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  1. iHaveNoIntelligence


    pretty sure its the user's fault not the ship also you do realize you can overmatch every cruisers except soviet 50mm shenanigans and it will give you even more advantages compared to other BBs if currently planned IFHE/plating change goes through?
  2. iHaveNoIntelligence

    Survivability Expert - Gimme for free

    5% on AS is 5%, no matter how small the number is. Benefit is benefit but I do see your point. The speed increase is crucuially connected to your DPM and survivability. 2.5% more speed means 2.5% less time spent in AA. If you spend 5 seconds in AA without improved engines, you will also take less AA damage. If you travel 5% faster, you will also likely strike 5% more often TA can be taken for USN and RN carriers but they are more preference skill. You can take it but its not a must have.
  3. iHaveNoIntelligence

    Survivability Expert - Gimme for free

    Ok, lets look at some numbers before you start claiming even more nonsense. Those are some simple calculation of plane HP, squadron HP with SE and without SE ea + post and pre buff ea too. So what does these numbers tell? If you look at the quotient between how many net HP a squadron gained with SE and individual plane HP with SE, you can interpret the numbers as how many planes the squadron gained virtually and effectively. For example: Midway DB has 12 planes per squadron. With SE it the entire squadron has a net HP gain of 1800 HP pre buff and 3000 HP post buff. Single Midway TB with SE has 2310 HP pre buff and 2410 HP post buff. Now take both numbers and build a quotient of each. That gives us: 77,92% for pre buff and 124,48% post buff. This means pre buff Midway TB with SE has effectively 12,78 planes per squadron instead of 12. You have additional gain of 0,78 plane that can tank AA. Post buff you Midway TB has effectively 13,24 planes per squadron instead of 12. You have additional 1,24 planes that can tank AA. This is why SE is worth spending 3 points. Don't just look at tiny numbers, but do the math and calculate yourself whether the skill is worth or not. Additional effective planes gives you additional seconds that can decide whether you can manage to drop or not.
  4. iHaveNoIntelligence

    Open challenge, CVs.

    I'm fine with it but at least you got what you wanted, right?
  5. iHaveNoIntelligence

    Open challenge, CVs.

    Here you go. I'm NA player but I played it on EU server since I have my Hakuryu there. If you don't want to count this I'm ok but at least you have your request almost fulfilled 20190627_235523_PJSA110-Hakuryu_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  6. iHaveNoIntelligence

    The downvote button is gone

    Is this some kind of out of season april fools joke? Removed down vote/dislike emoji? Have we come to this point where even options to express ourselves against stupid threads are taken away in this forum? Look at CIS forum how nice and well their reactions are. Straight up +, - and some emojis. It cant be more straight forward than this. Instead we get this "confused" emoji. Are we so thin skinned that even negative emoji reactions to threads are "hurting" each other or to be considered "hate speech? and therefore has to be removed from option? Sorry WG but this looks very inappropriate change that you have taken here
  7. iHaveNoIntelligence

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    Ah right I forgot all those japanese CA carrying some weird traces of early stages of this game in their armor thickness.
  8. iHaveNoIntelligence

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    Ok well yeah might come in the future but what was now the point that you had to "correct" me for my statement that wasn't wrong anyway?
  9. iHaveNoIntelligence

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    right and name me a cruiser that has 32? DM, Hindenburg has 27/30 Zao, Henri, Worcester has 30 Moskva, Stalin has 50 Mino has 16
  10. iHaveNoIntelligence

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for OP to judge a ship properly Not with complete lack of understanding and insight Not unless OP finally decides to stop being a BB fanboy and looks into stats properly and objectively Remember when last time random people judged ships properly? Their assumption was correct! Oh.... wait. Lets simply ignore the fact that Georgia: - has improved dispersion to offset her lack of barrel count - has 18" guns to overmatch any cruiser plating that is not 50 mm - has fast reload time to offset her lack of barrel count - can travel near 40 knots with flag and speed boost being fastest BB in this game overrunning nearly all cruisers that isn't french under speed boost. - has decent concealment of sub 13.5 km - has unnecessarily good secondaries (2s spec on Georgia is waste of time btw if anyone had purpose of doing it seriously not just for fun) - has improved heal of 40 s cool down with premium - has standard USN AA (but who cares about AA nowadays lol)
  11. iHaveNoIntelligence

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    I see you jUsT dIdN't DoDgE
  12. iHaveNoIntelligence

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    It is hard to say stay calm to fellow players when WG literally keeps silence since past 1 month about their future vision for improving CV related experience. Many of my in game friends stopped playing randoms just because of CV. Some quit the entire game for indefinite time or some are going to play CW only. It doesnt matter how balanced or how fine it is according to statistics. I doubt its different for everyone else. While this shitstorm is happening only thing we heard was that they added preparation time for CVs at beginning of the game which is not going to change the experience fundamentally nor going to address the core issue. While rage post and feedbacks are not contributing to address the problem at all, silence from WG isnt certainly contributing to solve this issue either.
  13. iHaveNoIntelligence

    Unicum Guide to counter OP ships

    >unicum guide >checks contents >nonsense >checks OP's PR >not even 1800 Maybe one shouldn't have titled this "unicum guide" when neither the content nor OP is actually unicum level
  14. iHaveNoIntelligence

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    If you have problem doing 750k damage collective in more than 1 week of time window, you sincerely need to question your skill.
  15. iHaveNoIntelligence

    I propose a Russian CL/CA split, dear WeeGee.

    Ok can we have a proper logical and reasonable proposal if you are going to make one? All I read here is just your personal wish list for Santa Claus's Christmas gift