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  1. About flippin' time Grand Funk gets in. GO GFR!
  2. Firerizer

    Tier 10 Premium Cammo

    I had a few Doubloons from Santa boxes, etc. I bought the 5k gold perma camo for the Worcester, Gearing, Shim and DM. With the -50% to the servicing and 100% XP, it has made playing those tier X's profitable. Until I purchased the camo, I had absolutely no desire to play anything above Tier 8 due to the cost of service. I may suggest you wait for Santa boxes, since that was a more than generous giving on WGs part, and very much appreciated by myself and others. If you have a very favorite Tier X ship, looking into the camo may be good for you? Make sure to check that the camo has the -50% service reduction before you buy. Hope this helps. As for sales on the camo, I am not certain due to old age. :)
  3. Firerizer

    Worcerster a little OP

    The best defense that I have been a target of while playing the Worcester is when the opposing team's Battleships cover their Cruisers, the Cruisers cover their Destroyers, and I am focused. I die. The Worcesters appear to call out to the opposing team to coordinate and play as a team. If the Worcester goes ignored, it is capable of good area denial, aggravation and nashing of teeth. But, it is not invulnerable. If an uncovered DD has no team backup, I have absolutely no problem with that player not wanting to spot an area for his team. I too, have died in a DD and looked upon the map to see our BBs sniping from the Back court. So I am sympathetic to that.
  4. Firerizer

    Worcerster a little OP

    Mediocre player here and this is my observation (Also, my go to ships). If the player plays an Atlanta well, that skill is going to translate well to the Worcester. Both are fragile and need cover of some type. If the Worcester player has developed the skill to picture a target behind islands and in range, it will make opposing players cry until this ship is focused and extinguished. Over powered, I doubt that. Of course, imo.
  5. Firerizer

    Standardize the consumable keys.

    Give me the option to take a consumable and assign it to the key that I want.
  6. Firerizer

    Another season but the ranked complaints remain

    I am a mediocre player at best. But, Damn. One of the most frustrating elements of ranked is flip flopping between ranks. From what I have witnessed, and I include myself, is an average player achieves a rank that they are comfortable with then stop playing due to the ********* Aggravation of losing rank positions. If the player finally achieves a rank it should be maintained and the player can then attempt the next set of stars to challenge the next rank if so desired. The Developers can adjust the stars per rank. If this was the case, I would continue to play ranked until I figured the win/loss was no longer worth the time, expense or abject aggravation. This does nothing to minimize the luck of the draw nature of the team make up, but, does help with a bit of the frustration. Of course, IMO. I also like the OP's idea.
  7. Atlanta; Scharn; Mahan.
  8. Firerizer

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    Same here.
  9. Happy Holidays Mouse! 

    I really appreciate your time and efforts in your reviews.

    Great Job, Many Thanks!

    Be well!

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Thank you very much.  I hope they help you find ships you like and avoid ones that would put unnecessary dents in your wallet.