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  1. Hillslam

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Friday came and went with no Alaska. When WG, when?
  2. Hillslam

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    Yeah ok I got 10 free minutes. The stats show Montana bottom of her tier. Done. You say: "the data isn't good" (because it doesn't fit your narrative) and "listen to what I say instead". Ok - so why should I listen to your unsubstantiated and not-backed-by-data claim? Well, two ways is to 1-look at your stats and 2-look at your post history to get a feel for your thoughts. I don't do the stat shaming game so I took 5 minutes and did a quick scan on your post history. What I learned: In twenty pages I didn't see one post supporting nerfing IJN ships. Not one (but it was a quick scan so i may have missed some). What I did see though was plenty of posts taking apart others' buff suggestions for USN ships and plenty of posts suggesting nerfs to USN. Occasionally you took a shot at the Russians and one or two on German. But never ijn. A incomplete study but enough to satisfy my desire to be fair to your idea and your ask to accept it not based on data but your opinion that opposes that data, and TBH i won't devote more time to it. Its saturday morning here afterall. So - a whole forum server population of people who say a nerf isn't due and is supported by data is down to collective bias, or a single individual who says a nerf is due that contradicts data is down to their individual bias? I know what seems the more likely reality. Meanwhile, I'll keep trusting the stats since I don't buy into any reason not to yet put forward by folks over the years. -------- In full disclosure I don't think WG should balance WOWS based on clan wars, which is my own wacky idea. And again this isn't meant as a personal attack, I really did look into if you were coming from a balanced perspective, but didn't find it. I'm open to having my mind changed.
  3. Hillslam

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    Yamato needs her overmatch mechanic nerfed. Or her dispersion nerfed. Or her sigma. Or her torp defense. Or her repair. Etc Etc Etc This whole thread is stupid. Fantasy ships, historical ships, all their stats are fake. The IJN has some of the most unrealistic benefitting theirs. The moment a USN is not an absolute bottom feeding trainwreck of a suckboat (and remember the Montana is STILL ranked bottom of her tier on all three servers) the weaboos "cannot even". *gargle snargle* NERF!!! *wub wub wub*
  4. Hillslam

    Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    The game mechanics, the age of the line, the national "flavors" and WG design philosophy has all come together in the perfect storm to screw over USN CAs. Paper ships, fantasy gun performance, no penalty for torp carrying, etc etc means the USN CAs will consistently perform in the bottom half of their tiers. IF a USN ship performs over the 50% mark the outcry of OP is deafening.
  5. Hillslam

    Dallas — American Tier VI cruiser.

    This ship is a flaming pile of donkey balls. I thought I hated the Omaha..... Back to Des Moines. The new light cruiser line can lick my sack