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  1. My note to self... Save for Santa Boxes. (Buy 5 first to test the waters).
  2. Thanks for your time and efforts on the modpack, it is very much appreciated. If I may, can I suggest that you provide the link to your mod website again. There appear to be Adfly and "Aslains" sites that are generating a bunch of crap that unexpecting folks are running into. I want to recommend the modpack to clanmates, but, I do not want them unexpectedly bombed by miscreants. Thanks again, and good work.
  3. Getting To Grips With The Atlanta

    When you can visualise your target behind Islands and connect with IFHE fire... You can squeal with glee. ;)
  4. Depressed

    Seriously, I head to co-op for a break. Randomly pick ships to re-discover and defuse yourself. Mostly good humans with manners and less jerks. And, you can save the world from AI. Hang in there.
  5. I usually have the same feeling when I put my DD into harms way, get pulverised, and see the majority of the BBs in the backcourt or behind islands. Or, the classical Cruiser support that retreats as soon as a red shows up, leaving me hanging. It definitely works all ways.... But, when playing my DDs, I usually like the more aggressive nature, same with my Scharnhorst. Atlanta, is a different situation, most of the times its about positioning. (( Maybe, decrease all BB firing ranges by 35%, to make it necessary to engage the reds? Or, when a BB makes a long range kill from sniping, account it as an assist to whomever did the most damage at close proximity.) Intentionally scabbing kills, that is holding fire until a kill is positive, pretty much sucks. Nail the bad guy post haste, it may be life or death for the DD/teammate?) :) IMO.
  6. Aigle Part 25

    That is the kicker. Not a fan of the "And Win" condition, Clan battles , yes. General public, to many variables.
  7. USS Juneau found

    Thank you for the information.
  8. _-X-_ Xray

    Clan Xray open for casual players. Apply in game if interested.
  9. Scharnhorst and I like my Atlanta too.
  10. 1750 base XP a bit...overboard?

    Not a fan of the "And WIN" condition; To many uncontrollable individual characteristics affecting the battle outcome and not an accurate indication of personal skill. One can have the best game possible and still not complete this type of mission.
  11. What mods do you use and why?

    1. Cute Zebra Cool Crosshairs2. Over Target Markers Percent + Nick (Less intrusive size)3. Torpedo warning v54. Extended Tech Tree5. Hide Fire Alert screen6. Cruise Control Aqua Mini 2.07. Shrinked Ribbons 8. Golden Premium Consumable Icons9. Improved Chat v2 (Ship and Player names)10. Anti Glare + Fog Remover11. No dogtags. (That hides that dumb patch from appearing when you get sunk) 12. Player Panel with general info and Icons. 13. NA Clan Icons. 14. No Manga. Items that should be included to finesse the game appearance. (Thanks Deputy276 for partial list.)
  12. Bismarck crates?

    After you complete the collection, the new duplicates that you receive give you 10K credits. Usually, special flags (7-12 or so); Camos (5); artifact (sometimes 2).
  13. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    I think a resign option is a valid request. ( And, should be globally announced that the sole surviving player has initiated the request.) That would be nice at times.