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  1. Firerizer

    Windows 11?

    A lot of price gouging on TPM2.0 SPI 2.0 modules for Z590 TPM mobo headers, out there. Take care.
  2. Firerizer

    what's your go to ship?

  3. Firerizer

    Missing Badges (6 yrs)

    I received the 6 year emblem automatically, the 6 year Flag is a reward for completing the Anniversary collection puzzle.
  4. Firerizer

    VERY ANGRY Angel.

    This is just me. At games start I always take note of the DD's. Usually, I position my ship to bring all guns to bare to cover the DD closest to me. Though, it may appear that I am moving away, it is at a slower pace and with note of available coverage and threats to the AO. Once the DD that I am covering make their moves, usually governs what actions I take next. It is good experience to play all ships until you find the ones you gravitate to. (Not fond of playing CV's). Presently, I am having a good time with the Pommern and German cruisers.
  5. Much respect to you.  Wishing you the best...  The offer still stands, if I ever run into you, Dinner is on me, your choice ;)   Hang in there, be safe and well. I will have my eyes out for any future visits and responses that you may put out to the forum, or where ever.  Peace, and Thanks again.

  6. Firerizer

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    There is absolutely no one on this forum or in the WG company that I respect half as much as I do Little White Mouse. Anyone with even a small portion of formal education could see the amount of time and effort that went in to her research. Enjoy your future endeavors LWM. Thanks for your insights, Great Job.
  7. Pommern. Just seems to be well rounded for my playstyle.
  8. Firerizer

    Happy Father's day!!

    Happy Father's day to all... And its more of a blast being a Grandpa! Be well all.
  9. Firerizer

    Yoshino or Pommern?

    Pommern, my go to ship.
  10. Firerizer

    Who likes the Pommern?

    My goto ship.
  11. I made my clan for those who work, get deployed or otherwise don't play 24/7, but, who would like to have some benefits upon their returning. It is stated as such in the clan description. I figure my cut off to be around 1000 Days, and still depends. It is a casual clan, not a sweat shop.
  12. Firerizer

    Premium Ship Review - Fen Yang

    Thanks again, Ms. Mouse. Nice work, Your time and efforts are very much appreciated. Stay safe and well.
  13. Firerizer

    PLEASE let me block clan invites.

    Hey... Want to join my Clan?
  14. Firerizer

    shells with tracers

    Russia - Kuznetsov and Smolensk. It is impressive. Pompern ( Secondary Build ) and Lutjens. Pretty cool.
  15. Firerizer

    How well do you really know LWM?

    My offer to take her out for dinner still stands, should we ever meet in person. I really appreciate the time and efforts she puts into her reviews. Always a great job! Thanks Mouse.