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  1. So in other words, you want multiple relationships :thonk: YESH PEROPEROPEROPEROPEROPEROPEROPEROPEROPERO
  2. I'm just keeping track on pineapple pizza eaters.... and changing my name almost on daily basis for memes
  3. Are you looking to date someone else than me :kappa:
  4. Hope everyone found this guide helpful, feel free to ask questions and please tell me if it really is useful. NO here have some pero pero
  5. My last post on this forum

    that was some great thing the forum has witnessed ever
  6. I love how this place is becoming a meme instead of intended purpose :D Maybe I can keep sh-posting here if I bribe Das with Negev pics
  7. Halc stop telling him truth. It hearts.
  8. Hello folks, here is a table as an overview for steel rewards for clan wars missions. in other words: being in typhoon league isn't necessary to get steel. You can still obtain some chunk of steel in lower league. Stalingrad should be possible after 4 seasons for storm league in combination with -25% coupon. Gale and Squall eh.... welp Stalingrad will be practically impossible. However Flint or Black sounds much more possible.
  9. according to Dev QnA some months ago, yes apparently 50% of players use it. SGM 3 is useful on some ships like french cruisers
  10. Tier VIII Cleveland

    You get fully upgraded ship of former corresponding tier. In other words check your pensacola
  11. if nothing happens, I suppose on wednesday as usual
  12. They also said multiple collabs are Asia only in the past. If not at least ARP was supposed to be Asia only but it came over here. I suppose every server will get it.....
  13. How to fix US CV

    I CV myself and was CV main. You can gladly look up my stats to see whether I have clue about CV or not. I raise you my div mate's Lexington to show Lex has no issue to deal damage or to win or even to shoot down planes. All 54 battles were played after rework. Lexington 8 CV USA 57 75.44% 116,390 2,399 10.4 1.6 25.6 84% 0% 0% 1,959 I can also show you my Ranger which was played during 111 time which is weaker than current 112 set-up Ranger 7 CV USA 38 63.16% 75,801 1,708 5.9 1.2 21.3 79% 0% 0% 1,585 Before we get into more stat shaming. The conclusion is that the problem is not the CV itself but it's the people who don't get clue how to CV. Yes Lexington will suffer against a good AS shou or good CV player with fighter skills but she is still quite powerful if you use her properly.