN BBs tier 8 and above received DF which was being tested on 0.6.9 ST
  5. Is USN CV load out rework already in production???
  6. Is just basically 15" version of KGV which was planned refit for her class. The name is just given by WG. So I guess probably she will be tier 8 tech tree and KGV with 14" in tier 7 prem
  7. As others already said. It only happens when there is a division with same combination(t5 CV+t5 ships or higher) coincidentally in the queue. CV MM is usually above all MM rules. That being said you can division with Saipan and tier 8 ship to ensure you don't get to tier 10 match, unless there is a divison who thought the same thing in the queue. I have done this CV MM thing multiple times with my friend when I was grinding tier 5(Zuiho + Tier 5), 6(Zuiho + Tier 6) and 8(Saipan + Tier 8).
  8. @wacko17 sorry that I had to summon you, but are you guys aware of this issue?
  9. correct me, if I am wrong but according to patch 0.6.6 it says basically I can spot Aircraft regardless of its kind or size from 8km when I'am playing ships. This screenshot (just taken from last game) clearly shows this is not the case. You look at minimap there is no aircraft that I can see. I'm not suffering from any stealth penalty for firing my guns. My Air detection range is 7.2 km. I SHOULD be able to see the aircraft that is spotting me which is not the case. In fact it should be other way around. Aircraft shouldn't see me until it reaches my 7.2 detection radius but I must be able to see her ahead already at 8km. This causes issues to people who want to use and trust in game the mechanics as their planning ahead and tactics. In the case from the screenshot, I was planning to shoot over the island, yet the invisible spotter plain spotted me and I took several critical hits which was completely unnecessary and shouldn't have happened according to patch note 0.6.6. Or am I completely misunderstanding the patch note?
  10. My Current build. Standard Cruiser Build (PT, AR, SI, DE, CE) and then Vigilance since I like to brawl in H4 to make usage of massive AP pen and damage but I take DF and no Hydro. For rest 3 points left I am gonna take EM and EL or PM
  11. I'm pretty sure many of you have some dust collecting ships around in your port from the Santa Crate.... With this you could get rid of them and maybe get another one that you wished for but didn't get. Ofc only if WG decides to implement it to WoWS
  12. 023 and the drop pattern is literally crossdrop. I assume you can even manage to hit all 15 with torp acc and proper leading. Not to mention they have 10k+ max damage. From raw spec, I consider it to be just a solid tier 8 Carrier but I need to see the drop pattern in scale to make my semi-final judge
  13. Leander was so good for me. The only problem is that if you don't go good along with Leander, neither Fiji and Edy will work for you because they are basically build ups
  14. yeah Zao's AP pen is iirc best among tier 10 8" guns. I already have Kirov and Fruit taco in my port just in case I want to start them
  15. I haven't played them because somehow VMF and IJN CAs never interested me. That's maybe because they are just HE spammers. I really do like cruiser which are capable of doing many things with AP (yeah I know Moskva). But for sake of my complete set of cruisers and skill improvement, I will try them out someday. For now I want to finish Baltimore and pick up with 1st VMF DDs and USN CV (when their revamp comes)