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    Retired paramedic due to ill health.. extreme sports kite jumping I can't do that anymore..Making new friends and enjoying gaming with others.
    Just bought a oculus rift and loving it in a VR world - if only it was real but it's fun anyways.

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  1. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    MY Birthday My Stats you choose

    well i treated myself to the..... H.M.S SURRY and the Albemarle
  2. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    MY Birthday My Stats you choose

    So I am 57 on March 1st.....I want you to choose a ship for me according to my game style and game game play according to my stats. Please note do not include Carrier I no longer play carriers... Thanks
  3. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    Purple CLAN TAGS

    Well I can tell you now, I blew him up and our team won
  4. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    Purple CLAN TAGS

    Just finished a game and noticed this clan in purple, are they DEVS or WG STAFF??
  5. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    The NA server average damage

    Many thanks cheeres
  6. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    The NA server average damage

    Could someone please send me a link for the Average score on ships please, I have tried looking but to no avail. I want to use it as a benchmark to improve my gameplay The reason for this screenshot - well it's my highest score in this ship
  7. Well as far as I understand the Devs said it would be quite a task in getting underwater and above water graphics to emerge together as it would hinder old pc machines and the game mechanics to produce both above water and below it would also be a tremendous task and strain to carry out to get them both compatible with each other to run smoothly in a game. However that was 2 years ago that the Devs had mentioned this but as time goes by and technology gets better, who knows what will happen. For me I like the idea and if it gets implemented into the game then hell yeah I'm up for some silent running..
  8. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    My Best score

    We all have good day's and bad day's but this is my best score ever just this minute finished a battle with a ship that I don't really use as much, but hey a win is a win...
  9. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    In Memory of Donald Stratton, Survivor of USS Arizona

    USS Arizona survivor, Donald Stratton, stands in front of the remembrance wall at the USS Arizona Memorial in 2014. Stratton died February 15 at age 97. He was a Seaman First Class when he was one of 334 crew members to survive the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, according to the USS Arizona tweet. The attack drew the country into World War II. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, Stratton was with five other sailors in the burning forward mast when he was saved by a sailor from the USS Vestal who threw the group a line, according to the statement. Stratton suffered burns to over 70% of his body while escaping and received a medical discharge in September 1942. Ever determined to serve his country, the statement said, Stratton reenlisted in 1944, served out the war and was discharged, once again, in December of 1946 at the rank of Gunners Mate Second Class. The flag over the USS Arizona Memorial will be flown at half staff in honor of his life and service, the statement said. PS: A special thanks to - CNN's Keith Allen who contributed to this report.
  10. After reading on this forum about submarines coming into the game, I was amazed that the Dev's have now started to go back on thier words. when I remember them stating in a live video recording that under no circumstances will there ever be submarines in the game. ...Which brings me to my post in question... French subs go faster in reverse It's actually a peculiarity of hydrodynamics. Believe it or not, a tractor-type propellor gives higher propulsion efficiency per SHP than a conventional "pusher" type. The mathematics are very involved, but it boils down to the fact that a screw can't create a (thrust-sapping) cavitation zone in its wake if there's already something solid there (i.e., the hull). The reason U.S. and UK subs can't take full advantage of this is that their screws (patrol or speed) or pumpjets are optimized in blade shape, etc., for forward movement, plus the fact that sustained reverse RPMs cause excessive wear on their shaft drivetrains. The turbo-electric system used by the French mandates a reversible-pitch propellor to go astern (you can run an electric motor backwards, but the prop is less aggravation), so they don't suffer the mechanical penalty of a direct-drive sysytem when going full astern. The U.S. submarines Glenard P. Lipscomb (SSN-685) and Tullibee (SSN-597) also had TEDS (Turbo-Electric Drive System), and exhibited this unusual characteristic to a lesser degree (they had reversible motors instead of reversible-pitch screws). USS Glenard P. Lipscomb (SSN-685) - US Navy's second submarine to use turbo-electric drive after USS Tullibee (SSN-597) USS Tullibee (This photo was probably taken shortly after her commissioning in 1960. The distinctive shark-fin domes are for the PUFFS sonar system). The main reason we don't use tractor-type screws on submarines is that it would cause a direct design conflict with optimum placement of the sonar arrays (i.e. in the bows). And the main reason we don't use TEDS very much is that the system is inherently more finicky than the straight steam-turbine drive, resulting in increased maintenance cycles and cost and (in some cases) decreased reliabilty. (Tullibee spent so much time in dock with engineering problems that she was known around Newport News as "Building 597".) So in theory we should all go down the french line head straight towards the enemy fire some fish at them and run away backwards whilst she is reloading ready to fire at them without turning around
  11. Now I can remember when this game came out when the Devs made a live podcast stating that there would never ever be submarines in this game, so what made them change thier game mode?
  12. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    Parking tickets, how much in your city

    £18,500 for parking outside your own garage Believe it or not, but back in 2015 Carly Mackie from Dundee was issued an astronomical fine of £18,500 for parking in front of her own garage. Although the garages had double yellow lines in front of them, Carly said she was parking on a cobbled area between the garage and the road with no lines. As a result, she ignored the parking tickets and believed they were unenforceable until a court ruling forced her to pay up. Court costs included, the total amount she had to pay ended up at an eye-watering £24,500. £14,000 for parking in disabled bays We’re not the sort to wish misfortune on anyone, but in this case there’s probably an argument that the driver deserved it… Mondeo owner David Lee racked up a total of £14,000 in parking fines after ignoring 140 separate tickets in a single year alone, which he’d racked up by wrongly leaving his car parked in disabled bays. Along with the fines he also accumulated a fair number of nasty messages tacked onto his windscreen, but it didn’t seem to bother him until he realised the tickets were, in fact, enforceable. £14,000 for abandoning a car We’ve previously covered the mystery of abandoned cars, but the story of an unknown driver who abandoned their black Mercedes-Benz S-Class in a car park in Birmingham really takes the biscuit. The Merc sat in the car park for an astounding three years, being charged a £13 fine each day until it accumulated a total of more than £14,000 in outstanding parking fines. Whether or not it’s still there is unclear, but for the sake of the owner’s bank account let’s hope it’s not! £70 for stopping to check a signpost Again, while this isn’t the biggest fine ever issued, it’s still a staggering amount considering that David Osborne’s only offence was to pull over on a Bristol street just to check the sign that listed parking restrictions. Despite the fact that he was parked up for no longer than 90 seconds, in a bitter twist of irony he was slapped with a fine to the tune of £70. All’s well that ends well though, as the council later reconsidered
  13. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    Parking tickets, how much in your city

    There’s nothing that ruins your day quicker than the sickening feeling you get finding that sinister yellow envelope tacked onto your windscreen, particularly when you feel you’ve done nothing wrong. Statistics from the RAC Foundation claim that the number of parking tickets being issued in the UK is steadily on the rise, with a parking fine issued every seven seconds on average and it’s estimated to cost British motorists a total of £275 million per year. But even though getting a ticket is something we’d all rather avoid, if you are on the receiving end at least you can find some solace in the fact that it could always be worse, as these examples attest. Below, I have listed some of the heaviest parking fines ever issued in the UK and the reasons why they happened.
  14. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    Valentinovo - Happy Valentine

    Did you know that Hapa_Fodder was the DJ for last nights World Of Warships Valentines day Party Night Had a great night last night
  15. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    Just something I came up with "14 Layers"

    Better throw this one in the pot from last night's party night