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  1. Firerizer

    Juliet flags aka det flags

    I would keep the the Det flags, no problem... But, I loathe the Ramming flags, Damn, they are the bedbug flags of the game, imo... Well, I can cash them in, to be honest. (( I would be highly pissed off if I received a SC with a bunch of Ram flags, though, ugh.) Actually, not sure if ram flags are in SC's? Only have a small total of SCs, to date.) I am still thankful when I do receive the mercurial Super Container, though. ;)
  2. Firerizer

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    Coming from an Atlanta/DD main to the Worcester (Legendary) was a nice grind compared to the DM ((legendary) Though, I prefer this mod). Some have said to start with the DM, I tend to agree with them. Learn the DM and Worcester should prove to be a positive change, especially, in range.
  3. Firerizer

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    1). Went PINK due to no ship movement control, bailed to reset game just incase, came back pink. That's dandy. 2). Textures missing in some ports.
  4. Thanks! Happy Holidays to You and Yours.
  5. Firerizer

    Karma -1 REALLY!

    I almost always give the top scoring DD +Karma. (unless, he's a prick.) Low scoring, back court sniping BBs are not a frequent recipient of karma. I would just as soon see Karma removed.
  6. Firerizer

    What ship is this? (Solved)

    A bit off topic, but, I am all for a map with Godzilla in it.
  7. Firerizer

    Current Tier X Cruiser Favorites?

    I really like my Worcester. DM and Minotaur are a mixed bag.
  8. Firerizer

    Which ship is your most fun?

    Atlanta, Worcester, Mahan, Gearing, Shima, Scharn.
  9. Since 7.11 I have been experiencing connect failures where I have to click the connect button several times before entering the game. Recently, the game froze up at the start of a co-op game, upon attempting to return my password was gone. When I did get into the game I had a pink 3 game suspension. Frickin' Errrrr!
  10. I was wondering the same thing. I do have both the Tirpitz and model B. I can use the original and receive the 250 gold. I also have the Asashio B only and cannot receive the gold mission, though it shows in my missions. I suspect this is a way that WG compensates those who have purchased the original ship. ( Which, I appreciate the consideration on WG's part.)
  11. I have been using Aslain's exclusively for years now without problems. Windows 10 always flags the pack as suspicious, go to the "More Information" hotspot on the Windows warning page and run it anyway. Nortons and Malwarebytes have most always confirmed that the download is safe. If you end up on a weird third party page with ads, etc. Stop and recheck the Aslain's address. Do not go into the 3rd party page as it will hit you up with ads, and other garbage.
  12. Firerizer

    4th game in the Atlanta.

    IFHE; Then get the feel/sense to hit your targets even when they travel behind islands. My favorite ship.
  13. Firerizer

    Cossack or Le Terrible worth buying?

    I picked up the Cossack just like stated, $13 buck ship. Only several plays with the ship so far, but, the guns feel quite nice.
  14. Firerizer

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    I needed 20g for the Cossack, so I went for the $13 buck ship. I would really like to use it on other items, such as flags, etc.
  15. Firerizer

    Little White Mouse

    A lot of us here are old enough to not be concerned about cults. I enjoy and follow Mouse's articles and observations quite often. GreyFox78659, I do not believe I have ever paid any attention to your insights or musings, until this moment. Its kind of like one can put LWM's contributions in one hand, and yours in the other hand and actually see which contributes to the greatest number. Sorry, but, you lose. Though, I wish you well.