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  1. I always take IFHE as my first tier 4 skill. While CE helps you for more survival or allows more stealth missions, you can still fight very efficiently without CE when you are positioned correctly and IFHE helps you to deal more damage. Yes you might sneak in and give a big punch of AP shell in a broadside cruiser but CE does not guarantee to let that happen everytime whereas IFHE guarantees you to do more raw damage every game
  2. For any CL, CE and IFHE is a must if you want to do proper damage. Alone that makes your remaining choices of 5 points very very ineffective to specialize yourself into something. E.g. Kutuzov would take PT, AR (or EM), DE, CE and IFHE. IFHE is a mandatory if you want to do proper damage to other ships. Now that's 14 point captain and you only have 5 skill points left. Say I want to build AA then I either have to chose for AFT+something 1 point skill or MFAA+ something 1 point skill or BFT+idk what seems favorable to spend 2 points depending on. So after building your ships to be able to compete with others, now you have less choice to pick your specialization. Let's take Charles Martel for example which doesn't need IFHE: You go with high tier standard cruiser build first PT, AR, DE, CE. That's 10 point captain. Now you can actually specialize yourself for something. You can take AFT+MFAA+DCCA for maximum AA or HA, Vigiliance, BoS, PM for more survivability, etc. Not only does IFHE give you total advantage over one without but it also restricts more personalized builds.
  3. Ofc by mandatory I mean ships that are affected by it.
  4. True, I mean there will be always the standard or optimized build for certain ships/classes/whatsoever. However the issue I see here in IFHE is that it's beyond what it should bring to the table. It's not like skill A is better than B in certain circumstances or vise versa thus. What IFHE does bring is a total superior over one who doesn't have it which is why I see problem. For an example: Preventive Maintenance and Priority Target is a good example imho. If you take PM, you are confident with yourself and watch out for players aiming at you but in case you make mistakes and get hit, it will be more forgiving. PT on the other hand doesn't lower the risk of getting hit but helps you to get better awareness thus giving you more chance to dodge. In this case whether you take PT or PM doesn't give you a total benefit compared to one who doesn't. Or how bout BFT and SE on DDs. Only because you have more 10% DPS or more health, doesn't put you superior over others or makes things possible that wasn't possible before (IFHE makes penning armors possible which is impossible without)
  5. Hey folks, I want to bring up issue about two captain skills. Inertia Fuse for HE Shells, Air Supremacy IFHE and AS. For those who doesn't know the skills: IFHE increases your HE's penetration by 30% and reduces fire chance by 1% on <140mm caliber and 3% on ≥140mm caliber. AS increases number of planes in fighter or dive bomber squadron by 1. So what's the issue with these skills? I mean they bring nice bonus. More HE pen => more damage. More planes => more Fighter DPS, More bombs. But the issue is that these skills are pretty much a must-have skill. It's like Situation Awareness in the past. For those who wasn't there at that time. Back in the old days, current warning for being spotted (Yes that triangle with exclamation mark when you are spotted) was a captain skill named Situation Awareness. It was a must have skill since it told you whether you were spotted or not thus giving you time to prepare for encounter or to stay alert. However WG at certain point made this skill activated by default without spending any captain skill points on it. Now the issue with IFHE and AS is that someone who has the skill outperforms the one without by a HUGE margin. E.g. a Cleveland with IFHE can penetrate armor up to 32 mm compared to 25mm without IFHE. That makes a lot difference between them. With IFHE you can pen upto tier 8+ BBs bow where as without IFHE you can only pen upto tier 7 BBs bow. So it forces you more or less to take the skill if you want to perform better guaranteed. Moreover it made some ridiculous relations between CL and CA. CLs were good fire starter and good DD hunter before IFHE came where as CAs did reliable HE raw damage. Now CLs are good in both starting fire AND doing raw damage. AS is also very problematic since Fighter with AS has a lot advantage over the other without AS. It gives you 25% DPS and Health boost for IJN tech tree fighters or 16.66% DPS and Health boost for USN tech tree fighters making this skill mandatory and giving a complete superior over the other without AS. As I told above, these skill are mandatory for certain ships because the gap between one having it and not having it is big. The whole point of current captain skill system was compared to the old one to give more flexibility however IFHE and AS goes against the flexibility. Both of these skills need rework.
  6. 2018 plan video?

    Hello, I want to ask a simple question for Devs: Are we going to have another annual plan video for 2018 as we did in past years so that we can hype in what we are expecting to see? inb4 2018 will be the year of carrier
  7. Indy's 111 and even Rangers 111 is (was) perfectly fine damage capability wise. The only problem they have is that they are freaking unforgiving to new players and as well as for CV mains making mistakes. And if you consider most CV players have no clue how fighter techniques or proper manual drop works (hence the reason many USN CV players took either AS or Strike instead of most balanced stock load out) that's the reason they whine: They can't simply left click enemy planes to death with 2 FT nor can they left click delete poor tier 5,6 BBs with 1 TB 3 DB squadrons as they used to do.
  8. I don't kill a lot to begin with (avg. frag is 1.5). I rather want to farm more damage on more healthier target rather than wasting my sortie to lets say only 10k HP target. Ofc its different story if I need to kill that target for no matter what cost to win.
  9. the issue is in that kind of game 180k is very low percentage to total enemy HP pool. My E's average damage is 114k so it boosted my avg. damage but experience and WTR wise it's crap
  10. nope, their BB deathballed all the time. I did only 180k
  11. No worries, it happens :)
  12. Just for those who wonder, the new DoY campaign missions are perfectly suited for BB hence the reason you have 70 BB waiting in queue
  13. Apparently hint of T-61 was found on EU's Calender in morse code. Also maybe the song's author : Thin Lizzy -> Abruzzi? Who knows :)
  14. Final Checklist 2017

    it was one of the QnA iirc October or November in Reddit by S_O where they said they finally managed allocated resources for CV rework