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  1. 0.6.12 Bug Reporting

    So I finally got around to finish downloading the new update, and noticed something very odd when I checked my missions list. A set of test missions for USS Kidd, HMS Vampire, USS Massachusetts, and Huang He. Now, I'm not a supertester or any kind of community contributor, and I don't have the actual ships to go with these missions so I can't even complete them if I wanted to. The only reason I can think of is that I somehow got a set of supertester missions by accident when I got the new set of Graf Zeppelin test missions. I do have the Graf Zeppelin, so those missions are fine. No mods are installed, and I've done nothing but update and boot up the game, then restart it to see if that fixed it. The mission are still there. Anyway, it's not hurting me so I'll just get to work on the Halloween fun. And hey, maybe next time you want to give me a set of supertester missions by accident you can accidentally give me the ships as well.