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  1. Firerizer

    Right Mouse Button Jitters (Cured)

    This a long shot for you. If you have a mouse with a fast scroll button that bypasses the scroll wheel clicking. Turn it back on so that the wheel clicks. When I forget to do this, vibrations will cause the mouse/reticle to do strange things. Hope this helps?
  2. Can't delete the files. Uninstalled the modpack. Tried powershell/cmd with admin rights, etc. No go. sed.exe and patch.exe remain. I was doing great until modpack 9.0 #5. Some mods will install until sed.exe and patch.exe show up, then they fail as above. Do you perchance know what sed.exe and patch.exe are? Do they originate from your pack or WG? Thanks for your time.
  3. 9.0.5 is choking on sed.exe and patch.exe; code 183. Had no problems with 9.01-9.04. Returning to 9.0.4 now generates the same errors.
  4. The update is choking on sed.exe, and yesterday it was both sed.exe and patch.exe. 9.0.0 was good, then 9.0.1 choked.
  5. Firerizer

    Finally a Supercontainer

    I finally received one also, after damn near 6 months, ( or, so it seems). 1500 Steel.
  6. Firerizer

    Atlanta help

    Once you get the ballistic arcs and range down to point that you can walk your shells into your target, even from behind small islands/cover. It is a blast.
  7. BadOBest's improved chat doesn't appear to be working for me. I may have missed any info concerning these mods?
  8. 100% appreciate your work and words, it's always required reading for me, no matter what the subject may be.  Thanks for your time and efforts in all you do.  If ever we meet in person, dinner is on me.  Be well and in great spirits. Thanks again. ;)

  9. Scharnhorst. ( Not a bb fan, received in Santa crate.) Nice surprize, a goto ship.
  10. Firerizer

    This rank season is a disaster

    Tier 8 ships: Rank 16-11, Battleships only. Rank 10-6, Cruisers only. Rank 5-2, Destroyers only. Rank 1, Player choice of tier 8 ship; Top player of both teams advances out.
  11. Firerizer

    So got me an Atlanta. ..

    Learn the projectile arcs and leading your target. Walk your rounds, mentally visualizing the path to connect with your target even when behind an obstruction.
  12. Go directly to Aslain's site, avoid Adfly. Win10 always displays a warning on the mod pack, run anyway. Norton's AV comes back as a safe file and Malwarebytes has not choked on it. I haven't experienced a problem with the pack for quite a long time now.
  13. Firerizer

    system resource utilization by the game ?

    Not sure if this applies to any of you, but, Nvidia just issued a hotfix for the most recent driver. I briefly glanced at the description about the driver impacting the cpu, etc.
  14. Firerizer

    Are premium camos worth it?

    I was reluctant to play beyond T8 because of the repair costs, they didn't appear to be worth the return. However, all my T10's have perma Camo, the 50% repair cost reductions make these ships very productive. Add on Clan repair bonus, plus flags and the T10's are my main go to ships. If you have a favorite ship that you prefer to play, the perma Camos are a bit of an investment. imo.